Nature Blind: Larry Weishuhn StalkingShield

For those not interested in hunting by waiting in a blind, Nature Blinds released the Larry Weishuhn Signature Series StalkingShield. Nature Blunds collaborated with “Mr. Whitetail” himself to create shield to allow hunters “outside the box.” (Their words, not mine) The StalkingShield is large enough to hide most hunters at 26″ wide and 44″ tall. It comes complete with a carry handle and kick-stand.

Nature Blinds touts is all-American heritage: “Our manufacturing plant, located in Kerrville, Texas, proudly supports the local economy. We believe in the American worker.”

Nature Blinds highlights the following features:

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Realistic Bark Texture
  • Designed Collaboratively with Larry Weishuhn
  • Integrated Kickstand Rotates for Upright or Prone Use
  • Easy to Grip Handle

The Larry Weichuhn Signature Series StalkingShield can be purchased for $259.99, before shipping.

Stalking Shield Various Views

The StalkingShield in Environment

Nathan S

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  • Anonymous

    Now make it bulletproof.

    • noob

      as mentioned below, a truly bulletproof backing may be your only hope of surviving being a backstop to another hunter’s shot.

  • Dick is a Dick

    It’s just like those stuff in my cartoons!

  • AznMike

    Bwahahaha, it looks like one of those things you see in the old school Japanese movies where the ninja pulls out one of these shield to hide from the guards. Hell even Naruto had something like this but it was a blanket not a hard shield.

    • AGreenSmudge


      This is ABSOLUTELY a ninja type of trick.

  • j

    I wonder how many animals are NOT going to be killed because of this. Haha

  • ATman

    Now if they only made a version that would help me hide in my room (think pile of dirty socks).

  • RicoSuave

    Looks like chopped down Ent from LotR

  • ColaBox

    This is one of those things so ridiculous its just awesome. Its like a damn Wiley Coyote prop hed use to sneak up on the bird.

    • Suburban

      I was thinking of Gilligan hiding from the hunter in the rotted-out tree.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    But is it nearly effective as Solid Snake’s cardboard box?

    • sianmink

      – ! –

    • mechamaster

      I remember cardboard box Easter Egg in MGS 1 when a wolf ‘peeing’ the cardboard box , and make the hostile wolf become friendly if Snake equipped the cardboard box.

      • kipy

        You just don’t see such awesome bizarre occurrences in games like that anymore lol

  • Hunter57dor

    hahahaha I might buy one for comedic value if it wasn’t 250 freakin dollars.

    take that money, throw in a couple more benjamins and you got a pretty nice handgun, stock bolt action or a ton of mags and accessories.

    • noob

      could one be made at home out of burlap and chickenwire that was still good enough to fool a deer?

      • Hunter57dor

        probably. duck hunters do a similar thing.

        don’t know that i would want to carry the thing several miles while out hunting though.

      • ThomasD

        IME the about the only critter that demands that degree of detail would be a turkey.

  • BOB


    • MOG

      Showing up with one of those things.

  • MOG

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • PatrickPM

    Perfect for the looney tunes in all of us!

  • FourString

    It’s so fucked up that I can’t help but grin widely 😀

  • mechamaster

    The kickstand bar is too fragile I think..

  • JT

    If this wasn’s a Monty Python sketch I will be very surprised

  • Blake

    how much does it weigh, & can you fold it up to get it into a vehicle?

    I know, I’ll go look at their website! Maybe that’ll help…

    8lbs, and probably not.

  • Geo

    The Austrians figured this out years ago. Presto, a portable pillbox!

    • i love that the deflecting angles of that thing echo his moustache

      • wetcorps

        Now THAT’s a tactical mustache 🙂

  • Chadd

    Who doesn’t want to me a modern Thorain Oakenshield while hunting?!

  • gunslinger

    so what’s the purpose of this?

  • avconsumer2

    Ace Ventura rhino scene anybody? Nope? Just me? Damn.

    • ArcRoyale

      I was actually thinking about Birnam wood in Macbeth.

  • Cynicalforareason

    “… We believe in the American worker.”

    Man, I believe in Bigfoot, but I still couldn’t sell him a strip of bark for $260…

  • john huscio

    how long before someone with one of these gets shot cause the hunter on the opposite side of the field following the same flock of birds you are decides to shoot with the reasoning that “well even if i miss, it will just hit that old stump over there”

    • noob

      good point. Are deer really colourblind? if so maybe change the colors but not the saturation and lightness to something really unnatural like orange so no human being could make the mistake.

      pity birds are excellent color spotters, so maybe making it bulletproof is the only real option.

    • wetcorps

      Also, lumberjacks! They’ll cut you up if you are not careful ^^

  • Graham2

    WOW ! It’s got an ‘easy to grip handle’; it wouldn’t be much of a handle if it wasn’t easy to grip. Next time I pick up a bucket I must remember to appreciate how easy it is to grip!

    • noob

      ever carried a bucket of water far enough for the wire handle to cut your fingers?

      • Hunter57dor

        nah, we have manly hands, with callouses.

      • Graham2

        I don’t have any buckets with wire only handles, mine have tubular plastic things in the middle. You need to upgrade your bucket! Or maybe change hands halfway into your journey.

  • hey they can add a shield bash melee attack to Big Game Hunter now 😀

  • noob

    what’s the little warning triangle sticker on the back say?

    “warning you may be mistaken for a stump and shot while standing behind this product”?

  • vamtns

    Looks like it may have been made by Carl Spackler “pay no attention to that tree Mr. Gopher”

  • Billy___Bob

    I’m taller than 44″. And wider than 26″. Bummer.

  • Bill

    Hmm, i don’t know. Enough people get shot each year by “would be” hunters and i’m not sure if this would increase or decrease my chances.

  • Denis George Miller

    reminds me of MacBeth and Bosworth woods

  • jsmith

    Their other model is for fishing. It is a large, box shaped piece of glass filled with water.