FN Announces They Will Begin Selling The New FN-15 To The public

For a good number of years readers have been asking why FN won’t sell their AR platform to the public. Well the wait is over FN is now selling the FN-15 to the public. This is our first new product announcement for SHOT show 2014.


I was invited to a product meeting with FN this evening at the 702 Range here in Las Vegas. New products were shown to our small group and demonstrated on the indoor range as well as a question and answer session with the head of each department.

13_FN15 Carbine_R

The highlight of the meeting was the announcement that FN will now sell FN’s version of the AR15 the FN-15 to the public. For those of you who are fans of FN guns as well as the AR you just got the opportunity to add this rifle to your collection! I’m also sure this good news for those who have been asking for this rifle.

13_FN15 Rifle_R

Check with your local gun shop for ordering details. The MSRP is $1100 with a street price a bit lower as always. Models available will be the carbine with 16 inch barrel as well as the full size rifle with a 20 inch barrel. As you can see below it has a good set of features. FN is well known for making high quality barrels and the FN-15 lives up to that standard. If I understand correctly the FN-15 barrel uses the same materials as the M-249 barrel. They expect a very long life from these barrels.

“The FN 15TM Carbine has a 16-inch chrome-lined, alloy steel barrel and is available in 5.56mm NATO. The polymer forearm and butt stock are both black, and the stock is collapsible into six positions, making the total length 31.9 inches at its shortest and 35.2 inches at its longest. The FN 15TM Carbine also features an A2-style compensator and a 1:7-inch RH twist rate. It comes with fixed A2-style front sights, a removable M4-style rear carrying handle, and one GI pattern 30-round aluminum magazine.
The FN 15TM Rifle has a 20-inch chrome-lined, alloy steel barrel and is available in 5.56mm NATO. The polymer forearm and fixed butt stock are both black, and the total length is 39.5 inches. The FN 15TM Rifle also features an A2-style compensator and a 1:7-inch RH twist rate. It comes with fixed A2-style front sights, a removable M4-style rear carrying handle, and one GI pattern 30-round aluminum magazine.”

Muzzle Device
A2-style compensator
A2-style compensator
Sights A2-style fixed front sights, removable rear M4-style carrying handle A2-style fixed front sights, removable rear M4-style carrying handle
Black, six-position collapsible
Black, A2-style fixed
Forearm Black, two-piece ribbed, round
Black, two-piece ribbed, round
Weight (with sights and empty magazine) 6.935 lbs. 7.965 lbs.
Length 31.9 – 35.2 inches
39.5 inches
2.53 inches
2.53 inches
Height (with sights and magazine) 10.5 inches 10.5 inches
Length of Pull
9.9 – 13.2 inches 10.6 inches
GI pattern 30-round aluminum
GI pattern 30-round aluminum


FN was very thorough in answering our questions and allowing us to shoot the FN-15 in both carbine and rifle configurations. This rifle has a very nice trigger for what is essentially a stock trigger. It proved itself to be very accurate as well which I can attribute to the quality fit and finish as well as the barrel. There was no movement between the lower and upper receiver. The fit was uniform throughout.

I hope this release is something that will benefit and please the readers. I know I’m getting one of these!

Normally we don’t post articles from SHOT until tomorrow but I felt this was important enough news to sit down and write it up so TFB could share this news with you as soon as possible.

I’ll have a full review for you in a few weeks.


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Spectre

    The not another AR comments in 3….2…1

    • Beju

      And a plain Jane mil-spec one at that! 😉

      • Yea but you know as well as I the first thing people do is customize to their taste.

        • Eric S

          Isn’t the joke that ARs are just barbie dolls for adults?

          • Yep something like that. You can sure change the clothes on one quickly:-) Guilty of changing mine around some from time to time.

