Photos of Glock 42: Single Stack .380 ACP

These two catalog (or magazine) photos purport to show the upcoming Glock 42. I think they look legit. The specifications are almost exactly what I predicated they would be, not because I am some sort of gun seer, but because it they simply make the most sense.

The specifications are for a .380 ACP pistol with 6+1 capacity, white-dot notch sights, a 5.5lbs trigger pull and a overall weight of 13.4 oz empty.

glock 42 photo


I predict they will sell truckloads of this pistol.

Thanks to Bryan for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mark

    About time! Would really prefer a single stack 9mm but this will work until they decide to make one.

  • Vhyrus

    Unless there is a 9mm to go with this, I think Glock seriously missed the boat on this one.

    • Asdf

      Missed the boat? They took the train before they even made it to the pier. The could have made the G26 single stack, and blew the market away.

      • Matt

        Or atleast done a single stack derived from the G26, called the G26 Slim or some nonsense.

      • FourString

        Lol also the three dot sights. Bit late to the party. But they should put them on the stock Glock’s.. I wouldn’t object.

    • They are a bit late to the .380 party! I may be wrong but I just don’t see much of a market for these. Time will tell.

      • Tim U

        The Glock fanboys will swarm to it in droves just because it’s Glock. I can also see the new-to-carry people buying it because it’s a Glock and they know that their local LEOs carry Glock.

        In the rest of the experienced and current shooting community, I don’t see it selling overly well in a land of 9mms like the Shield and XD-S 9, and .380s like the LCP.

        • GTP

          I might consider this for my wife because she’s very recoil sensitive and has very weak wrists. I want to get her behind the .380 to see if she likes it better than my 9mm. Since they don’t have a .380 in the M&P series and the new Remington R-51 is a 9mm and not a .380, that would leave this Glock as the most likely option with the LCP and similar pistols being too light to dampen the recoil for her.

      • FourString

        Man, is anyone else wondering about those three dot sights? Perhaps they might one day make it onto the standard Glocks as standard sights?

    • David

      I would never carry a 380

      • MZupcak

        What if Obama bans all guns except those chambered in .380 ACP? Just kidding, that’s not practical. He’d just come out and say “if you like your current caliber you can keep your caliber.”

    • MZupcak

      I agree. Should have been 9×19, not 9×17, it still allows for the same magazine capacity. And speaking of magazine capacity, they couldn’t squeeze in an extra round or two? I know it’s not double-stack, but they were the kings of firepower for a long time, I wish they’d have found a way to make this a 7- or 8-round mag. Or, they could have done what Walther did with the PPS and different magazine floor plates, but I’m sure Pierce grip and others will introduce aftermarket ones.

    • JustTheFactx

      Guys, wake up!! Glock couldn’t get a single stack approved, for whatever political reason… you think they wouldn’t LOVE to have one on the market?!!?!?

      • Vhyrus

        Glock couldn’t get one approved, but Taurus, Springfield, and Walther could? Nope, not buying it.

        • JustTheFactx

          Has to do with “points” I could be wrong… but more likely you are.

          • Vhyrus

            I understand how the import points systems works. Fact is that Taurus, Springfield, and Walther got single stack 9s imported. If they can do it, then I am sure one of the (if not THE) worlds largest handgun manufacturer can pull it off.

        • George

          Exactly because of ‘points’ – the difference between Glock and others is that Glock doesn’t have external safety. That and double stack mag put them under the legal limit for import.

          • Vhyrus

            Sorry, no. The Springfield XDS and Walther PPS also do not have external safeties. In fact, Glock lost 7 points by making the gun a 380 as opposed to a 9mm. You guys might want to recheck your numbers.

  • hkryan

    Looks like it’s from Guns & Ammo given the font type and text box style. A little larger but slightly narrower than a Sig P238… Nice to have options but I agree, they’re more than a little late getting this pistol out onto the market.

    • Asdf

      Now I have to go buy a P938 now.

