Crye Precision Six12 Bullpup Shotgun

Crye Precision debuted their double-action Six12 modular bullpup shotgun. Designed as a safer and more efficient door breacher, the Six12 is a 12-gauge, 6-round cylinder-fed modular shotgun platform. The bullpup layout brings the weight closer to the shooter and allows the Six12 to be as compact as possible. The Six12 attaches to most AR-15 platforms and is also availale in a standalone shoulder fired system which doesn’t require any NFA paperwork, a short barrel platform will be availale that will require NFA paperwork however. The 6-round cylinder accepts 12-gauge shells up to 3″ and barrel lengths of 22″, 18″ and 12.5″ overall will be available. They’re expected to be available winter 2014.



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  • wetcorps

    Interesting design 🙂
    However, wouldn’t it be a little worring to have your hand this close to the door when firing? I never breached a door so I’m just wondering.

    • sianmink

      Yeah I’d want a litt more room between my hand and the door.

    • jamezb

      They might want to include a kevlar tacti-glove for that…

  • mark

    this is neat. I would love to have this in canada. hopefully the price isnt to high.

  • FourString

    The standard length standalone system looks kinda sexy. Sounds like it should be pretty Cali-compliant (since it’s not semi-auto the pistol grip restriction, and bullet button get-around, wouldn’t apply). If they can bring this to restricted markets, definitely count me in (seems like it would be legal even in England :D).

    Y’all hear that, folks over at Crye Precision? :]

    Btw, any word on MSRP?

    • erwos

      Sorry, but any shotgun with a revolving cylinder is banned in CA, even if it’s not semi-auto. We have the same problem in MD, but the workaround is simply putting very light rifling in the barrel at a slow twist rate (whereupon it stops being a shotgun).

      • Jesse Mrozowski

        Hey I know you. Sort of. From ar15

        • erwos

          And MDShooters. I’m awesome everywhere. 😛

      • FourString

        nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu feckk the system!
        (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

        • st4

          That text picture is awesome. Imma steal it…

          • FourString

            For future reference you can always Google “flipping a table”
            Don’t forget to try out the keywords “look of disapproval” and also the meme/video “how about no you crazy dutch bastard” those are handy on the interwebz too :]

            Cheers from England mate

      • FourString

        Reading up on this, and it seems like this was a recent thing introduced. *LAME*

        Cheers 4 the heads up tho

  • Jesse Mrozowski

    I cannot express in words how very much I want this. I shall have to resort to interpretive dance. *dances a jig*

    Serious question though, I thought you can’t do a rotary cylinder for a shotgun like that because it violated some bogus ATF rule?

    • FourString

      Hope not. That would be a shame, since the hexagonal cylinder looks an awful lot like the Chiappa Rhino cylinder, which is an extremely good thing by my book.

      It seems like it would be a really fascinating complement to a big-ish bore revolver (.357 magnum, .44 magnum) in places where magazine capacity limits are in place. I.e. practice double action pull (and perhaps even similar motor skills for changing out ammo) for both your sidearm and rifle. I think that’s neat.

      • Jesse Mrozowski

        There is a Russian company that makes a giant revolver styled shotgun in 12 gauge and I vaguely remember being told it can’t be imported in part due to large revolver style of the gun. That might just be one of those silly import regulations though. Here’s hoping that’s the case because giant revolver shotgun makes me smile like crazy.

        In my head I picture giant full moon clips of 12 gauge to swap it all super quickly.

        • LCON

          Mt-255 I think, they make them in short barrel and rifle configurations. I am surprised that the maker has not yet been seen mounting one of those under a AK.

        • Paladin

          The striker shotgun was banned under the sporting purpose doctrine, basically since it’s a 12 guage it’s bore is larger than .50 caliber and the BATFE can declare it to have no sporting purpose making it an NFA destructive device.

          • Anonymoose

            I think he’s referring to MTs-255, which has a 5-round cylinder and is produced by TsKIB-SOO in Tula. AFAIK they have no reason to not allow the MTs-255 in since they allow importation of Saigas and Veprs, which are a lot more like “salt weppunz” than a wood-stocked 5-shot shotgun. Heck, the Saiga can accept drums that exceed the capacity of the Striker.

          • Paladin

            The issue with the striker has nothing to do with the drum magazine, it was all political and public perception. They claimed it was a “street sweeper”, got everyone’s panties in a bunch and used that excuse to classify it as a DD. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it, just irrational fear.

          • gunslinger

            because you can get a 10 round siaga?

            hopefully this is better than the “street sweeper”

    • Frank

      Think that’s mostly for import stuff and part of the defunct federal AWB.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      California has a ban on “revolving cylinder” shotguns. The ATF has an import ban against them, and 922r would apply to building one from “foreign parts”. Otherwise, there is no general federal ban against them.

