SKS Bullpup test fire

Big Daddy Hoffman got a chance to test fire a SKS bullpup from Shernic Gunworks. The kit is rather impressive. Just from the picture, you can see how compact the SKS is compared to a standard collapsed AR-15.

Nicholas C

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  • Vhyrus

    Most sks rifles use duckbills, which I am not sure if they would fit behind that pistol grip. Even if they did, it looks very difficult to put them in.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I might be wrong, but judging from the fit-up of the magazine in the photo vis-a-vis the receiver profile, it doesn’t look as if this bullpup uses a typical duckbill magazine. There are a couple of manufacturers out there who sell magwell adaptor kits that allow the use of magazines in standard SKS rifles without duckbills ; perhaps the SGW bullpup kit already comes equipped with one, or a magwell adaptor can be added separately.

      • SD3

        The one in this video is configured to take AK-47 mags. You shouldn’t have any trouble inserting 20-round duck-bill mags.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Thanks for the clarification — so it looks as if the SGW kit is designed from the ground up to accept both conventional and duckbill magazines.

    • Strong_Bad

      Tapco 20 round duck bills work fine and are not a challenge to load

  • Scott Tuttle

    $300, yikes

  • Anon

    I handled one of these at a recent gun show, I wasn’t too fond of it

  • gunslinger

    922r compliant?
    Can you keep the 10 round box mag?
    if so does the bolt ctach on empty mag?

    • Strong_bad

      922r complaint very easily
      Box mag works fine
      Bolt catch is based on the mag and it works fine

  • Tyler

    I’ve had the chance to put several rounds down range with one of these. The price is a little high but the sks removable tapco mags work just fine. These things are so compact and a blast to shoot. You’re basically paying 500-600 for this package which is a lot better than 2000 for any other bullpup.

  • Asdf

    I played around with on of these that I got for pretty cheap during the pre order. It is one of the best designed bullpup kits that I have come across. It allows for the bolt to be accessed with the removal of a pinned back cover. You don’t have to remove the kit to do a complete cleaning of the gun. You can also run the original mag, swap out for a removable duckbill, or run one of the various removable non duckbill conversion mags as well.

    Things I did not like, the pistol grip is god awful and is not replaceable. The way the back strap is formed continually had the web of the hand ride up into the small portion that sticks out near the frame. Horrid. The trigger linkage is also pretty nightmarish. Lastly, the front barrle cover used cheap wood inserts to fit to the barrel.

    I ended up just removing it and going back to the original stock before I took the hous to get the thing tuned to run well. I need to sell it now that this article peacked interest.

    Save up and get a real bullpup if you want one.

  • Sulaco

    A little hard to use when prone with that mag, which does come up some in combat…

    • Phil Hsueh

      True but then again just how many do you expect will be going to combat with a bullpup modified SKS?

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        I think Sulaco was concerned primarily with ground clearance in the prone position more than anything else. Judging from the photos, only a low prone position would cause mutual interference with the ground surface below the magazine’s floorplate ; for such an application, one could always use the shorter 20-round magazines.

  • ozzallos .

    I, um… just bought an SKS because of this. Really, I was on the fence, but this was the tipping point 🙂×39-rifle-22995

  • suchumski

    is everithing going bulpub now?
    i am waiting for the bulpub kentocky rifle! LOL

  • Bob Barker

    I could see something like this becoming very popular in Canada where the SKS is considered a staple and one of the few ways to shoot 7.62×39 (AK47s are prohibited, CZ Vz. 58 are restricted). Off the top of my head I don’t know of any law that would prevent these stocks up here, especially since the TAR-21 came out as non-restricted.

  • tincankilla

    from what i understand, the “paratrooper” SKS is just a standard SKS with a shortened barrel while the “cowboy companion” or sporter is the shortened commercial version with the AK-47 mag conversion.

    depending on what he actually has here, the mag seating issue might have come from not having the bolt pulled back when he tried to get it in there.

  • mig1nc

    Wait, who let a UNC fan hold a gun? They don’t want guns in Chapel Hill 😛

  • Doom

    yes, please, continue bubbaing the hell out of your SKS rifles so that my non ruined Russian SKS will soon be worth twice what I payed for it since dumb hill billies and mall ninjas cant help but cut up old guns ruining all their value, making them less reliable, and spending almost as much to ruin an old gun as it costs to go out and buy a new made gun with all the things you are trying to shoehorn onto the old one. morons.