Glock G41 Gen 4

An overseas Glock dealer emailed us the above image of the Glock G41 Gen 4 supplied to them by their Glock salesman. The dealer was told that the pricing would be similar to the G34/35 (not necessarily applicable in any other country). The long slide G41 is a nice addition to the Glock line, but not a major new addition that will generate the kind of sales that I expect the sub-compact .380 Glock G42.

Massad Ayoob discusses the G41 in the Tactical Life video below …

Steve Johnson

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  • VBV

    Have you all seen the flurry of reviews for the G41 and G42 that came out over the weekend? They look great.

  • FourString

    Dang. About time! Yusssssss

  • Colby

    Looks like Block was listening to me when I said they should take the G30S concept (standard wide G30 frame with slim G36 width slide) and stretch it into a full-size gun. I was hoping they’d come out with a G21S, but I certainly don’t have any problem with the added length of the G41.

    Maybe they’ ll designate the G40 name to the G21S concept.

    • Bartholomew Allen

      I am not in marketing, and GLOCK has been known to do odd things, but something tells me they are going to completely and forever skip the Model 40. They would forever be creating confusion:

      Abbot: “What are you shooting?”
      Costello: “A GLOCK 40.”
      Abbot: “Model 22 or 23?”
      Costello: “No, 40.”
      Abbot: “Yeah, I know you said 40. But what model?”
      Costello: “MODEL 40!”
      Abbot: “Alright, you don’t have to yell!”

      I suspect they might do the same with Model 45 . . .

  • Nicks87

    That’s a huuuge b*tch!!!!

    • scott will

      no longer than a 1911 and a lot lighter.

  • Suburban

    I would be real nice if Glock would make some 141mm and 171mm magazines to go with these competition guns. Buying $25 magazines and $40 extensions for them kinda sucks, to put it mildly.

  • Stephen Murphy

    YES!!! I’ve been hoping, prayin’ and saying how cool it’d be(yes, that’s right, Glock made this solely based on my request, LOL!) since I first held my G34 and thought my G21 deserved the same treatment, and thought it’d be cool to have the velocity of a longer, G34-ish G21, can’t wait to add it to the collection, can’t NOT own every .45 Glock makes now can we(oh, unless it’s a .45 GAP!!)!

  • MP McCrillis

    Glock’s new generation of butt-ugly pork chop.