      • FourString

        Sad fucking day man

    • Jeff Smith

      I believe the latest wave of “high capacity” shotguns have been able to avoid the destructive device classification by their magazine operation system. Instead of one magazine containing a large amount of shells, they divide the shells into several smaller magazines. With (newer) rotating cylinder style shotguns, each cylinder contains several shells and must be manually rotated by the user after each cylinder empties. In this sense, the user is “changing the magazine” when the cylinder is rotated. So, instead of one magazine tube containing twelve shells, the shotgun can have three magazine tubes which hold four shells each.

      • Cymond

        The majority of “the latest wave of “high capacity” shotguns” don’t operate that way. The RCI XRail revolving magazine auto indexes, the KSG and UTS-15 have dual tubular magazines, and the Saiga drums feed up to 20 rounds continuously. The only manually-indexed shotgun I know of is the SRM M1216.

        • gunslinger

          i believe the KSG and UTS-15 have 2 feeding tubes, capable of 7 rounds each, and 1 in the chamber (at least for the KSG, googlefu is weak on UTS) for a total of 15 (14?) rounds available.

          • Cymond

            Yes, as I said “dual tubular magazines” or to rephrase your way, “2 feeding tubes”. And here’s a short video of the SRM 1216

          • gunslinger


          • mechamaster

            14 in dual tubular +1 in the weapon chamber.

          • gunslinger

            For the uts?

      • gunslinger

        what shotguns operate this way? can you give examples?

  • Geo

    What about cylinder gap? Does it seal the gap like a Nagant revolver?

    • Anonymoose

      The old Pancor Jackhammer did.

  • Vhyrus

    Depends on the price and reload speed, but I’m interested.

    • darkdestroyer

      I’m sure it will at least be able to be reloaded faster than a pump shotgun.

  • MIG90

    Sadly, it’s highly doubtful this will ever come to the civilian market. For 1, it’s geared more towards LE, Swat, etc. and 2, there may be some ATF related issues. Even though it only holds 6 rounds, the ATF will likely come up with some bogus “Destructive Device” excuse.

  • Rick Bonenfant

    This would be awesome if you could reload by swapping out cylinders like a magazine or get after market 12 round cylinders.

    • Paladin

      You can in fact reload by swapping the cylinder, there are already a couple photos floating about with the cylinder out.

  • ColaBox

    I just found my dream shotgun. Sorry KSG.

  • mechamaster

    Currently question in my head : ‘How fast to reload this shotgun ?’

  • Spade

    Reminds me of a Pancor Jackhammer. Visually.

    I want it.

  • maxcoseti

    So cool, they should make an angled foregrip that allows for the same hand placement when using both the rifle and the shotgun, kinda like the grenade launcher shown in the polish MSBS, think about it Crye

  • LCON

    The mounted versions grip and trigger placement reminds me of the GPBO-40 used on the Polish made Radon assault rifle.
    It looks to me like Crye is thinking of using the cylinder as a detachable magazine.
    I wonder how this will do on the export markets. Its capacity in mounted configuration would double the KAC master key, be more compact then the M26, seriously out do the single shot unit debuted a few years back and be both easier to reload and support then the Metal storm Maul.

  • J

    That is awesome.

  • Tim

    Hush, ATF, you didn’t hear anything…

  • Nathaniel

    I wonder how bad the powder burn is with that waaaaay forward grip.

  • Derek Emerson

    Can anyone tell me the name of the manufacturer of the rail/forend on this rifle, I have been pouring over the internet for hours and I just cant seem to remember. Thanks for any help.

    • Spade

      Looks like Magpul’s MOE.

  • Patrick Mingle

    I cant wait to really anticipate the release then not be able to find or buy one…

  • Dropship Ace

    Be still my beating cock.

    This makes me rock hard. Like I needed another reason to emigrate.

    • FourString

      Haha mate if ur beating ur cock over a, uh, long gun, that might smack of a little gaaaaaay o/

      • Dropship Ace

        If its gay to love this this thing, then I don’t care.

        Call me George fucking Takei

        • FourString


  • verymiddleeuropean

    Well, it looks very neat on paper. And I am sure it would make splash in video games, just like aforementioned Jackhammer. But what about handling all that weight and bulk attached to a carbine up front? And what for? Breaching? The standalone version may suffer some ergonomical issues as well. How you supposed to get cheek weld with this uncovered revolving cylinder in motion? I meand even if you do not sport some tactical beard… And gas sealing should be pretty peerless on this shotgun – with your face (standalone) and hand (underslug) right where they usually come out.

  • cmblake6