Two New Performance Center Revolvers from S&W

Smith & Wesson 686

Smith & Wesson announced two new Performance Center revolvers for 2014: a Model 686 and a Model 629.

The Performance Center Model 686 is a .357 Magnum revolver with an unfluted cylinder and 2.5″ barrel.  It has custom wood grips, and adjustable rear sights, a red ramp front sight and holds seven rounds.

A chrome trigger and hammer compliment the glass bead finish.  The action is hand-tuned and the muzzle has a precision crown.  MSRP is $1,089.

Smith & Wesson 629

The Performance Center Model 629 is designed for handgun hunters.  It is a six-shot, .44 Magnum revolver with an 8.375″ barrel.  The gun has two Picatinny rails: one on top of the frame for an optic, and a second under the barrel for an accessory such as a light or laser.

Like other Performance Center guns, the 629 has a hand tuned action, glass bead finish and chrome trigger and hammer.  The MSRP is $1,399.


Richard Johnson

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  • nester7929

    I wish they would have put night sights on the 686, seeing as how it appears to be designed with carry in mind.

  • wetcorps

    Man the snubnose is pretty but it sure is huge! You could easily bludgeon someone with it ^^

  • Erik

    I would love them, but S&W insisted on putting the stupid locks in.

    • Nicks87

      That’s the number 1 reason I went with the Ruger instead.

  • RocketScientist

    Precision crown… on a 2.5″ barrel .357 magnum… to enhance its inherent match-grade accuracy??

    • Duray

      Accuracy isn’t dependent on barrel length. Common myth.

      • RocketScientist

        I am aware of that. I never said it was. But barrel length on a compact revolver IS a major determinant of overall weight, which influences recoil/balance. The shorter barrel also dramatically reduces sight radius, which has a big impact on accuracy. In my personal experience, a magnum-caliber pistol with a snub-nose recoils much more severely than the same handgun with a longer barrel, and is much harder to shoot accurately and consistently. I still stand by the fact the a “precision crown” on a snub-nosed .357 mag is pointless and will do little/nothing to improve accuracy.

  • hoodfu

    What’s frustrating is that they made it a 7-shot: useless for competitions.

  • David

    I refuse to buy any gun with a lock. Too many documented problems.

  • ColaBox

    Now if only it was in lefty…

  • Paul O.

    I bought a new 686 SSR and it’s a good shooter with a nice trigger. But the barrel came overtorqued from the factory. That cocked the front sight to one side which means I have to run the rear sight nearly full over. I’ve later learned its a common occurance. I’m not inclined to try S&W again.

  • Boots 44

    Pretty revolvers but I love my Rugers

  • Rick

    I don’t get the thing about S&W’s with locks. I own several and it makes no difference. It’s all in the head and your are missing out on excellent revolvers if you bypass them just because of the internal lock.