      • sianmink

        I NEEEED to shoot a 938. The P238 is the nicest shooting lil 380 I’ve ever handled.

        • GunTotingLib

          Love my P238, classic lines, in it’s little pocket holster, drops in my cargo pants pocket when I need a light weight and quick solution. Shoots great , very reliable.

        • JustTheFactx

          Loved my OLD P238… the newer ones are not as smooth and have many FTF issues…

  • Darryl

    If they are going to make it this “big” why isn’t it a 9mm. This is larger then a Kahr PM9.

  • gunslinger

    my dinky hands have trouble with double stacks… XD, 92s, Glocks…just don’t feel right.

    single stacks are fine. I may actually be on bandwagon if it’s true.

  • john

    Kind of like a diamondback pistol that doesn’t suck

    • Randy

      If it was closer to the size of the Diamondback it might have been interesting.

  • floppyscience

    So after people begged and begged for almost 20 years for a single-stack 9mm Glock, they tease us about a new subcompact Glock and then make it a .380? Dammit Glock, get your shit together. You’re five years behind everyone else. Maybe we’ll get that single-stack 9mm in 2019 after the market’s already been flooded with them and a new fad pops up.

    • steveindajeep

      seriously a swing and a miss by glock. they could have hit a homerun but instead its a sacrifice fly.

    • Jesse Welling

      It seriously begs for a the Hitler rant meme…

      It’s probably going to be marketed as the ‘lady glock’

    • TheQuickening

      Hey! Whatcha cryin about. We finally have a 9mm pocket Glock! LOL…… We should have been specifying 9mmX19mm in all that caterwalling

  • Michael

    I question this picture. No finger grooves, looks too much like a series one Glock to me. Looks like you could put more than 6 rounds of .380 in that grip

    • Vhyrus

      This would be the photoshop hoax of the century. Hell, maybe its Glock itself throwing a massive red herring before the SHOT show. That would be one hell of a marketing campaign.

    • sianmink

      straight grips, no rail, it DOES look like a Gen1 or Gen2. And if it had come out that long ago it would have sold like crazy.

    • J.T.

      If it is a photoshop, they did a really good job. All the markings match up to what a US made Glock would have.

    • DrewN

      I thought Glock switched from Tenifer to Melonite a couple years ago as well.

      • Aaron E

        Just renewed my Glock Armorer certificate and you are right DrewN. Glock had to change from Tenifer because it produced cyanide gas as a byproduct. The Melonite is supposed to be just as tough but without the killer gas!

        • Aaron E

          For additional clarity my notes from the class indicate this change came about when Glock began manufacturing complete pistols in the USA. The US EPA will not allow cyanide gas as a byproduct.

          The new finish is officially labelled simply by the process that creates the finish – “gas nitration”, but may be done by the same company that has the “Tenifer” name. The new process has changed slightly to avoid the cyanide gas byproduct.

          The instructor did say that the old Tenifer was a 64 on the Rockwell C scale, and that the new finish was nearly 70 – as hard as a diamond. Apparently Glock – Austria liked it so well that they have now completely changed over the coating on all Glocks, not just US ones.

  • butts

    ehhhh could have at least put a rail on it so you could have put a C5L or something on it

  • KestrelBike

    When S&W and Springfield came out with single stack shield and xds, I didn’t hear a single person, male or female, ask “where’s the .380!?”

    Not sure why Glock would offer that caliber over what is clearly the desired carry caliber, which the public has seemingly approved of.

    • Vhyrus

      I did hear one person ask for an XD in 380. Luckily the men in white got a strait jacket back on him and got him into the wagon before he could hurt himself.

    • RBR

      The company answered the question. Their world market sales will benefit from the G42 being a .380 ACP due to the many countries that prohibit private ownership of 9×19 handguns.

      Are they late to the small single stack party? Well yea. Who knows why?

      • KestrelBike

        I recall the responses given from the Glock reps to journalists at Shot Show this year, and it was “Market Research… err international”. IE it’s not for the US Market, but for the Europeans/South Americans. They’ve already had a .380 for those markets since 1995, the G25.

