New S&W Governor

Governor silver

Smith & Wesson introduced a matte silver version of the Governor revolver.  The Governor is the company’s answer to the very popular Taurus Judge series of revolvers.

The gun has a scandium alloy frame and stainless steel cylinder.  A plain black ramp serves as the front sight and the rear sight is a notch in the frame.  The Governor is able to shoot .45 ACP, .45 Colt and .410 shotshells and comes with two round and six round moon clips for the .45 ACP rounds.

S&W lists a suggested retail price of $809 for the new matte silver finish.  The new Governor is listed on the company’s website, so your dealer should be able to order one today.

Richard Johnson

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  • Adam

    They dropped the night sight? Is that just on this version or black one too? I wonder if any other changes besides the finish.

  • Rick

    banned in CA just like the Judge. I want one, just because. 🙂

  • Capy


    If you want to spend enough money and jump through enough hoops, you can legally own a Judge in California as a re-engineered AOW. Not impossible, just not worth it though.

  • f_galton