    • I know some people could care less about an AR-15 but to be fair to those readers who have posed the question about FN not selling these rifles to the public. I felt it was important to let them know they can now purchase one.
      I’ve actually wanted one myself.
      Since the AR platform is one of the most popular on the planet it’s appropriate to tell everyone.

      • Spectre

        I understand. I’m just saying, you know those comments are coming.lol

        • LOL– Oh yea I know. Heck anymore I can write an article and get pretty close to knowing what some of the comments will be:-)

          • st4

            Still waiting on that FN P90 article. And the inevitble comments of it firing a ineffective Nerf darts. 😀

      • FourString

        Yup. Now I’d actually consider a DI AR-15, since it’s made by FN, i.e. the producer of American M4’s 🙂

        That’s pretty legit.

        • Wildcat0313

          Every M4 the Marine Corps had when I was in was made by Colt, the only rifle I ever saw made by FN was our M16A4. Did they start making more in the last few years?

          • Wildcat0313

            Also the A2, apparently some units got the FN ones… makes sense we got the older Colts lol

          • FourString

            Oo okay, then that was probably a case of luck, since you mention that the Colts were older.

          • FourString

            Guess so. The general consensus is that they’ve been made by FNH for some time now.

    • Eric S

      Not another AR…There ya go. As I recall, didn’t FN get a US military contract to supply AR/M4 or whatever the current model is? It would be silly for them to not open up to the civilian market since they’re already making them. But I do wonder what will happen when market saturation is reached.

      • KestrelBike

        M16A2 in usmc basic was FN.
        So what reason did FN have for not selling to civilian public until now?

        • Ken

          FN was producing under license from Colt using Colt’s TDP. They could not use that TDP to produce anything without paying licensing fees to Colt. I’m guessing that either they are paying fees to Colt or that they convinced Colt that they reverse engineered the AR (like everyone else has done) without using the TDP, which is not hard at all.

          FN barrels at least have been around on civilian AR’s for a while now. Spikes uses FN made CMV-CL barrels. Palmetto State Armory, also in Columbus, SC uses FN made barrels too.

          • That about covers it—

          • J.T.
          • Roger Sterling

            Columbia, SC

            I worked at PSA. A lot of the parts are made by FNH-USA, also located in Columbia, SC

          • Justice

            You nailed it Ken. Having the specs from the TDP will make this very competitive with Colt AR’s and probably priced lower in some areas.

            Even in a saturated AR15 market, there is always room for another quality manufacturer. The more the merrier! And it also keeps prices down.

      • Ken

        FN Manufacturing in Columbus, SC has actually been making M16’s since 1988 when Colt got dropped for making M16A2’s. Colt was kept around making M4’s until two years ago I believe.

        • M.M.D.C.

          You’re going to make South Carolinians and Ohioans angry if you keep talking like that!

          • Anonymoose

            Nothing ever happens in Ohio.

        • Slim934

          Columbia, South Carolina.

      • If it ever does get saturated. Yes the US military has used the FN model M4.

        • Eric S

          Good to know. And it’s hypothetically possible to saturate every market, but since the last count estimated about 4mil AR pattern rifles in US circulation, I’d figure they have a long way to go. Sometimes I just hope it comes sooner than later so some company other than Kel-Tec would introduce a new design or six.

          • José Pulido

            If any vast improvements are coming, it will probably be in new polymers/cartridges/powders rather than operating systems. Cobalt barrels would be pretty awesome if they could be made affordable. No one has yet to build a completely reasonable AR-18 yet, so that’s something to look forward to. FN’s SCAR came pretty darn close, and HK’s G36 half-assed it pretty nicely, I think.

  • Ken

    If FN can undercut Colt on M16’s and M4’s for the government, I bet the market price on these FN-15’s will be less than the price of Colt AR-15A4’s and LE6920’s.

    • Beju

      FWIW, the price per unit in their winning Army M4A1 bid was $642 vs $673 from Remington, which presumably includes more than just the carbines themselves. Colt’s previous M4 contract was $1,200(!) per unit, but I haven’t found what their M4A1 bid was.