        I don’t have a problem that they’re reintroducing “new” calibers, but it gets a bit patronizing when they try to tell us that “the public has been clammoring for a single-stack .380!” inferring that it’s the USA public, which is just not true. Someone else theorized that they wanted, specifically, a “US Produced” .380 for world markets to buy. Again, all well and good for Glock to do that, just don’t lie to our faces on the motive and try to tell us what we really want.

        • RBR

          Yes, there have been .380 ACP Glocks before, but none this small. When the company itself tells you that the G42 was designed for the International/World market there is not much more to be said.

          [Edit] Are you objecting to the jobs in the U.S. Making the G42?

  • PatrickHenry1789

    I think I’ll keep my Ruger LCP.

    • M.

      Well i can assure you the trigger on the Glock will be miles better

      • PatrickHenry1789

        I haven’t had a problem with either one of my Ruger handguns, not one! The trigger on the SR9C I just bought breaks just the way I like it. I shot a one inch group @15 yards with it right out of the box.

        • M.

          You must have done something to your LCP trigger because that thing is a mile long

          • PatrickHenry1789

            Not a thing, you probably won’t believe this. But before I traded my P89 for the SR9C I just got. I shot better with that LCP than I did with my P89. I always had a tendency to shoot a little low with it. The LCP has always been dead on.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Doesn’t Glock already have a .380 for sales in countries that ban 9×19 for civilians? My understanding was that it did not pass GCA ’68 import criteria. How does the G42 get around this–domestic manufacture?

    • J.T.


      • And just maybe that’s why we’re seeing a gen 2 frame?

        • J.T.

          I am actually not surprised that the frame is basically a gen 2 with the gen 4 texture. The dust cover is a bit narrow for a standard sized rail and few pistols this small have them. The lack of finger grooves is probably because there is just so little space there for a decent grip. The finger grooves would really be in the way for someone with big hands. I can’t think of any guns that small that have them.

  • Dr. Obvious

    So Glock is going to go back to the gen 2 grip? Sucker.

  • Charles Newman

    I’m holding out for this..

  • JaredN

    No thanks. My Kahr PM9 is smaller and is 9mm.

  • Dirk Pitt

    A friend who owns a large gunshop and is a big Glock dealer confirms the G42. Said he got info about it several months ago but couldn’t talk about it. He thinks it will be big. Glock owners will want one just because it’s a Glock and some people don’t like the current double action only .380s that are out there. I concur with others that it should have been a 9mm however.

  • Aaron E

    I agree with the majority here – if this is a single stack .380 then Glock absolutely BLEW their opportunity to make the big statement everyone has been waiting for. The .380 craze was 3-4 years ago. Ever since then it has been the slim 9’s on front stage.

    It’s almost like Glock is trying to relive the past to avoid admitting their mistake. Burying their heads in the sand is only fueling the ire against Glock for being unresponsive to market and customer demand.

    If Glock had really wanted to shake up the compact market, and stake a major claim, they should have come out with multiple calibers all at once. It would be the bold statement that fans and the market has been waiting for so long. Imagine if they had gone so far as to make the common caliber pistols inter-changeable with each other with a simple barrel change! Now that would have answered the delay question a bit. This .380 … yawn!

  • reg

    Tenifer? hmm…Seen Glock use this trademarked term much lately? It is rarely used in marketing and in the Armorer Course we were told not to use it any more. Personally, I am not excited by yet another 380. Marketing-wise it makes sense. They already know how to make one.

    • DrewN

      This right here is why I’m 99% certain this is fake.

      • I promise you it’s not fake.

        • DrewN

          I’d agree if it didn’t say “Tenifer” finish. Unless Glock is going back to Tenifer in the near future and the AC curriculum just hasn’t caught up yet. My whole class got a 10 or 15 minute discussion on changing the finish and why they were doing it, as well as being told straight up not to use the term “Tenifer” as it’s a trademarked (patented? whatever.) process. It has been awhile, but I’m pretty sure my memory isn’t quite that bad..yet.

