Walther Being Charged For Illegal Pistol Exports

I sometimes wonder why German gun companies can be bothered staying in business. Hot on the heels of a raid at SIG Sauer, DW.de reports that Walther may be under investigation for illegal arms exports to Colombia, something the company denies ever doing.

So how has the Walther P99 come to Colombia? “We can’t answer that,” Manfred Wörz, the managing director of the Carl Walther company, told DW, adding that the company had not delivered any weapons, or technology, to Colombia. “We cannot explain how the weapon could have arrived on the Colombian market,” he said.

Jürgen Grässlin said he doubted that statement. He’s part of the Outcry Campaign, which works to stop the arms trade, and said he has filed charges with the prosecutors’ office in the southern German city of Ulm accusing the Walther company of suspected illegal arms deals and illegal licensing practices.

“The state company Indumil manufacturers P99 pistols at its factory in Cordova in Colombia,” he told DW. “There may have also been direct exports. We saw pistols stamped ‘Made in Germany,'”

It is far more likely the gun was illegally transported to Columbia than Walther executives risked everything to export a few pistols to Columbia, especially when they have licensed the design to a local manufacturer.

Thanks to Albi for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    Well, this sounds like one of the (not uncommon) allegations periodically raised by “humanitarian” association against this or that firearm company…

    BTW, It’s still called ColOmbia! 🙂

    • FourString

      But “Columbia” is more prestigious! ;D

  • noguncontrol

    uh huh, charges filed by someone who wants to stop the arms trade, well there’s your answer right there. this is just like those fake hate crimes those homos love to scream out of the top of their lungs,

    • Blake

      Provide references, or it didn’t happen.

      Speaking of “hate”, don’t even bother with references now, please just be quiet.

      Let’s keep it to “Firearms, not Politics” please…

      • gunslinger

        how about we just keep it to firearms, not other “hot button issues”?

      • noguncontrol

        wow, i don’t see you asking for references when it comes to other things, but suddenly when homos are mentioned it suddenly requires references or “it didn’t happen” . and you just had to say ” speaking of “hate” ” didn’t you. good thing i wasn’t being quiet, or i wouldn’t have known about your “politics”

  • Marc

    Grässlin is a notorious peacenik who thinks ending German arms export will stop conflicts and save lives.

    • Eric S

      There exists a mindset that a layman is incapable of producing a firearm. I’m not certain which reality this mindset occurs where no one without a factory can produce 100y/o technology, but it exists none the less. So given this mindset, if arms manufacturers don’t export, violence will stop, somehow. And here I though Germany had a decent education system.

      • Cymond

        I agree, it is absurd, but it does take a significant manufacturer to build something like the P99. My only guess is that those people are too focused on the sophistication of modern firearms and don’t realize that laymen can create firearms that are inferior but still quite functional.

        • bbmg

          The basic absurdity is the thought that the evil lies in the tool. “There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men” – a well worn cliche but one worth remembering. Give a rifle to some kinds of men and they are incapable of shooting a deer. Take a rifle from some kinds of men and they will kill the deer with a sharpened stick.

          • Cymond

            Quite true. When viewed from the other side, though, certain areas (Colombia in this case) are known to have a significant number of that second “kind of man”. Some people try to minimize their capabilities.
            Of course, we both know that it doesn’t truly solve anything, it’s just an attempted stopgap. The closest we can ever come to a solution is to try to address the social problems before they become imbedded in the next generation, and good luck with that!

    • Anonymoose

      Not if Turkey, China, and Iran have anything to say about it!

  • A.g.

    Sorry to talk politics despite the blog chart, but in arms trade it’s a little bit difficult to avoid this point.

    A recent tv show in France approach this problem’s in ColOmbia and Mexico.


    Same peacefull absolutely-non-governmental-human-right-first association make an inquiery about H&K and move afterwards to walthers in Colombia, bashing USA and Germany who lost the market since many years, alledging non proven infos but never mention Israël. No explanations about Ak-47 presence despite it is not a firearm build localy in the crime rate.

    Of course the show was plague with many error of caliber or firearms identification.

  • Big D

    I stopped reading at ” He’s part of the Outcry Campaign, which works to stop the arms trade”

    Why even give them a voice at all?

    • S O

      Because it’s a free and pluralistic country.
      Germany, that is.

      • Cynic

        In relation to this blog it’s a fair point, if we didn’t give outwhine or the brady campaign or M.A.G or MAIG or any of the myriad groups who believe guns are evil and normal peons shouldn’t be allowed them a voice then they would slink away back under their rocks. if we ,made it harder for them to get a message out it would reduce their impact, plus it would mean that those who feed on the threat of a ban couldn’t scaremonger and make prices go through the roof.

