Arsenal .22 LR Knife Gun

Arsenal had this knife gun on display at SHOT Show. The .22 LR revolver is hidden inside the knife grip. Actuating a lever that extends out of the grip fires a round. Because the trigger-lever is forward of the chamber/cylinder, this is technically a bullpup revolver. It is considered an AOW (All Other Weapon) because it is a gun concealed inside another object.


A cleverly placed needle-like spike insures you don’t accidentally place your finger over the barrel.

The price: a mere $4,000 + $200 NFA tax.

Many thanks to Todd for the photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • Classical Liberal

    I thought AOW’s only had a $5 tax stamp if I recall correctly.

  • cloudhidden

    If it’s classified as an AOW, I believe it’s actually just a $5 tax stamp.

  • Giolli Joker

    The only knife you can bring in a gunfight…
    (they have to squeeze in a laser, though)

    • Vhyrus

      Its designed to be fired after you insert it into the gut of your opponent, so a real gun still wins in this case. But you could at least get their heads down while you run at them.

      • iksnilol

        You think he will care about getting shot when you just stabbed him?

  • hkryan

    It’s cool as a gadget but when would you have a knife in hand and suddenly need a handgun? How about a cell phone gun instead? Everyone has one of those in their hand… especially while driving.

  • ARL

    It looks like they just copied (or licensed?) the GRAD revolver knife AOW.

    • bbmg

      My first thought too.

    • Steve Evans

      Notice that the original GRAD revolver knife was $750. This new version is $4000. Inflation is no fun at all….

    • Zius Patagus

      Everything old is new again, at a higher price. Nice gimmick. I imagine the price on them is so high because they know they aren’t going to sell many but a few gimmick gun/gear queers would probably buy them.

      • bbmg

        “gear queers”


  • jamezb

    While I myself have no use for this, I do get a kick out of seeing such wicked little toys that might be destined for the kit of an undercover agent somewhere. The “Q-branch” in me nods approvingly..

  • Eric S

    Now, just need to make a gun that shoots these. And I’m still waiting for someone to make an Apache Gang pistol/knuckle.

  • bbmg

    I’m more partial to the Russian НРС-2 (NRS-2) knife:

    It’s only single shot, but that shot is a silent SP-4 cartridge that more in keeping with the stealthy nature of a knife.

    • 11b

      Ahhh thats so cool!

      • 11b

        The max effective on that thing has got to be about the same as the blade though lol

        • bbmg

          Well, you can take out a sentry from at least 15 feet, that’s got to be better than just a blade.

          SADJ evaluated the cartridge here:

          “The PSS pistol and its specialized SP-4 captive piston silent cartridge is a highly specialized purpose weapon. Its suppressed sound pressure level of 124.d dB is in the vicinity of a suppressed .22 rimfire pistol and would definitely qualify as “Hollywood Quiet.” With a muzzle velocity of 621 feet/second and a 155-grain projectile, the kinetic energy of 133 foot-pounds is definitely lethal.”

  • Doopington

    Why…why $4000?

    • gunslinger

      probably because of the “uniqueness” of it. handmade? limited quantity? R&D Cost?

  • JT

    Yup, AOW not NFA. Like the 195 dollar difference matters when it’s 4000 dollars 😛 Although, as a collector’s piece somebody can have the money, but not the right under their state law

    • Sulaco

      Too right. You will never be allowed to bring this into WA state for example.

    • Cymond

      The AOW classification is part of the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA). It’s just a different tax rate ($5 instead of $200) but still the exact same paperwork.

  • gunslinger

    Final Fantasy 8
    Sqall’s “Gun Blade”!!!

  • gunslinger

    is AOW “Any Other Weapon” I never heard the use of “All Other Weapon”

  • Mystick

    $4k!? What the hell are they smoking?

  • Karina

    I had to. Props to anyone who gets it.

    • Karina

      Err, it looks like the picture I had doesn’t show…

  • Cymond

    I know I’m not the first, but it’s worth repeating.

    The AOW tax is $5, not $200.

    And yes, it looks just like the G.R.A.D. knife from a few years ago.

    Also, the Enigma briefcase worked the same way. I suspect the Enigma may be from the same company as the G.R.A.D knife, but so little is published that it’s hard to find info.

  • kingghidorah

    I like it, but not a ‘$4k like it’.

  • mechamaster

    Perfect gadget in next Assassins Creed game. ( just kidding )

  • maodeedee

    Only $4,000.00 American dollars. The perfect gift for the Saudi Prince, Fortune 500 business tycoon, or wealthy US Senator who has everything.

  • Xaun Loc

    DUH! Excuse me. Since when did the tax on an AOW suddenly become $200? Last time I looked, AOWs were the bargain among NFA registered weapons, with a tax of only $5.

  • Renegade

    I prefer to think of it as a miniature .22 with an extremely large bayonet.

    That makes it cooler.

    ::EDIT:: Damn, I just saw how old this was. Sorry for the necro post.