GM6 Lynx 50BMG Reciprocating Bullpup

Pure Awesomeness.  The GM6 Lynx is a 50 cal semi-automatic anti-material rifle. It is a bullpup, but that is not the interesting part. The barrel reciprocates all the way back. Just watch the video, I could watch this thing shoot over and over again.

For those of you who want one, Tactical Imports has one commercially available in Canada.

Nicholas C

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  • GarinEtch

    I just learned about the long recoil operation from the Remington Model 8 video on Forgotten Weapons. It’s awesome to see that same design on display in something so modern and brutal. Way to go John Moses Browning!

    • noguncontrol

      and if long recoil operation is good enough to tame the recoil of a .50 bmg, maybe it can make the 7.62×51, .30-06, 7×57 and other battle rifle cartridges as tame as 6.5 grendel or 6.8 spc.

      • Nathaniel

        The M82/M107 both use short recoil operation, and is about as soft-shooting, if not softer. The reason these rifles are easy to shoot is because of the heavy weight (>30lbs) and muzzle brakes, not significantly because of their being recoil operated vs. gas operated.

        The reason you see the Gepard demo’d shooting from the standing position, I suspect, is that the rifle has far less weight out on the end, being a much shorter bullpup, than an M82, and so it’s more convenient to hold it unsupported than the Barrett rifle.

        • Giolli Joker

          The Sero GM6 Lynx is 25 pounds (empty).
          I can’t say which gun recoils less, but a long recoiling barrel surely helps to tame the kick a lot.
          The reason why it’s not common for smaller calibers lies probably in the fact that such a system may affect accuracy and isn’t really necessary if the recoil is already in a bearable range.

          • ThomasD

            Such a system most certainly would affect accuracy. There is simply no way the action returns to the exact same position relative to the scope each and every shot.

            As an actual anti-material weapon this would probably not be much of an issue. If the ‘material’ is a certain someone’s belt buckle at 1200 meters then this is probably not the platform you want.

          • BOB

            for 1200 yd belt buckle shots, 338 lapua magnum seems better for multiple reasons, but if I ever had a 50 BMG, it’s utility would be for certain larger, harder targets.

          • jcitizen

            Although I do agree with your assessment, do be aware that an artillery piece pulls this off very successfully, and if you look at one, they don’t look like there is enough structure to put the gun back in battery accurately on an M110 8″ howitzer either. However we were able to hit targets center mass at over 15 miles. The targets were concrete blocks about 5 meter by 5 meter cubed. The range officer used to get mad, because we would totally destroy the target 1st round out, and they were running out of targets! HA! It used to make the cargo helicopter pilots mad too, because they usually delivered the targets to the impact zone by CH-54 Tarhe Skycrane. Dropping one off was nerve racking, because you never knew if the target was going to hit a dud by accident and set it off!

          • Jon

            There is a small caliber, accurate, modern weapon in use in this moment. Look at this,


          • dansquad

            I´m afraid they don´t share the same action. AN94 is not recoil operated but gas operated (shifted pulse). It´s more or less like an AK running inside a housing (receiver). This provide the rifle an incredible rate of fire for the first 2shots, because as the main part recoils because of the 1st shot, it reduces the bolt travel distance for the 2nd shot. Apart from this (and the complications derived from it: striker fired, canted magazine, two stage feed, pulley, etc), its a rotating bolt long stroke gas operated rifle.

          • Jon

            I appreciate your explanation dansquad, but I was refering about accuracy in a small caliber + moving barrel weapon.

          • dansquad

            That is what I was trying to explain. The An94 is not comparable to the Lynx. What I mean is that It´s not a moving barrel action but almost an entire rifle riding within a housing. The idea is more or less that An94 barrel is moving like an AR barrel with a slidefire Buttstock does. It cannot be compared with the recoil action of the Lynx in terms of accuracy or reliability.

          • Blake

            As well as expensive & complicated… But it works :-).

      • dp

        There is one ‘minor’ issue with long recoil mechanism and that is the fact barrel goes past the magazine leading to collision between the two. There are two ways how to address it. One is high vertical shot transfer, other is to compromise on strength of barrel. Does anyone know of any other?

    • dp

      That’s good comparison. Also, Model 8 does not solve anything in terms of recoil energy dissipation. Kinda lame. (And yes I hold JMBs work high up.)

      • marathag

        Of all the things my Model 81 in 300 Savage does, recoil mitigation isn’t one of them

  • John Bear Ross

    Great googly moogly!

    • zardinuk

      Yeah that’s what I said when I saw the $350 price tag on additional mags.

      • John Bear Ross

        I’m sure that’s just to keep the riff-raff out. 😉

      • darkdestroyer

        Shit,I thought Sig had expensive mags.

  • Giolli Joker

    Isn’t there under development a US built counterpart to this Gepard?
    I kinda remember a TFB article about this cool .50BMG rifle with annular piston around the barrel…

    • CaptainSlaughterboard

      Leader 50?

