Noveske TTI PMAG Base Pad

Noveske recently debuted their new TTI PMAG Base Pads for the Magpul PMAGs. Made by Taran Tactical Innovations, the new base pads are easy to attach with no special tools needed for installation. It features a one-piece design and is CNC machined from billet aluminum and has a hard anodized finish. The new base pads add a good amount of weight to the bottom of the mag making it easier for the mags to drop free for quicker reloads, the actual base pad weight isn’t specified however. The new base pads hold 35+1 rounds on the PMAG30 and 46+1 rounds on the PMAG40. They’re available in matte black, red and grey. Retail on them is $43 over at, or $39.99 over at


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  • ColaBox

    We are pushing the boundaries of “why?” here folks, but with Noveske on the side these will be eaten up like hot cakes.

    • Gabe

      To me it seems a lot of the new stuff coming to market is geared mainly for the competition market. Really no need for this on a battle rifle but in competition something like this could be useful. Adds a few extra rounds to the mag, makes it heavier so you don’t have to worry about stripping a mag out of the gun if it gets stuck and no need to worry about damaging the mags when dropping them. All good things when running and gunning in competition.

  • guest

    “making it easier for the mags to drop free for quicker reloads”

    So they have come up with a material that actually changes the acceleration constant here on earth?

    • Tom – UK

      a feather and a brick will accelerate at the same speed in a vacuum however a Pmag will accelerate slower than a heavy pmag in the atmosphere, likewise the position of the weight makes the centre of gravity lower and so the mag will fall free more easily.

      This is all based on my limited knowledge of physics 🙂

      • Overthetop

        Adding to Tom’s comment, the extra weight is to overcome the friction of the magazine well and magazine catch. If your magwell isn’t perfectly vertical, but it’s instead slightly tilted, the inserted magazine is cantilevered inside the well. That frictional force can be really strong the more tilted the magwell becomes. Adding more weight will help overcome the frictional force, causing a heavier magazine to exit the magwell faster than a lighter one.

        • guest

          My question was rhetorical and I was making fun of the statement, but I do understand the general idea of what Noveske did there.

          However I do not see any practical aspect in it, especially since every AR 10/15 mag I have fall freely just fine all by themselves because they never fit snugly in the mag well, and because it is not so difficult to keep the rifle upright.
          Buy a Magpul BAD lever – there is a real speed improvement, and will also help you keep your rifle in a much more stabile way during reloading.

    • gunslinger

      science…how does it work?

  • Anon

    It’s not that hard to understand heavier things fall faster, you put a piece of metal on the bottom of a poly mag and it will accelerate more.

    maybe somepeople want a few extra rounds in their mags, people do it all the time with pistols and aren’t questioned about it

    • guest

      “…and it will accelerate more.”

      Bad boy! Back to school with you!

  • SAR

    So when did pmags NOT dropping free ever become a problem???

    As another poster was saying, good for competition but for regular joes, like me, I’ll pass. But I’m not going to ‘dis’ anyone who gets em.

  • MrSatyre

    Too pretty for something (the magazine) that’s going to be plummeting to the earth, rocks, concrete, what have you.

  • Ryan

    Looks very similar to the Taccom Pmag extension, only made of aluminum instead of polymer.

  • Laserbait

    They need to make it less pretty, I’d be afraid of scratching it!