          • reg

            Final wording could change…I guess we will find out Media Day!

    • MatB

      Comparing the dimensions to my Kahr P380 I’m also not convinced this is real, unless Glock actually thinks people will buy a 380 with a 6″ long slide and a 3″ barrel. According to the drawing the slide is 1.25″ longer than my Kahr with a 0.6″ longer barrel, so where does the other 0.65″ come from? My P380 is 4.75″ long, 3.75″ from grip heel to top of sight (factory night sight), slide 0.75″ wide. That drawing shows more what I would expect dimension wise for a single stack 9mm, and even at that a Kahr PM9 is still slightly smaller. If this is real and those dimensions are accurate I don’t think it will sell well except to Glock collectors.

  • jockstrap

    does no one just think it’s kinda cool? and from a carry standpoint just get all headshots, problem solved

  • MZupcak

    Can any gunsmiths or more knowledgeable people tell me: is this .380 pistol cheaper for Glock to make than a 9×19? I know their old .380’s (G25, G28) are direct blowback, not locked breach. Does that decrease manufacturing costs? The MSRP on this is $475, seems a bit lower than usual, that’s why I ask.

  • Matt

    “I predict they will sell truckloads of this pistol.”

    Yea they will. But the fact stands that 380 is a pointless round when 9mm pocket guns are the same size. Whatever though. I will buy these from the distributors and sell them to all the morons that want one.

    • Dave Algonquin

      If they are the same size they are certainly not the same weight. Well, maybe compared to this gun, but this Glock is chubby. I don’t know of any 9mm out there that weighs what a Keltec P3AT weighs.

    • Sez Eye

      Please post your shop’s address so I can avoid it when I purchase my next firearm, of any type. With your attitude toward your customers, I’d prefer to take my business elsewhere.

    • Sez Eye

      Matt, are you there? Address please? Or are you just an opinionated loudmouth on the internet, with no cajones in real life. Afraid to stand behind your opinion that your customers are morons, and bragging about how you are going to take advantage of them anyway?

    • Sez Eye

      Still waiting for Matt. Checked everywhere for him except the litter box. I’ll dig around in there after the cat is done with it.

  • Sulaco

    I don’t know, the .380 is still going strong with folks that are not really “gun people” who just want a pistol to have around “just in case”.

  • Dave Algonquin

    They are at least 5 years late to the .380 party, and really ten years if you count Keltec. How long before they wake up and produce a single stack compact 9mm?

  • MrApple

    If it ain’t a Shield sized 9mm Glock then I’ll just send more of my money to S&W.

  • Zargon

    Someone call the customer support line 770-432-1202 It’s on the magazine page

  • Roland_1911

    Glock…I…I’ve got nothing….
    (Shakes head in disgust and exhaustion)

    Single stack in .45 ACP
    And not that POS G36

  • jockstrap

    so is any one going to get one of these?

  • TangledThorns

    I’m hoping for good reviews so we can sell my wife’s Ruger LC380. We don’t like the Ruger due to its duel safety and it won’t hit anything accurately beyond five feet.

  • Vincent

    You’re not a seer? I’m disappointed.

  • saiga556

    My Sig p938 has 9mm power in a better package

  • madlarkin

    Glock answering a question nobody but Glock asked.

  • Ratcraft

    S&W Bodyguard has a built in laser @ $400, who’s paying $475 for this? Glock fan boys that’s who.

    • Yojimbo556

      So its safe to say you are a S&W fanboy?

      • Ratcraft

        No, not at all, who pays more for a pistol that offers less for more money? I hold no allegiance to any company or brand.

        • Yojimbo556

          Cheaper is not always better. Ive seen the Bodyguard fail one too many times to throw my money at it. Even seen one get returned in a plastic bag after it did a Glocknade impression.

          I know it will be reliable, its just too big and i just dont want it, nor does it fit any of my categories that make me want to buy it.

