Boberg .45acp Pistol

The good people at Boberg Arms surprised everyone at SHOT by showing up with a .45acp version of their remarkable pocket pistol.

Ok great, another pocket pistol you say. Well here is the kicker: the pistol will shoot .45 Super.


A smattering of Bobergs

The rep told me that the .45acp version will be available in Spring and that the recoil with regular .45acp ammo is on par with a full size 1911, but less than a Commander. Also you get 7 rounds of .45acp in a gun smaller than a Glock 26:


An XR45-L with a longer barrel and slide is also in the works, but I was not provided with an ETA on it.


Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Obersaber

    Higher than normal velocities and reduced recoil torque is due to the innovative progressive “gain twist” rifling in the 3.75″ barrel of the Boberg XR45-s. Velocity test results are on par with a standard 5″ barrel. Firing the .45 Super in a gain twist 3.75″ test barrel delivered 1300fps with Underwood 185grHP. Pocket pistol history in the making!

    • darkdestroyer

      Makes you wonder what the ballistics of the longer barreled version might be.

      • FourString

        bullpup is bullpup. in other words, sexy

        • gym

          More nonsense, if you want to waste your money go right ahead, there is a sucker born every minute. These are nothing more than a gimmick. A 45 out of any gun is a deadly round, and XDS will kill you just as fast, and fits in my pocket for 2 years.

  • TangledThorns

    Nice but too expensive 🙁

    • Duray

      How expensive is too expensive for a brand new and unique design of hand built pistol with remarkable abilities from a boutique manufacturer? We already have inexpensive pistols, but up till now, we’ve never had this.

      • Ju Con

        Too expensive when it tears the cartridge casing right off of the bullets; when less pricey offerings don’t.

        Fascinating design and interesting efforts; but unlike the M2 and M1919, with their in-common feed system, it’s not drawing necked rounds from belts, and the execution is repeatedly reported as… interesting.

        • Leigh Rich

          That is only an issue when the bullet is not properly crimped. I have a 9mm Boberg.

          • Ju Con

            “Less aggressively crimped” would be a better way of putting it – it places an additional restriction on viable ammunition, that other such weapons don’t have.

            The first rule of the bespoke, is to offer something that the production does not.

          • Leigh Rich

            And your expertise is what? An immigrant from Holland.

          • Ju Con

            Ad hominem in absence of more appropriate repartee, eh?

          • anon762

            Dear God. Well, if ever a firearm cried out to be tested by this blog, this firearm is it. Go!

            For the record, I don’t own one and have never handled one – but my impression is that they are very innovative products – with maybe one or two bugs to be worked out.

          • Obersaber

            JuCon – a nugget of useful information you could learn from the Boberg forum site would be to explore the list of ammo that will and the other list that won’t work in the XR pistols.
            A “less aggressively crimped” cartridge might allow moisture to enter throught the neck area which could affect reliability.
            You would be surprised to discover the top dollar defense ammo that seems to be less than water tight. I bet Myth Busters could do a segment on this and write off the cost of the Boberg as a business expense.

      • Leigh Rich

        1911’s are easily $1000 for a good one.

  • hkryan

    Without seeing more photos, it first reminded me of the P7M10.

    • Leigh Rich

      Can’t compare it to a P7 Like comparing apples to oranges. Just Google “Boberg Firearms”…Big picture and details there. So easy a cave man can do it.

      • hkryan

        I guess I should clarify… The photo above of the .45 Boberg reminded me of the extremely thick slide on the .40 S&W version of the P7, the P7M10. Yes, different fruit in every other aspect.

        What is this “Google” thing you write about? Is it something I can use in my cave?

  • CommonCents

    innovative thinking, hope they build a nice following to get production up and prices down 😉

  • gunslinger

    smaller gun with the same recoil as a full size 1911? am i missing something?

    • Obersaber

      XR45-S features several recoil reducing innovations.
      Rotating locked breach delays recoil eliminating a sharp snap feeling.
      Progressive “gain twist” rifling smooths out the torquing feeling and increases velocity. The bullpup design puts your hand at the balance point which feels good! In fact, the XR45-S will balance while sitting on the magazine base plate.
      Ammo should not be problem if you follow experts advice and buy self defense ammo in quantity from the same lot just to be safe. If you can afford a Boberg and like the unique mechanical advantages, odds are that you also like to read and will be able to learn how to feed and lubricate and clean the XR45-S. I have two 9mm Bobergs and have been shooting for over 40 years. These are by far the best pocket pistols I have ever shot or owned!

      • gunslinger

        okl that’s helpful!
        i didn’t see anything about that in the article, so it’s much clearer now.

        although, i find it a but funny that a pistol can be a bullpup. but i guess it is.

  • Steve
  • KD

    Guys, the Boberg’s are superb firearms – I own both the XR9-S (Shorty) and the XR9-L (Long) and I’m on the waiting list for the XR45-S. If they are beyond your price range, I still encourage you to rent one at the range or dryfire one at your local gun store. I have not yet found a smoother trigger and the recoil is far softer than the LC9/PF9 and probably any other pocket pistol. I have upgraded mine to the lighter factory trigger spring (7.5 lb down to 6 lb) for an even better feel. You can shoot the Boberg’s all day long with no hand pain (200 rounds). Before I purchased my first concealed carry weapon, I stumbled on to the Boberg Website just one month after he shipped his first pistols. I watched for reviews, read the forums thoroughly and got on the waiting list. No pocket gun has been able to tempt me away from the XR9’s. I actually feel I saved money buying this premium pistol. How many fellow shooters do you know that bought 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 etc guns before finding one they could live with? I hit a home run on the first purchase!

  • st4

    This is the kinda stuff I like to see. I just wish I made the bones to drop on such new toys to partake in the testing.