      TL;DR: FN sells M4A1s to the Army at $31 lower-than-Bushmaster/DPMS/Remington prices, let alone Colt.

  • st4

    I know what’s on my wish list.

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    The FNs I’ve seen lately have been over sized, over priced and under designed. Cross reference the sandy colored pistols. Geoff Who worries that Mil-spec is less than modern.

    • Christopher

      The only AR that even seems to be modern is the HK M27. Though only the USMC fields the thing.

      • Anonymoose

        No one fields the HK416A5 yet. 🙁

        • Christopher

          There was a chance for it the A5 to be adopted but Colt bribed the Army to cancel the Individual Carbine with by forcing into the test with that new round of theirs.

          • Curious_G

            I am curious how exactly you think Colt bribed the Army.

      • LCON

        I trust you mean in service.

      • José Pulido

        What Stoner would have called “lazy engineering” is what is being called “modern” today.

        Adding parts to a system that was designed to efficiently exploit the elimination those parts. Genius!

  • Christopher

    Yawn another AR-15. Because a certain troll has to bash every other rifle that isn’t one.

    • Guest

      It’s the USA. What did you expect? LESS AR-15s? The AR-15 is so popular while being hated by basement warriors, that it reverts between being ironic hipster domain and gross mainstreaminess at least 39 times per day.

      FN has pretty big government contracts for them. It’s almost like saying “Ugh, even COLT is selling AR-15s now, yuck!” They also make various other types of rifles derivative of the work from Browning Junior, Stoner, Browning, and a few other successful designers. Check them out and quit complaining unless you’re designing something better.

    • José Pulido

      There it is! Talk about how the AR-15 jams when you sneeze, or how everyone who owns one is “gay” pls.

  • JT

    Only reason I can think to buy this is fit and finish, some sort of magical metallurgy going on

  • Blake

    Good to see a high-quality AR15 with a street price at what will hopefully be a little under the kilobuck mark. Mass-production has its advantages…

  • Anonymoose

    I want a new semi-auto FNC though. :l

    • I have a new never fired one I will sell if you are serious.
      Also I am happy that FN will now be selling an AR platform. This seems long-overdue.

      • st4

        I think he meant new production as to not shell out what they’re going for on auction. Or at least that’s why I would want a new run! What does one run for these days, three, four thousand? Anyhow they’re cool, because Heat. 🙂

    • RickH

      I want mine back too! But with a few updates.

  • BoHeck

    Is the barrel CHF?

    • yes

      • Don’t Drone Me Bro

        The specs on FNH USA’s website say button rifled on both variants. Nothing about M249 steel with double thickness chrome lining, or even if it is 4150 CMV vs 4140.

        • wry762

          So far, the word is that these will not have CHF barrels. I hope that
          they do – I’d certainly take one of these over a Colt if they did.

          • They have changed some of the barrels such as those on the SCAR. They are also making the 20 inch barrel shooters have been asking for.
            I’ll verify the information on the FN-15 and let you guys know. I’m pretty certain that’s what was said. Of course the next lane over they were shooting a full auto .308 SCAR!

          • wry762

            Well, while you’re chatting with FN tell them to start making an A2 midlength. Medium profile barrel. 🙂

          • +1 to that.

  • TangledThorns

    This is why we don’t have laser guns in the 21st century 🙁

    • Jeremy Star

      That and our battery technology cannot support man-portable lasers capable of inflicting the same level of damage for the same amount of time at this point.

    • José Pulido

      Because lasers are light which can be reflected/refracted which makes them a really bad idea for an offensive weapon?(I forsee fully chromed out HMMWVs, with infantry walking around in rehashed antique polished suits of armor.)

  • Tim U

    The FN rifle is probably the only AR on my wish list right now. Because I don’t have a “rifle” variant yet, and because it’s as close to a true A2/A4 as we’re going to see. I don’t care at all about the (yet another) carbine.

