TRUGLO Turkey Gear

TruGlo sight

TRUGLO is now offering several products for turkey hunters: the Strut Stopper Extreme choke tube and the Gobble Stopper Triton Series of 1x optics.

The Strut Stopper Extreme choke tube is designed to be used without the need of a choke tube wrench and is made in both 12- and 20-gauge versions.  The tube is not for use with steel shot.

Truglo choke

  • construction for tight, dense patterns
  • 12 gauge and 20 gauge
  • precision CNC-machined
  • internal grooves for improving patterning
  • accepts all turkey loads including Hevi·Shot


Gobble Stopper Triton optics are 1x red dot-style sights with variable brightness controls and numerous options.  Shooters can get the Gobble Stopper in plain black or in RealTree APG camo finishes.  The dot can be had as 3 MOA or 5 MOA and in dual or tri colors.  The units come with a removable sunshade to reduce glare off of the front lens.

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