Crimson Trace Isn’t Just Crimson Anymore… New “Clean Green” Grips

Crimson Trace has announced their latest line of “Clean Green” laser grips for 1911s and select modern handguns. The new grips feature power from 4 button batteries, bringing the system up to a full 12V for added brightness and longer battery life.

LG-637G, the standard Glock laser for all Gen 3 full-size models.

LG-637G, the standard Glock laser for all Gen 3 full-size models.

The 515nm laser is a prominently base green emitter, allowing Crimson Trace to avoid native “blueish” hues produced by other lasers that require filters to adjust back to green. These filters can reduce the intensity of the laser, reducing performance.

At $399 for the 1911 grips, the green panels are a $60 premium over the standard crimson lasers. On my personal carbines, I use green lasers as I find them easier to see. At the rated 5mW of power, the laser itself can light up a hallway at night. Word of advice, don’t point it at an eye (much less attached to your firearm at the same time).

The Clean Green technology is also being introduced in Crimson Trace’s Rail Master Pro, which combines the laser with a 100-lumen white light. The Rail Master Pro has 4 unique activation modes. The Rail Master Pro is listed at $379, a $100 upgrade over its red counterpart.

Rail Master Pro attached to a full-size Glock Gen 4.

Rail Master Pro attached to a full-size Glock Gen 4.

Nathan S

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  • Lance

    Only down side to green color over red is that red is easy on the eyes in low light blue and green is more intense and can blind the shooting in some situations as well Prefer to stay red. But for some one who loves color its fun.

    • kipy

      In my limited experience of shooting outdoors in direct sunlight red lasers are all but worthless. Red is probably plenty good for your conceal carry piece tho.

    • Mouldy Squid

      The human eye is most sensitive to light in the green wavelengths. We can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour.

  • gunslinger

    i guess emerald trace just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    • I like it. Crimson Trace should hire you for marketing.

      • gunslinger

        Thanks. My contact information is…

        in the mean time residual checks to be sent to…

  • Sulaco

    I just wish they made grips for the older Colt snubbys and not just the SW snubs…

  • Fred Johnson

    Clean Green? Makes me think of a hybrid car. Or tofu eaters.

    • Fred Johnson

      But wait, I am a fan of Crimson Trace products. When I can afford them. 🙂

  • H. L.

    For folks like me who have difficulty perceiving colors in the red spectrum, having a green laser available is a good option.