    • FourString

      “Outcry Campaign” sounds as emotionally (not fact) motivated as the Brady Campaign -_____-x

  • Visniewski

    Gentlemen, the “Made in Germany” on pistols that this peacenik mentions, is not a proof that the WHOLE pistol was made in Germany and exported, legally or not. When Walther is licensing P99/PPQ to a local manufacturer (like Indumil), the company licenses it under one prominent condition: all frames to be used in such production are to be supplied by Walther/Umarex/PW however this company is called this week. This is the case with Polish FB Radom’s P99s, this was also the case with Magnum Research Inc. when they were selling a P99 knock-off as their Baby Eagle (for a period when Jericho went out of supply). Both of these were prominently featuring MADE IN GERMANY on their frames, even if the frame was the only component hailing from the Sauerkraut Capital of the World. So much for the jerk’s reporting of “direct imported” pistols 🙂

    • Cynic

      umarex just own the license to the walther name for airguns shitty optics airspoft guns etc afaik they don’t own walther.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Neo-Nazi technique of destruction via shyster scum is spreading from the US of A around the world. Cross reference the endless lawsuits over nuclear power. Geoff Who restrains himself from further comment.

  • n0truscotsman

    They’re bent out of shape over the walther p99 but seem mysteriously quiet about leopard 2A7s being exported to saudi arabia.

    The irony…it hurts.

    • A.g.

      More than irony it’s a bad build propanganda campaign in the contested market of light firearms…

    • S O

      The tank sale didn’t happen and would have been done only with government permission, thus legally.

      • n0truscotsman

        1.) It IS political, but they will get their tanks eventually.
        2.) And walther’s sales were not done with government permission? (government sale does not always equal “legally” either)

        • S O

          Leopard2 exports are quite restrictive actually, and the government shied away for a reason. Even the NATO ally Turkey only barely got some.

          Walther is not going to be in trouble at all if it exported pistols with an applicable arms export permission from the government.

        • Russell_TheRagingBULL

          The term “legal” has a relative definition..

  • Chris from germany

    Not Grässlin again…

  • bbmg

    Nobody likes a grässlin

  • gunslinger

    ya know, at the rate of which informtion flows these days, why would a big company like this risk it to make a few more sales? or is the potential profit just that much more than the risk of jail, fines or going out of business?

    • The Forty ‘Twa

      If they even had a hand in it at all. I was shot at with plenty of American made weapons whilst serving in Northern Ireland but the companies that made the weapons had nothing to do with how the weapons ended up in Northern Ireland.

      • gunslinger

        well that’s the thing. the active hand in arms trafficing. if they sell to guy a who is on the up and up, and guy b who is a bit shady, there is a problem. moreso if guy b activly works to be a middleman for arms trafficing. whereas guy a was all clean and appeared to be good, he’s making the secret deals w/o Walther’s involvement.

        I was getting at why would a company actvily look at (or turn a blind eye to something blatant) when in a few hours they could lose everything.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Wonder if Mercedes-Benz exported G-Wagens and Unimogs to Colombia, and if they’ve been outcried.

  • Steve_7

    Sounds to me like they saw this: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/02/25/military-industry-indumil-9mm-cordova-pistol and said “hey that’s a Walther P99” and complained to the prosecutor. It’s not, it’s a Ruger P95 made to look like a P99, dummies.

    • A.g.

      You got the point ! I think first for a jericho, but the extractor contrary me…

  • BreakAwayWar

    Governments Hate Competition. So, SIG Sauer needs money so bad they would risk the loss of their company for seventy (70) hand guns or, is there an attempt to have everyone believe SIG Sauer is so dedicated to the cause of Kazakhstan they would risk it all. The actions of governments would suggest this is more demonization of the firearms industries. No one got rich selling 70 hand guns.

  • grumpy

    How dare they send illegal weapons to Central America… that’s Obama’s job.

  • Cynic

    welcome to the new world those that don’t like that guns are sold rather than not buying guns they protest, throw bricks, threaten and abuse as well as use the courts to force gun makers out of business. all because they don’t like other people being able to buy a product…. and if you spoke to this bloke he would say he believes in tolerance and the right to free expression.

  • R. Doug Wicker

    Okay, I’ll bite. How does, “. . . Walther MAY be under investigation for illegal arms exports to Columbia,” equate to a headline screaming, “Walther Being Charged for Illegal Pistol Exports”?

    You haven’t even confirmed an investigation, yet your headline already has them being formally charged with a serious crime. Really? Scaremonger much, do you?