Badger M22 Marlin .22LR Stock

As a Marlin 795 fan I’m always on the hunt for new accessories for it. I recently stumbled on this bullpup kit called the Badger M22 stock for the Marlin 795, Model 60 and Model 70 Papoose. Available in black, green camo and pink camo, the M22 is made of ABS plastic in the USA. The stock features a Picatinny rail on the side for accessories such as lasers or lights as well as a storage compartment in the buttstock. You can also store a spare 795 mag in the handle grip. They retail for $99.99 for the black stock, and $115 for the pink and green camo stocks. They also sell a scope mount for $20 that moves the scope position forward of the receiver. Check them out at Below is an installation instructional video that shows the features of the M22 stock.

And here’s a vid of the M22 stock in action


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  • ColaBox

    That…looks like it could have had promise. Im all for a bullpup plinker, but the design leaves something to be desired.

  • thedonn007

    What is the overall length on that thing? I hope it is longer than 26″

  • spamhater

    and the owner of the company will spam on rimfire forums as well. so i will never own his product as he spams. and it looks like a club not a rifle stock.

  • Risky

    Looks pretty neat, I like it. I’d like to see some kind of iron sights on it, though.

  • Toby

    It’s…. It’s so ugly.

  • Fred Johnson

    Looks like a rimfire bullpup made by Hi-Point. If Hi-Point made rimfires, that is.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Any information on the trigger feedback? That is usually ( though not always ) the biggest issue with bullpup conversions.

  • Leigh Rich

    Well done Videos. Makes me want to buy the gun and your new stock!!! A One armed man can shot it well too.