MasterPiece Arms MPA935SST Pistol


MasterPiece Arms will show a new 9mm pistol at the 2014 SHOT Show: the MPA935SST.

The MPA935SST will have a threaded 8″ barrel for the easy addition of a sound suppressor.  One 30-round magazine ships with the pistol.

An angled foregrip ships on the gun, and the pistol has three short accessory rails for adding additional gear.  Adjustable front and rear sights are standard, but an aftermarket optic or reflex sight can be added to the gun.


The MSRP on this gun is $675.99.  Since it is a pistol, no NFA rules apply.  The company will sell a version of this gun with a buttstock.  That will be classified as a short barrel rifle, or SBR.  NFA will apply to that gun.  It will retail for $785.99.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • AbuAyyoub Gray

    Wonder if those upgrades would be compatible with an older M11 FA SMG. If so, might be more inventive to invest in a SMG. 😮

    • Suburban

      Search “Lage Manufacturing”

      • AbuAyyoub Gray

        Awesome! this is what I been looking for!

  • JT

    They need to ship those with a TMP style sling so you can pull forward and have good stability for your shots

    • gunslinger

      what about that sig arm brace?

  • Yojimbo556

    Name isnt long enough. Could use more random shit like calling it the MPA935SSTMk6SRTGTRSSA3.1432VAWDVTECA4E8

    • gunslinger

      don’t you mean the MPA935SSTMk6SRTGTRSSA3.1432VAWDVTECA4E8supercalafragalisticexpialadosus?

      • Clint Notestine

        damn it you beat me to it

  • gunslinger

    so an AFG is ok, but a forward pistol/post grip on a pistol is not ok?

    • BillC

      Yes, because with an AFG, as designed, one cannot put their thumb around it like a vertical grip.

      • gunslinger

        so because you can put your thumb around a post on a pistol is is bad?

        god bless the USA with the NFA!

        • BryanS

          Yep, just like adding on a stock, to make firing safer and more accurate, needs a 200 dollar tax transfer stamp and a federal
          background check / privacy enema.

  • Wow, they ripped off Richard Lage’s grip hardcore.

  • FourString

    Hhehehehee it looks so damn eeeevil—like the Belgians, who share a border with the DUTCH.
    *interlaces fingers*

  • Clint Notestine

    that buttstock looks like a fake leg for a midget

  • BryanS


    • noguncontrol

      yeah!! end the BATF!!

  • Duray

    As Jeff Cooper used to say, you can get very unpopular asking “what’s it for?”

  • Cymond

    I know the Magpul AFG is OK for pistols, but did anyone ever get official clearance for the Strike Industries Cobra grip? I know it’s similar to the AFG but it’s not the same. They originally advertised the Cobra as having many different grip positions, including a pistol-style graps.

  • noguncontrol

    they need to make these in 5.7×28

  • ozzallos .

    Just a note for truth in advertising, the pistol with the folding stock shown right above the statement “Since it is a pistol, no NFA rules apply” actually *would* have NFA rules apply due to the folding stock. (see AR pistols, arm brace stocks, etc).

    Possible obvious, but that statement applies to your first picture only, not the second 🙂

    • gunslinger

      “The MSRP on this gun is $675.99. Since it is a pistol, no NFA rules apply. The company will sell a version of this gun with a buttstock. That will be classified as a short barrel rifle, or SBR. NFA will apply to that gun. It will retail for $785.99. – See more at:

      Seems obvious that since there is mention of the pistol and an option with the attached stock, the Non-NFA would be for the pistol only in the first pic, and the picture with the stock would be in reference to “a version with a buttstock. Will be an SBR”

  • Jimmy

    So this is a HUGE home run. I came back to this post after seeing it earlier just to say how excited I am for this exact arrangement of pistol and features.

    There is a gap in the market here, that nobody seems to be recognizing. When you design a “big pistol” such as this, like an Uzi clone, 9mm AR or Brugger & Thomet TP9, there is one big question: Does the magazine go in the grip of the frame, or in a separate mag well?

    Putting it in a mag well allows you to have an angled grip for your hand, and you use normal SMG mags at a 90 degree angle to the receiver. Putting it in the grip means you probably need a pistol-centric magazine like the Glock “stick mag.” Also, mag-wells which take Glock mags are harder to manipulate. Just ask anyone who owns an AR platform with Double Diamond AR lower, and has to do mag changes with Glock mags at the awkward backward angle.

    Putting it in the grip is the best choice. It allows overall length to be kept to a minimum.

    I also sincerely hope this takes the modified Uzi mags which are so ubiquitous.

    Secondly, I think more people will be searching for a PDW-style solution for car travel, and nobody seems to be addressing it. There is a particular need for a weapon which falls between a full-size handgun and a carbine. This should logically be filled by a pistol caliber.

    “But, but, but… what does it do that a Glock 17 doesn’t do????!!!” Well, this weapon would have accessory rails, for both a weapon light and red-dot. (The above pistol does.) A Glock does not.

    And it would have stocks which are lightweight, fold, and create an overall length to fit between a plastic cupholder and a passenger seat. Imagine a 3-ring binder with a fold-out 9mm SMG inside, tucked in your briefcase. Try that with your AR-15!!

    At the moment, people are putting their AR 5.56 “pistols” in the front seat of the car, managing both the extended buffer tube as well as the huge blast from an unsuppressed rifle round. What they really want is a fold-up carbine in a pistol caliber, at less than 13 inches overall length. And with 9mm +p rounds really kicking ass these days, it is a logical choice.

    Alternate choices would of course be .40 and .45, but I’m glad to see these available.

    I was in the market for basically this exact gun about 6 months ago, and almost settled on buying a Brugger & Thomet TP9 (at $1200+ used) and then making an SBR. The lack of an aftermarket stock options when I chose to pay the tax stamp (and the total cost of probably $1600+) deterred me. At $750 street price — about 200 less than buying a new plain Glock 17 — it looks like I will be picking one of these up.

    (They need to do something about that name though: MPA935SST? Really? Dang.)