          • Ratcraft

            It’s a little 380 pocket gun. Not something I take to a range. I ran 2 mags through it to ensure it cycled with my ammo of choice and it will probably not be fired again. It’s a CC when I just don’t want the weight, size or bulk of my G26.

          • Sez Eye

            So, you are staking your life, and the lives of your family, on the results of less than 20 rounds through a brand new gun. One with known functional problems. You also brag that you never plan on practicing with it. How is this strategy going to insure that 1. it functions when you need it to, and 2. you have acquired sufficient muscle memory to use it effectively in a gun fight? I am a bit confused at your mindset and tactical training plan.

          • Ratcraft

            Still alive aren’t I? How many times have you fired a gun is self defense? Never, just like I thought. Where the hell do you come up with the “bragging” shit? Are you retarded? How much practice do you need with a gun you wouldn’t use at less than 5 yards? Holy shit. Shall I get a chest rig and pack a Draco?

          • Sez Eye

            The fact that you are typing in this comment section would be proof of life I believe. Don’t know what opportunity you have had to use your CCW pistol to ward off evil.

            Sorry my simple questions pizzed you off. I was trained by the world’s best, the USMC. Maybe that has affected my outlook on weapon preparation and training. With the miss rate by the NYC police at more than 80%, at an average distance of 7 FEET, with their duty weapons, I think the answer to your practice question would be obvious – as much as you can get, as much as you can afford.

            Shooting any pistol is easy at the range, doing it under stress is much more difficult. 20 rounds to see if it works with your carry ammo doesn’t even come close to being enough. This doesn’t even prove that the pistol is reliable.

            Try injecting a little stress into your next practice session (running, a timer, your BFF sceaming at you the whole time) and THEN draw and fire, with center hits, in less than 1.5 seconds. When you can do this consistently, you will know that you are able to use that particular pistol and carry system to save your life. Otherwise you are just kidding yourself. I am an NRA Pistol instructor and if you are anywhere near Oklahoma I’d be happy to help you with a training program.

            No you don’t need a chest rig nor a Draco, many folks have protected themselves with small firearms.

            BTW, your attempt at attacking me personally is meaningless. It does nothing but show how uncertain you are about your preparations. I hope that you never need to use your firearm to protect yourself, but believe you should do everything you can to prepare yourself in case you are forced to do so.

          • Ratcraft

            I practice with my modern collection and my rather vast array of curios and relics. My favorite is an xdm. I like it more than my Glocks or m&p. To practice, practice, practice, with a weightless polymer, limited use pistol is silly in my book. You can go practice and blow up your 380. I don’t see where you think I am attacking you, just like I don’t see where I was “bragging”.

  • Jud Roth

    there is a big market for .380s and everyone likes a glock I live in nepa and you cant find .380 bullets anywhere there is a high demand for .380 everyone has them and buys them I own tcp .380 love it

  • Ian Thorne

    A mediocre gun in a terrible caliber? Sweet.

    • Sez Eye

      So you have handled it, shot it, and did extensive reliability testing. How else could you form your “mediocre gun” opinion?

      • Ian Thorne

        Of course not this particular model, but I have many thousands of rounds down range with Glocks. And since they haven’t done anything new since the company was introduced I am fairly sure this will be just like everything else they make. All Glocks are mediocre, this will be no different, except be in a shit caliber.

      • shamedofglocks

        I have shot it, handled it and tested it at Glock in GA. I work there stud. The gun sucks and will not re4place the M&P shield. This gun will sink in America. maybe it will do better in other countries but is not expected to do well in America at all. I have worked for glock going on 9 years. I carry a M&P shield and full zie. To me glocks just suck and have to many reliability issues and our glock customer service sucks.

        • Sez Eye

          Just wondering why all the aggressiveness about a simple discussion. I am glad that you have found a gun that works for you.

          My personal experience is much different from yours. I have had a glock 19 for 15 years or so, 20,000+ rounds down the barrel, and the only problems encountered have been 5 or 6 failures to go into battery traced to poor reloads (bulged cases).

