MasterPiece MPA 308BA Rifle

New from MasterPiece Arms (MPA) is a precision tactical-style bolt action rifle. Chambered in .308 Win. the rifle is built on a Spencer action (Spencer being a recent acquisition of MPA). The rifle will retail for $3,475.

MPA’s first bolt-action rifle, chambered in .308 is built on a MPA tactical aluminum chassis with a Remington 700 type bolt design with a Stiller’s Precision TAC Series action. This is the first MPA rifle incorporating a Spencer Precision barrel since MPA purchased the company in 2013.

The MPA chassis is produced from 6061 aluminum with a v-bedding system that is matched perfectly to the Stiller’s TAC series actions providing zero twist or distortion. The stock is a Magpul PRS stock with a custom adaptor. The .308 also features a front mounted bridge with Picatinny rail and a lower mounted Picatinny rail, plus a 20 MOA scope rail. The body is finished in a durable medium texture powder coat or ceramic finish. The MPA .308BA is compatible with any AICS type magazines.

The Spencer/MPA barrel is produced from 416 (Condition T) stainless steel and is precision gun drilled, reamed and honed. It is pull-button rifled using CNC produced twist guides to exacting and consistent twist control and stress relieved in a Cress Vacuum Furnace. The barrel is available in a straight or helical fluting version.

The Stiller’s Precision TAC Series premium actions, produced solely for MPA, have a bolt-to-action fit of .0005″ or less. The action is machined from heat-treated stainless steel and the face, tenon and lug abutment cuts are machined in a single setup, ensuring exact parallelism and perpendicularity for critical features that affect accuracy. The Stiller’s Precision TAC Series bolt, also produced solely for MPA, is a one-piece design with the bolt, lugs and handle machined from a single piece of 4140 heat-treated steel and all critical features and dimensions are finished on a CNC OD grinder. All bolts feature spiral fluting and are hand-lapped and fitted individually to each action. The bolts have a nitride or armoloy finish.

Additionally, the MPA .308BA rifle is available with a counter twist muzzle brake and a jewel or Timney trigger. The MPA .308BA (other calibers coming soon) retails for an MSRP of $3,475.00 and includes the tactical chassis and an AICS or Accurate International 5-round magazine.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mystick

    The barrel seems a little… “insubstantial”… I am curious to see its performance after it heats up a bit. Maybe the fluting helps.

  • Tyler

    Its always more appealing to see “lightning cuts”, rather than a skeletonized chasis. I think Phil and MPA did good on this one!

  • Suburban

    Das allotta money for a bolt gun from a company that’s never sold a bolt gun before! I mean, like who would buy an $75,000 Daewoo luxury car? Even if it sounds incredible, you’ve still got to overcome the skepticism, and get someone to pony up the cash. I guess that’s why Toyota, Nissan, General Motors, Ford, and Honda came up with separate luxury brands to sell the high-end vehicles. “It’s not a $75,000 Chevy, it’s a Cadillac.”

    • brian

      considering Daewoo is now GM korea, yes I would buy a corvette from them.

  • Middle man

    STILLER TAC action….not owned by MPA. They apparently contracted with Stiller for a custom quality 700 clone action. The chassis looks to be an EXO from Rhineland in north Texas. Appears the only component MPA is producing is the barrel.

  • Middle man

    I really wish companies marketing scoped rifles would choose and install the correct height rings/mounts. That scope is ridiculously, unnecessarily high… If they have it mounted that high due to the night vision mount, then the design is all wrong and far too high.

    • gunslinger

      but iron sights man…