  • Duray

    Sweet, a carry handle! So I can carry my AR!

  • Mabey

    I love the 20 in barrel on an AR it is what i was trained with and i know i can make a 3 to 5 inch grouping at 100m

  • ColaBox

    Another AR? Isn’t the market saturated enough? At least its basic configuration and not all fancy like most today. Gives you an appreciation for its beginning.

    • José Pulido

      Market saturation means there’s more than enough AR-15s. Have you seen quality AR-15s go DOWN in price? I haven’t.

      • ColaBox

        Whoa there Jose, I love the AR15, but id like to see something different coming from the gun industry then another copy. Trying to cash in on what’s popular is (partly) what kills innovation.

        • José Pulido

          I’d say you’re right, but I think proliferation of the weapon will spur improvement on it, and hopefully improvement of the shooters.

          I don’t think we’re going to see anything in terms of a new viable platform for a long time, since making a lighter/more ergonomic/more controllable, cheaper, and more reliable rifle than the AR-15 is close to impossible. You have to give up one of the 3.

          A cheaper, still reliable, and ergonomic alternative like the original AR-18 would be awesome to see, rather than just seeing the carrier used in countless new firearms that cost 2 or 3 times as much as an AR-15.

          The only now untapped area of operation for firearms is recoil operation, with the old H&K series being gone, and most firearms are moving towards less recoil for obvious reasons. Unless someone develops durable heat-resistant rubber bands to replace springs in firearms, there’s probably not much that can be done to develop anything that’s not a rehash right now for small arms(that will be an improvement at least.)

          I’d much rather see better powders and lighter ammunition developed. A 10″ barrel surpassing a 20″ barrel’s past performance is not that far off.

          There’s only a few huge failures for the AR-15 that I see as of now, being the lack of a gas valve at the receiver to compensate for suppressed fire. A quick change barrel mechanism is largely worthless when a rail can weigh less than 10oz and an upper will weigh around 8.

          • ColaBox

            “I don’t think we’re going to see anything in terms of a new viable platform for a long time, since making a lighter/more ergonomic/more controllable, cheaper, and more reliable rifle than the AR-15 is close to impossible.”
            Id say that’s a good assumption to make, you’d be hard pressed to find a rifle just as good not built from the platform. As for reduced recoil, the market seems to be taking a spin in that direction, but more in the way of exterior mods. Which is fine and dandy, but id say the key lies with a remix of the powder then the spring, but who knows. Until the elimination of the chemical/explosive reaction when the round fires, I don’t see a rifle having less recoil for a standard caliber then the AR does now being possible. But then again, nobody could have pictured an IPhone just 10 years ago.

    • Koburn

      No its not saturated enough with trustworthy rifles that will take the abuse some operator’s throw at it. I would only trust a few in the sandbox. Glad to have another (quality) ar in the lineup. Not to mention another one with 1:7. Especially if that guy is chf.

  • Lance

    A bit overpriced for a AR. But overall a nice looking rifle. DO they make a fixed carry handle A2 for the 20 inch barrel market??

    • No they felt a removeable one served the same purpose and was more in keeping with the current market.

      • st4

        Unfortunate. I have a friend who wants a fixed carry handle A2 model who also happens to have a preference for FN stuff.

    • noguncontrol

      nice looking? uh no, this is one of the uglier ones, like the older ones. AR-15s are ok as long as they are modern, retro looking one like this don’t improve the platform.

    • gunslinger

      its an ar-15.

      take away any brand markings, would you be able to tell an ar apart from the competition?

  • sianmink

    This is a top tier AR for a second tier price. Glad to see it.

  • David Sharpe

    How is this different than all the other ARs on the market??

    Other than the name?

  • love fnh hate fnusa


  • love fnh hate fnusa

    comment to anonymoose,you should have bought one when no one was buying them (fnc)