Shades of Storm Gray

Manequins in 5.11 Storm Gray

Manequins in 5.11 Storm Gray

Though 5.11 has really put a lot of effort into breaking further into the civilian and hunting markets, they remain as focused on professional tactical as ever. Their new line of Storm gray gear is designed for law enforcement in urban settings. The shade of gray was chosen for its ability to blend in to many urban environments for a tactical advantage while staying away from the negative PR of “militarization of the police” that military-style camo patterns have a tendency to bring.

storm side

storm knife

storm mag carrier

storm packs

Shelby Murdoc

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  • RB6

    Rainbow Six in Vegas!

  • Esh325

    Because grey Uniforms is something that has never been done before. The reason why people perceive the police as becoming more militarized is because of solid colors vs camo colors? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Mouldy Squid

      Yep. Colour matters less than all of the military gear they are wearing. If you don’t want people complaining about the militarization of the police, stop making them look like the military. Changing the colour to grey isn’t going to that.

      • micko77

        Here’s a thought…. If you don’t want people complaining about militarizing the police, stop militarizing the police. An extension of your point, I think.

      • John Daniels

        More important, stop making them act like the military.

    • Roger Van Zant

      Apparently looking like U.S. Soldiers= bad but looking like the Wehrmacht= good.

    • The Nev

      For real, yo. DHS guys were wearing blue leotards…err…unitar…uhm…coveralls. Add the ultra-operator tactical vests and you have a militarized look.

    • flyingburgers

      The Commonwealth countries have this figured out already: they just need funny hats. And maybe a necktie.

    • AlexJonesIsSmallTime

      Everyone knows grey has a calm and placating effect on the local populace

      • gunslinger

        pick up that can

        • hkryan


          • gunslinger

            Must be new here

      • KM

        Well, seeing how we copied so much from them from our helmets to making squads revolve around the SAW to “lightening war” fascination, the actual colors would be the next logical move

  • wetcorps

    “Color as a weapon” might be the fancier slogan of this Shot Show.

    By the way, I’m really enjoying the avalanche of posts. Thanks for the work guys.

    • gunslinger

      but i look FABULOUS!

  • Drapetomanius

    Grey is good. I try to “be the grey man” and am often annoyed by the lack of non-military colors on some very useful gear. So sick of coyote/camel/dark earth. So, so sick of it.

    • Andrew R

      OD Green is where it’s at.

      • Cymond

        I agree, I really like OD green, but it’s still a military color, albeit a very retro mil color.

      • Sable

        As it is also my color of choice, I sympathize – its tough being OD green nowadays.

  • An Interested Person

    Finally, a color for my college backpack that doesn`t draw as much unwanted attention as military tan.

    • Andrew R

      The prodigious amount of MOLLE will still do that for you.

      • An Interested Person

        The MOLLE certainly doesn`t help, but whenever I look at other such packs it`s the color that catches my eye, not the extra straps. It may be a moot point, but I like the pack and would prefer it be at least a little less obvious.

        • José Pulido

          The MOLLE will be spotted from a block away. The only people you’ll be half-fooling with gray over tan are Obama voters…

          • Todd

            You just convinced me to buy grey.

          • An Interested Person

            Those are the only people I need to fool, so it should accomplish my goals perfectly. 😉

  • Cannoneer No. 4

    Maybe my color vision deceives me, but Storm Gray / Sturm Grau looks like USAF Sage Green circa 1955. Star Wars storm troopers wore white. Allegemeine Schutzstaffel wore black. Sturmabteilungen wore brown. Good Guys wore Sage Green back in Jimmy Stewart’s day.

  • TP

    Gray is the perfect urban color.

  • Lance

    The whole ACU debacle shows Grey sucks as a camo color. For many Black is fine for SWAT teams or OD Green they work better for urban (black) or rural (OD) areas than grey dose.

  • anonymous

    Police should wear medium blue as a federal standard, because blue collar workers, not our personal over-see’ers. The wannabe swat team members can stick to playing army on the weekends with their airsoft club.

    Would the LAPD be acting like thug gang members if they walked around in light blue pants? Color of a uniform is an obvious way to intimidate. Those surplus mraps don’t look so scary painted white.

    The grey does look kinda cool.

    • Cymond

      I don’t really feel any more comfortable with this.

    • Roger Van Zant

      I honestly didn’t fully understand what you were getting at, Are you saying that the color of their uniforms influences their behavior? Because the Chinese Chengguan have adorable periwinkle blue shirts and they’re the absolute scum of the Earth.

      If that’s not actually what you’re saying then fair enough.

      • invisible empire

        Black as a projection color represents oppresssion- it’s psychological. I notice many local LE bodies have shifted to black in the lasr 10 years or so.

        • Todd

          Thank the DHS for the black uniforms. We asked for cargo type pants for years to be able to carry gloves, sanitizer, lights and what not. We only got them when DHS sent out announcements that police uniforms will have to be uniform to comply with upcoming federal regulations. We got new uniforms. Of course, they are black. (Navy blue, supposedly, but it’s black). The cargo pockets are useful, though! Although it disgusts me that departments don’t tell DHS to take a long walk off a short pier when they try to dictate to local departments, instead of scrambling to comply with any nonsense that DHS retards spew out.

  • gunslinger


  • JT

    5.11 sidepick would have made a cooler accessory for the maniquin 😛

  • Zius Patagus

    The latest in Storm Trooper wear.

    • gunslinger

      does it automatically reduce your accuracy or make you hit your head while moving through doorways?

      • Sable

        We can only hope.

  • CanineCo

    The “militarization of police” issue is related to what they do, not what they wear…. Like executing tens of thousands of “no-knock” warrants, too often with very bad results.

  • José Pulido

    I’m worried about police buying SAWs, MRAPs, and tanks. I couldn’t give half a shit about what color they wear.

  • medic SN

    Why has no one made the obvious Ghostbusters comment yet?!? Just saying… who ya gonna call…?

    • gunslinger

      Ghostbusters uniform was tan/kakhi not grey

  • hkryan

    Hopefully not 50…