Sightmark Photon-S: Hybrid Night Vision Riflescope

Sightmark Photon S

Sightmark is making what they call a hybrid night vision riflescope.  The Photon-S is a daylight capable 3.5x 42mm scope with night vision capabilities.  The unit uses a 150mW LED IR illuminator combined with a 1/3″ CMOS CCD to provide low-light/night time vision capability.

The display resolution is 300×225 and the sensor resolution is 768×576.  Video out via RCA connectors is possible.

The night vision component is powered by a pair of AA batteries.  The Dot-Duplex reticle is powered by a single CR2032.  According to Sightmark specifications, the scope uses standard Weaver mounts, has a 30mm tube diameter and is not nitrogen filled.

MSRP is $599.97.

Richard Johnson

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  • Julio

    These are going down a storm in the UK at the moment, with outlets struggling to meet demand -I was recently told that back orders here total over 2K units- so Sightmark’s announcement either means Yukon are in a position to ramp up production or the supply is going to be spread more thinly. BTW, the UK units are in a 5×42 format, not 3.5×42 as quoted in this item – is the 3.5 figure correct?

    • 3.5x is what was provided by Sightmark.

  • That Guy

    This is VERY relevant to my interests right now. Any retailers in the US have this yet? Any idea of street price?

  • JL

    Shouldn’t there be a generation classification? Or am I missing something?

    • MclarenF1Forever

      This is a “digital” night vision device. This uses a CCD (digital camera sensor) that is sensitive to IR, combined with an IR source/illuminator, to “see” when little/no visible light is present. A PVS-14 (for example) uses a completely different technology that actually amplifies the light the “tube” in the PVS-14 receives, coincidentally, the tube is also sensitive to IR as well.

      Not sure if you can map the device here to the Gen 1-3 of tube based devices.

      • J.T.

        As far as capability, I would probably say it is on par with Gen 1.

  • J.T.

    At that price, it is GEN 1 which is probably why Sightmark makes no mention of the Generation. I don’t see any advantage of this over an ATN Aries Mk 390 or Mk 410 other than the ability to use standard scope rings.

  • iksnilol

    Would be illegal in Norway due to the IR light, so I have no use for it.

  • That’s made in China!

    For $600 you can find a better scope that wasn’t put together by a monkey.

  • JT

    Is Sitemark Quality? Like functional quality? A lot of people swear by Primary Arms. Still, at this price, you can buy a decent gen1 unit and match it up with a decent scope. In my mind NV is a big money game, not like putting an NC rail on a shotgun

    • Chair Against The Wall

      No. I had a “.50 BMG-rated” Sight-Mark red dot that I paid around $120 for. I mounted it to a Mossberg 500 and the internals were destroyed after a dozen rounds (buckshot/slugs).

      • samcolt

        I’ve always heard that shotguns recoil much differently than rifles, and that something rated for rifles (even up to .50BMG) should not be used on shotguns and the other way around as well. Not sure of the validity but that’s what I’ve heard.

  • Seems pretty handy, no one likes swapping optics, or even having to carry two optics for day and night shooting. I always get a little nervous when I remove an optic and hope I replace it just right. Plus for the 500 dollar price tag that’s only 250 for the daytime optic and 250 for the nv, it’s not bad,