          I expect Glock will sell at least one of these to my wife. She has a PM9 and finds the recoil snappy and a bit unpleasant. She also doesn’t like my North American Arms .380 for the same reason (hell, I don’t LIKE shooting the damn thing either). She is 5’4″ and 100 lbs and I anticipate that the 42 will be almost perfect for her (she will have to test it for fit of course). She likes the 19 but finds it a bit large and bulky to carry it around with her preferred wardrobe. The 42 would seem to fit the bill for her.

        • BrutonGaster

          Then quit. Problem solved. To work at a company that makes products you think “suck” it about as stupid as it gets.

    • gunslinger

      so you’d be ok being shot with a .380?

      • Ian Thorne

        No, what a stupid ass thing to ask. I wouldn’t be okay with getting shot with a BB gun, but I sure as shit am not going to carry the new Baby Glock BB gun either.

  • Osiris

    Actually this is good news for Mexican and Brazilian gun owners, in my country any bigger that .380 in pistols is considered ”military stuff”. It’s a very stupid law I know.

  • JT

    If I didn’t alrady own an LCP, I would be all over this. LCP’s as is are very reliable and 4oz less unloaded. I could see this as a department approved CC gun though. That’s probably where a lot of the sales will come from IMO

  • Cuban Pete

    So the Glock 25 is finally going on sale, eh?

  • BryanS

    Plus side? That trigger has to be better than a LCP.

  • john huscio

    Why not a double stack .380?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Where is the .22 Glock we’ve been wanting for years for low-cost training??? Who asked for a .380?

    • Sez Eye

      Shooters that are forbidden to own anything “Military”? Glock fans with small hands and who are recoil sensitive? Older folks that have weakened and cannot physically manage stronger recoil? Women getting a gun for the first time? Anyone that actually likes the .380 ACP cartridge?….

  • Silas Lindsey

    why is everybody hating on it? if it turns out to be reliable id buy and carry it, i like the .380’s trouble is finding a reliable one without buying a sig or something. i learned not to trust keltec, i also had a very nice naa .380 but sold it when it would only feed one brand of ammo, and even then it had hiccips. if it has the legendary glock reliablility, and fires every time i’ll buy it. but its also gotta digest whatever i feed it like the other glocks :D. .380 is not a bad defensive caliber people say its weak and blah blah blah, but shot placement is whats important, and i like that i can reload faster than my old I frame snubbie! I was hoping it was going to be a long slide practical tactical g21 but.. I’m not disappointed in the 380 😀 but lets see how well it functions

  • Thayne Erickson

    Tenifer? Gen 2 frame? LOL Its obviously a fake…

  • Mr_DAA

    Not interested.

  • Javier Velasquez de la Matta

    civilians can t use 9×19 caliber guns in my country ( Peru ) so this model might help us a lil bit. I own G25 and G28 models already ,I really want to try this one before judging.

  • shamedofglocks

    I have shot it, handled it and tested it at Glock in GA. I work there. The gun sucks and will not replace the M&P shield. This gun will sink in America. maybe it will do better in other countries but is not expected to do well in America at all. I have worked for glock going on 9 years. I carry a M&P shield and full size. To me glocks just suck and have to many reliability issues and our glock customer service sucks. From a Glock employee I only recommend the best of the best and that is smith and Wesson. Glocks suck and so do their fanboys.

  • emasart

    Is a good pistol but seriously why not make it a 9mm? Is not small like a lcp 380 anyway is more like a ruger lc9 size… not sure if im going to buy it

  • Austin

    I have been reading various articles about this and I might just stick with my P3AT half the price almost half the weight same capacity and so on. It would of been better in my opinion if they would of done a double stack 380 atleast. As for it being a single stack they really could of expanded on that starting with 9mm 40S&W hell why not even do a 357SIG or 10mm.

  • Chadster01

    For those of you talking about 3dot sights… White dot/notch means white dot front post and notch rear sight… their normal config.