      I don’t know about its accuracy and reliability, but it features 10 round mag while GM-6 has only 5 round capacity.
      Also Leader 50 weighs 17lbs while GM-6 is 25lbs.
      But, yes – whatever, Gepard is always nice and cool.

      • Giolli Joker

        You got it, thanks!
        Main advantage of the Hungarian beast: it’s being manufactured!
        Leader (now Gatekeeper) 50 is still under development:
        Of course, if I could, I would buy both!

        • Kovacs Jeno

          It is not really manufactured in series, like the Barret guns. It is practically hand build, even the magazines are not interchangeable between Lynx GM6 rifles.

          And as far as I know the manufacturing rights were sold to a Romanian defense company 1+ years ago.

        • dp

          Thanks for bringing this up! Mr.SaintGeorge, the designer of this piece and number of several other designs among them also Bushmaster bull-pup carbine is bravely demonstrating his brain-child in last set of videos. Good for him and amazing that older gentleman as he is subjects himself to such punishment!
          His muzzle-break is substantial with visible back-blast deflector. Barrel does not make a fraction of inch of movement, as far as I can tell. What a pity it does not go one step further…. oh well. Good try anyway.

          • Oleg Volk

            Leader 50 recoil is on part with AR15. The barrel is fixed in place. The muzzle blast from the brake is quite unpleasant.I won’t shoot it without a shemag over my mouth and nostrils.

          • jcitizen

            The youtube video is very impressive, as far as recoil appearing to be very mild compared to many .50 BMG rifles I’ve owned and fired. The blast is horrific, however! One of these videos shows the developer shooting it as nonplussed as if he were on a Sunday picnic! HA!

  • Vhyrus

    Well, would you look at that! A spot just opened up on my ‘Things to buy immediately after I hit the Powerball’ list….

    • avconsumer2

      At which time, you should also immediately notify your masseuse! (recoil)

      • gunslinger


    • FourString

      Reminds me of artillery

    • zardinuk

      I wonder what the accuracy is like, that much action in the barrel seems like it’d affect accuracy. Still probably the most awesome gun I’ve seen in a looooong time.

      • Blake

        Accuracy is pretty good (about 1-1.2 MoA) considering the design manifest (portability & recoil reduction). The Wiki article has everything you want to know. With a bit of goog-fu you’ll find plenty of videos of dudes in BDUs smashing cinderblocks at 1km with this thing.

        It weighs 2.5kg less than an M82, and is significantly smaller. It’s not a sniper rifle, it’s designed for a two-man team to take out light infantry vehicles beyond distances at which they can engage them & return fire. The M3 version (chambered in 14.5x114mm) is a fine anti-tank rifle.

        And it’s completely awesome (by far my favorite heavy rifle). Hungarians & Czechs seriously know their stuff when it comes to innovation.

        • As sloppy as that thing looks I’d say 2 min would be phenomenal grouping.

          • jcitizen

            Artillery pieces can look rather sloppy while operating, but much of that is because the forces make it look that way. The key is to get the barrel to return back into battery the same way every time. The only thing that really matters is the post recoil lock up. That is why artillery is so deadly accurate.

  • noguncontrol

    the ultimate civilian civil defense carbine.

    • mechamaster

      Defense agains T-Rex and Terminator.. even Transformers got scared.

      • DW

        The tree of freedom must be refreshened from time to time with blood of tyrants and tyrannosaurus.

  • DW

    With a thumbhole stock and a small magazine capacity, this should be 922r compliant.

    • Blake

      except for the “destructive device” part…

      • floppyscience

        .50 BMG does not fall into the DD class.

        • Blake

          True, but most Gepards are chambered in Soviet 12.7×108 or 14.5×114…

          • floppyscience

            12.7×108 is the same diameter as .50 BMG, therefore not a DD. The GM6 is available in .50 BMG and 12.7×108, if they imported them they’d certainly import the .50 BMG version.

          • Blake

            Open the floodgates then!

          • 1911a145acp

            It could still be imported as DD, over .500 rifled bore and pay a special NFA $200 transfer tax. I don’t think another $200 some DOJ paperwork and a few months wait time would dissuade a serious buyer.

  • Christopher

    I wonder how the GM6’s compares to the DTA HTI, other than the fact that you need to be a coke dealer to afford the latter.

  • abc

    Gepard GM6 is very good accuracy!!
    In April 2013,prototype GM6(cal .416tyr)was tested by Sero’s enjinia,Mr .Dorfner and Mr.Grillmayer.
    In the 1000 yards test,two shots fired from GM6 was landed in exactly the same place.

    • guest

      That is about the vaguest and most speculative test I have ever heard of.

    • RocketScientist

      With a sample size of n=2, who can argue with those results??

      • abc

        I’m sorry without presenting the information source(photo).
        (photo 1)prototype GM6 cal.416TYR
        (photo 2)1000m target
        Right red point:first shoot
        Two middle red point:After adjusting a scope mounted with GM6,second and third shoot

        • RocketScientist

          Missing my point… even with photos, its still only 2 shots that touch. this could be a 5 moa gun that got lucky with 2 shots. Such a small sample size is basically statisically insiginificant. A 5 or 10 shot group would start to give us some useful idea of the accuracy of this system. But two shots might as well be one. Tells us almost nothing about how accurate it is.

