Palmetto State Armory 1911 Pistols

Palmetto State Armory, the online retailer, had two prototype 1911 pistols on display which they are producing in-house. Instead of trying to compete in the low-end market, these prototypes were match grade pistols with a high level of hand finishing. I asked the company representative what the retail price would be. He replied that they had not determined pricing but because they were match grade we should expect them to be priced accordingly.

palmetto state armoury 1911-3


Two models were on display. One had a stainless finish, the other had a finish that looked parkerized. I am ashamed to admit I forgot to ask the rep that the finish was. In any case, the final production guns may be different to these prototypes. The checkering on the front and back strap, combined with grippy grips, mean you are not likely to lose control even if your hands are sweaty.

The pistols will be made in the USA and, at least initially, in limited quantities.

palmetto state armoury 1911-4

palmetto state armoury 1911-5

palmetto state armoury 1911-6

Steve Johnson

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  • Clint Notestine

    looks like a clown gun in her hands

  • Will

    They look well put together. The front cocking serrations, for example, ending flush with the dust cover is a nice touch. At the right price point I’d strongly consider adding one to the pile, but hopefully the roll mark changes for the production guns.

    My suggestion: move the crossed-cannons logo to behind the rear serrations, ala Caspian. Delete “Palmetto State Armory” from left side, if necessary relocate it to below ejection port or save that location for model name. Less is more with roll marks.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Yep. Lose the billboard, for pity’s sake.

  • Lance

    How much $$$$$

  • Vhyrus

    Match Grade: The new marketing term for overpriced.

  • Clone

    Another overpriced 1911. What will the firearms community think of next? The staggering amount of innovation and ingenuity is killing me!

  • Andrew

    PSA still hasn’t figured out how to ship online orders of in-stock items faster than 3 months after purchase…yet they continue making new products? How about hire a new shipping dept. manager first.

    • Roger Sterling

      I used to work in their online department. Not the manager’s fault. The owner of PSA is cheap and won’t hire enough people. There’s a “hiring freeze” right now.He hate’s spending money on workers.

      • bbmg

        No matter whether it is deserved or not, bad-mouthing your former employer online is not generally a good idea.

        • Roger Sterling

          I’m in no way shape or form worried. I’m not bad mouthing at all. Still love the store and shop there when I have the money. But it’s not the workers fault. They work very hard and as long as they can. There’s simply not enough people there to meet the demand.

  • gunslinger

    man, those look nice. but “match grade” i’m guessing in the 1k? range?

    no thanks. i’ll still be looking…

    • iksnilol

      Higher than that, I assume match grade and competition grade are the same.

  • Mahler

    Meh, I don’t buy anything from Palmetto State Armory anymore. Waiting months for an “in stock” item to ship, waiting on refunds, and still having products shipped (over a month after ordering) despite canceling it three times (to include *confirming* its cancellation over the phone) only to get a tracking number…. Yeah, no thanks.

  • pismopal

    Nice collectors item featuring 100 plus year old technology……kind of like Harley Davidson motorcycles.

  • Ben Wong

    My RIA Match probably half its price point and just as accurate

  • Ellery Langkamp

    PSA is the worst company ever. I ordered a complete upper and lower kit. They shipped the lower kit promptly 99.00 item and charged my account for the full amount of 799.00. Over a month and no upper. I email them and they say it will be in within a few days. I contact them again because my invoice says shipped and they tell me they can’t supply me with the upper they charged me for. Instead they offer me a substitute upper supposedly a better and more expensive upper in there opinion. I am not happy and tell them i would take it if they give me a 10% discount on the upper price i paid since they need to satisfy a irate new customer that has half of a AR assembled.. They said all they could do was refund the uppers price after holding my money for over a month or refund 17.00 dollars for the shipping and ship me there substitute barrel that is inferior in my opinion.. So now i have a choice take a barrel i don’t want or get a refund on the upper and have a lower built i dont have a upper for or have a desire to use mismatched upper and lower . Needless to say i am fed up with this company. I should have pursued legal action if possible for false advertising or bait and switch practices. These people need to go the way of the Dodo. Do not buy from them no matter how good there price or product looks. They will bait and switch, they will charge your card before you receive all your product they will tell you 14 days for the build from them and go untold amount of time and not notify your under a bait and switch. they will just sit on your money till you complain and you won’t be happy the way that goes. AVOID PALMETTO STATE ARMORY, NOT A GOOD OR REPUTABLE COMPANY. Order placed on 4/17/14 had to contact them on 6/2/14 to find out what was happening with my order and told 14 days or less now to receive what i didn’t originally order (bait and switch). Still to be seen if they can even deliver what there now pushing . As i said avoid PSA at all cost.