  • Greg

    They did not miss the boat on the 380. It has everything to do with the ATF import points. They have not been allowed to sell their 380 to civilians because of this. LE Departments have had been able to buy the Glock 28 for years.

  • Gregory Aldrich Jr.

    When will they make a pistol that doesn’t look like ass?

    • gunslinger

      i thought glocks pantents were to look like that?

  • Dragonheart

    Missed the boat is and understatement. Hey Glock, maybe you should stop by Walther and take a look at their PPS in 9mm not 380. They brought out the PPS handgun in 9mm & 40 years ago, it is quite a shooter, reliable and 0.9 inches wide.

  • JustTheFactx

    I have been very surprised at the reliability and accuracy of my KelTec P11… the PF9’s are good too (if you get a good one). And both were dirt cheap $$$… would love to see a Glock SS 9mm… so would THEY, I’ll bet… politics and approvals and, probably, Obama kickbacks standing in the way…

  • Free Man (NOT)

    Up next is the Glock 43.
    That would be the G42 in 9X19.
    One can dream, not that I’d give up my G19.

    • Matt G.

      Now ur talkin…..!

  • Brad Barefoot

    I’d consider it, the .380 would have less recoil, so yo’d have a better chance of hitting the target. I reviewed the other post … as a CTC person I’m looking for just a chance to get the thugs away from me, not a frontal assault.

  • Owl Jones

    Some people ( read most non-Glock owners) just have to have something to bitch about. I’ll buy one. I love Glocks and a light-weight .380 that I know won’t FTE would be a joy to carry.

  • Otto

    Held one today, and ordered it 20 seconds later. It’s the nicest .380 you will shoot and 100 grain JHP bullet. It will sell like Walt’s Blue Ice.

  • Aaron E

    OK, I’ve settled down from my initial spewing of dislike for Glock’s choice. I started investigating and I think I found a possible answer at Ruger Pistol Forums. It’s unverified, but here it is:

    “Today I talked to a Ruger technician… I asked him how many LCP’s has Ruger sold and his answer was over 1,200,000 and climbing.”
    That was from July, 2012 when the LCP was about 4.5 years old. At 6 years old I’m betting a safe number would be 1.5 – 1.8 million. So apparently the .380 craze is still on even with the introduction of pocket 9’s.
    I’m sure Glock has been watching. If Glock had 50% of the sales success Ruger has had than they would be looking at about 150,000 to 200,000 G42’s sold per year. And that’s a lot of jack, Jack! I’m still waiting for the 9mm, but at least the wait is more understandable now.

  • Anonymous

    I can actually speak from actually handling the Glock 42, a store by me hand approx 4/5 for sale to Law Enforcement and I handled one while I was at the store & trust me I was DEF NOT looking for a .380 in fact I just sold my Ruger LCP & sold all my .380 Ammo about 6/7 months ago & I’m Not a Glock guy in fact I actually don’t or have never owned a Glock BUT as soon as I picked it up and put it in my hand and felt how light it was and how perfect it felt while holding it I put my money on the table and put a down payment for my first Glock & not only that but a .380 of all things. So I like many of you agree it should have been a 9mm BUT once you guys feel this gun in ur hands I feel lots of you will change ur minds to sure. It made me change mine. So don’t knock it untill you actually have it in your hand and feel it.

  • Randy Lubbers

    They obviously want a small glock to appeal to women! Awesome! I know I want one!

  • Randy Lubbers

    Screw the 9. .40 is where it’s at.

  • Boomer

    I just purchased the new Glock 42 and I am very impressed. I have owned a number of 380’s and the Glock is by far my favorite. It is certainly not my primary weapon (I’m a 45 guy) but for a second backup it is wonderful. Good trigger, very accurate and well it is a Glock. I have several friends who shot it and they are as impressed as I am. My wife carries a Lady Smith and she is even impressed. Glock hit a homerun with this one, they are going to sell a boat load of these pocket guns!

  • Matt G.

    I was able to handle this pistol a few days ago. It is very nice, but at this size , it should have been 9mm in my opinion. Disappointment.