  • Tyler Horne

    Very cool but I’d be worried about dust and grime getting in that open action.

  • dp

    Previously Gepard, now Lynx – that’s good for species preservations. Now, technically speaking – most 50cal caliber rifles have large muzzle brakes, some with efficiency approaching 40% and that’s dandy – except for deafening back blast. Ouch!
    This gun is little different in that respect (and I’d like to see efficiency figure on their front end) in sense that it ‘defers’ the recoil force to later date. Well…. it does not solve a lot really. Why do I say that?
    I was in past doing search and must admit that in absence of seeing actual thing I did not spot any real means of dealing with energy of recoil – no accelerator/ decelerator or any similar device there. This comment is NOT intended to discount anything from this admirable effort – just to give it more clear slice.

    • Giolli Joker

      It’s still Gepard (and Lynx as well):
      I don’t know if there’s a pneumatic/hydraulic dampener in the action, but the (surely stiff) spring that pushes back the barrel should offer enough resistance to make the felt recoil more bearable once it reaches the shooter’s shoulder.

  • An Interested Person

    It appears that if they dampened the impact of the barrel at the end of the cycle the rifle would achieve better recoil reduction. Still a sweet design, though.

  • gunslinger

    so, after the bullet is fired, the bolt (chamber w/shell) and barrel travers to the back of the gun. the bolt then “locks” at the rear position while the barrel reverses direction to it’s original spot. As it is moving forward, it exposes the shell (as it’s attached to the bolt/extractor). at some point, the shell is removed from the barrel and the extractor forces the shell out of the ejection port. once the barrel is fully forward (locked into place?) the bolt is then released from it’s lock. it travels forward, picks up another shell (what about on last shot?) and chambers it and resets the trigger?

    Is that about it?
    animated gif of operation?


  • Do WANT! (to test…)

  • Call of Duty weapon mod in 3, 2, 1…

    • Karina

      Already exists in COD Ghosts, if that matters any. I only know this because I spend too much time on IMFDB, though.

  • Vlad

    I got to see it in Bucharest at the Expomil in 2013, apparently they also make it in Romania under Hungarian patent. Kinda heavy and the charging handle was really hard to pull cause it would go all the way back to your shoulder, so the guy showed me they just put the front of the barrel on the floor and push down on the weapon, far easier to charge.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Back in WWII the Brits came up with a .50 Caliber rifle which fired from an anti-recoiling position. That is the action and barrel was moving forward when the round fired and then the recoil drove it back. A relatively low felt recoil system. Darned if I can remember the name.
    Who is getting up in years…sigh.

    • That was the Boys wasn’t it—- I found a video that might help

      • Bushmaster7

        Leader 50 is a gas block non-reciprocating barrel operating system unlike the Lynx GM6. Frankly I would not order a Leader 50 since Micor Defense has not shipped a single rifle in over three years after missing multiple promise ship dates over that time period. Up to recently their last promise ship date was listed as January 2013 on their web site. Look for a better Bullpup 50 BMG to be coming out later this year. That’s all I can say for now. Talked to the Canadian distributor of the Lynx, and they said at that time they would not ship to USA, and I don’t see with the restrictive guns laws there how anyone outside the military or LE could own one there either?

        • jcitizen

          No problem owning it – it is just the restrictive import laws that might make it a nightmare to import. Most states have no problem with .50 cal rifles.

  • John Dalton

    A hand held Howitzer…what will they think of next?

  • Gregory Markle

    They chamber it for the Russian 14.5x144mm round also if 50BMG is a little too girly for you!

  • roger

    Kind of a massive looking 50. A good muzzle brake tames the recoil. bet it is over $8000. I only have a couple single shot 50’s. Can’t afford much more.

  • Troy Emge

    I would put money on it shooting shit groups. The 82/107 has never been an ultra accurate weapon and the barrel only moves a bit.


    looks like us lefty’s won’t be in on this party..?

    • Adam aka eddie d.

      Yes, sadly.
      This is about the only serious downside of the gun I can mention.
      The flip open ejection port-charging handle cover prevents left handed shooters from maintaining a cheek weld.

  • petru sova

    Looks like nothing more than an adaptation of the Browning long recoil system as used in the old Browning A5 shotgun. Although reliable this system kicks like a mule in either the Browning shotgun or as is obvious in the video of this .50 caliber weapon. I will pass in favor of the softer recoiling gas operated guns. Thumbs down.

  • BR549

    I love this thing, but can’t understand what’s going on with my rotator cuff. Doh!

  • Máté

    As a Hungarian draconian gun laws make me sad.

  • lenny46

    I could not afford to feed that baby, but I wish I had one anyway.

  • BA47

    Is that using the long recoil operation?

  • 1911a145acp

    Opening “GODZILLA” soundtrack seems appropriate……