Strike Industries New Prototype Accessories

Strike Industries had a number prototypes on display at their SHOT Show booth. Thier ultra low profile (or “no profile”) backup iron sights are ingenious. They mount on picatinny rails but are so low profile they extend no higher than the rail itself, ensuring they do not interfere with optics or other accessories. They can be used in-line or as angled sights.



Strike are also developing a baseplate for Magpul PMAG magazines. The base plate extends further allowing the magazine to be used as a bipod (note how it sits upright on the corner of the plate) and additionally expending the capacity of the magazine by one or two rounds.




They are also developing a Ruger 10/22 tactical-style takedown stock. A standard Ruger 10/22 can be converted into a takedown rifle using the stock’s propriety barrel locking mechanism. It also features a folding stock adapter, compatible with AR-15 stocks, and a AR-15 pistol grip.


Steve Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    looks like someone had some fun with a 3d printer.

    still the sights are pretty cool. can they be “flipped” into the rail when not in use? i can see them snagging/breaking if they are hanging out.

    what about hanging at a 6 oclock posistion, if you have one under an optic?

    as for the baseplate, how is using the mag for a monopod? does it have enough length to clear the lowest part of the grip/stock? i just can’t remember how low the mag is.

    and the takedown, that’s really neat. what about for standard 10/22s?

    • Baendu

      A standard capicity AR mag is long enough to use as a monopod without requiring a special floor plate. The 10/22 paragraph says the stock is for standard 10/22’s.

      • gunslinger

        i read that to mean you needed a 10/22 takedown.


    • Yes they can be flipped into the rail. They then look like regular rail covers.

    • Cymond

      AGP Arms also makes a takedown kit for a standard 10/22, but it’s a little weird.

  • avconsumer2

    Hypothetical… are they still backup “iron sights” if they’re plastic!?

    • Clint Notestine


    • gunslinger

      see magpul BUIS. last i looked, they are polymer.

      and even a metal buIS is probably steel or other compound, not pure iron.

      • hkryan

        They have metal “pro” ones now for real operators.

    • hkryan

      Probably just 3D printed prototypes of metal sights.

  • grendal1989

    I like those low pro buis. probably will be the lowest weight irons when they come out.

    I do like the additional rounds availability in the mag base. They should relieve some tension versus standard pmags when storing them with 30rds.

  • Rob

    I’ll definitely pick up at least one set for trying out… multiple if they’re any good.

  • John Daniels

    Do those sights remind anyone else of the useless plastic toothpick that comes on a Swiss army knife?

  • José Pulido

    Gonna cover my entire top rail with front sights so I have backup backup backups when I break them.