The KeeperTI


There is a new Indiegogo campaign underway to fund a security device called the KeeperTI.  The KeeperTI would use a variety of technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi to track tags that could be attached to your firearms, gun cases or other valuables.

The KeeperTI parameters can be adjusted to activate if an object is moved or if it is removed from a specified area.  Alarms can also be set to notify the user if a device enters a specified area.  Additionally, devices can be located using the tags.

Web-based and smart phone apps will control tracking and notifications.  Funding levels start at $9 and go up.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • bbmg

    what about this one:

    • Leo

      The thetileapp only help you to find your gun, Keeperti also can help you to find your, but KeeperTI was created to protect your gun and alert you if someone tampering of your gun and alert you using the Internet and the Tag has a audible alarm.

  • Matt

    Something similar already on the market…

    • Leo

      The sticknfind only help you to find your gun, Keeperti can he

  • Gravelbelly

    Sure A.T.F. confiscate my shit! please!

    • A person

      All of this.

  • AK™

    Sounds great,but I need to find my TV remote first….

    • Leo

      KeeperTI can help you to find both.. KeeperTI is a integrated system that can help you to find your TV remote, your keys and protect your guns.

  • JT

    Nooooooooooo. Unless they have decent security built in and can be firmware upgraded, this is like a tech savvy burgler’s dream come true. Combine this with gunowners being published in newspapers or people just broadcasting that they own guns and literally all one would have to do is walk up to a house like it was an ATM. This is probably going to succeed anyway, but I don’t like the concept without knowing the details of the tech

    • Leo

      Hi JT. I agree with you that Security and Privacy is the most important here. The technology used is Bluetooth 4.0 using AES-128 Encryption the same used by Banks. Only the owner of tags can detect and communicate with them.

      • Kyle

        The last time someone said “Only the owner can get into this device.” I plugged in a USB drive with a Linux operating system and stole files from them. Nothing is completely unbreakable, but it can be made highly resistant to it.

  • bbmg
    • JT

      The best is when it’s photographed with a Female that is the product creator’s boyfriend who immediately gets on pieces cases/freaks out when people predictably react to an attractive female. The Male equivalent of a Woman being offended that guys look at her when she’s barely wearing anything.

      • JT

        [girlfriend] unless he’s into that sort of thing

        • bbmg

          A surprising number of men are, there are entire forums for this sort of thing!

  • Ryan

    There is nothing new about this device, except they said “guns” instead of the usual “Ipad”.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Funnily enough I get emails from people at least twice a year who come up with this great idea of tracking guns with GPS. Not sure if its a real need (see my above comment regarding law enforcement) or if its an solution looking for a problem.

      • Leo

        I Steve… I agree with you… Protect our guns is a priority, we can watch on TV several accidents with children and I really like to know if someone took my gun…

  • Vhyrus

    Unfortunately, if you can track where they are, so can someone else.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I see this more as a product for local/state/federal law enforcement than for consumers.

      • SentMKG

        As it should be. After all the Philly PD still cannot account for some of their weapons right? Some of them were those deadly death machine gun AR-15’s right? They grow legs now and attack people on sight according to Mothers Against Everything Potentially Dangerous United For Safety*.

        *Excluding Kings/Queens/Presidents/”Peace Officers”/”Rich Donors” and any of other high class people.

    • Big_Al

      The video says that KeeperTI can be used in everything, so If someone broke the security of tags, how they can know if the tag are protecting a Gun, key or other object????? I believe that it can be secure, I just need to know more how it works.

  • Geo

    I’m not using anything endorsed by Justin Bieber

  • iksnilol

    I would use this for TV, DVD, Bluray and game console remotes/controller.

  • just axing

    For centuries people have been trying to safeguard their valuables by trying to create undetectable stashes. This company thinks millions of people have figured it backwards; instead of hiding your valuables, you should broadcast their existence and location to the whole globe.

  • tincankilla

    Endorsed by the NSA!

    • Guest

      KeeperTI is an independent company and they created an integrated system to find and protect everything, the system was designed to protect your privacy. Only the users know what the tag is protecting, the same tag that protect and help to find your gun is used in keys, TV remote, car, tablet…. The company don’t know what you are protecting.

      • tincankilla

        Leo, it’s clear that you work for or at KeeperIT and your counter to every criticism with marketing jargon suggests that you haven’t taken a even few minutes to familiarize yourself with the readership of thefirearmblog.

  • HeartofDarkness

    so….its the civilian version of BFT?

  • FailedAbortion

    I would like to say this has two potentials for me. The first being on my safe door. I wouldn’t mind and would enjoy knowing if someone decided to try or succeed in getting into my safe. The second would be on my home defense shotgun, or I should say in it. It would be great to be alerted to when it is removed from it’s location. It’s hardly ever locked up, and I have been worried that folks could mess with it if they were dumb enough.

  • nyquil762

    Just what we need another way for the government to track our assess!
    This looks like a solution looking for a problem. No thanks!

  • Everyone ever

    Guns, no… “where are my keys?”, “where did I put the remote?”, “Dude, wheres my car?”, etc. yes. These people are in the wrong market.

    • Leo

      KeeperTI can help you to find both.. KeeperTI is a integrated system that can help you to find your TV remote, your keys and protect your guns.

  • SM

    I love the bulldog. Just laying there on the sidewalk. I’m not sure they have enough energy to actually run far enough away to be “lost”.

  • John

    definitely this company has an amazing idea. totally buying the home kit. I always wanted something like that to protect my guns.

  • DeadAim

    Teens 15 & 12 in murder suicide That is why this is useful. If the parents knew their gun was moved, they could have possibly prevented this tragedy.

  • Finally: something to put into all those grip-storage chambers.