Wolf Gold .223 Ammo Review

The Military Arms Channel has reviewed the new Wolf Gold 5.56mm ammunition. Unlike traditional Wolf ammunition steel is not used in either the case or the bullet. They are apparently manufactured in Taiwan.

Back in 2005 the Pentagon imported 300 million 5.56mm bullets (or rounds, the media frequently confuse the two terms) from Taiwan because the Middle East wars had drained their stockpile. Taiwan produces 400 million rounds each year.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Wish for cheap ammo again $10 bucks per commercial 55gr M-193 ammo is too high. Wish they make them cheap im give them a try.

    • Ergo

      i wish wolf would import some powder from tiawan.

  • Miško

    Wolf Gold not made by Prvi Partizan Užice (PPU)?

    • Havok

      Nope, new Wolf Gold is made in Taiwan.

  • JT

    nice. Last time I tried their laquered ammo in my AR, I had to ram out cases with a cleaning rod. I still don’t trust steel case in anything but “rusky firearms”

    • BOB

      odd, steel shoots just fine out of my AR… I’ve heard this anecdote for years but never experienced it myself. Tula, wolf, bear, tiger, no problem in any of my firearms from my VZ to Ar to Beretta… My AR shoots 55 gr 5.56 (brass cased) sub moa generally and wolf/tula around 2 inch groups with a shift in POI down and slightly left by about 6 inches

      • Havok

        I’ve fired all of it too and my AR seems to hate Brown Bear. Must be the lacquer cases. It will eat everything else though.

      • JT

        This was back in 2000 or 2001. It was Wolf IIRC in a HBAR chrome lined barrel. I figured, I’d spend the extra money to be safe or just shoot the cheap stuff out of my SKS that was made for it. Probably not everyone would go for it, but I go expensive gun expensive ammo, cheap gun cheap ammo. I wreck my SKS I’m out $200, I wreck my AR I’m out the price of a new barrel, plus the time and effort rebarreling. Either that or things really have changed that much, but I’m extra carefule. People will disagree of course

        • BOB

          I just fail to see how soft, mild steel cases could do any damage whatsoever to the hardened steel of gun components. I mean what is going to happen? The steel ammo does seem to be dirtier but the AR-15 system is naturally dirty anyway but as far as destroying the gun, I just don’t see it.

          • Ergo

            steel case does wear out a barrel faster. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Barrels are replaceable. By the time someone would wear out a barrel shooting steel case they would have saved enough to purchase a new barrel and bcg.

          • BOB

            touche, I remember a study done by luckyammo, at the same time, with ammo prices as high as they are, its not too likely that I’ll hit the 10k rounds mark any time soon 😀

    • Clint Notestine

      ive never had a single issue with steel ammo through all 3 of my .223 and my 7.62×39 ars

      • Neither have I

      • DrewN

        My Mini-14 “Target” (ha! that’s funny every time) has required the assistance of a mallet to free stuck steel cases on a few occasions. I eventually just had the overly tight chamber reamed to Wylde specs and it solved the problem.

    • Yugo SKS

      I have a Yugo SKS and it DOES NOT like steel. I have put steel casings through it and it jams every time. And I’m not talking about “well darn *pulls bolt back* ah better” I’m talking “Crap *has to kick bolt open with his boot*”.

  • Mr.T

    I am almost 100% its made in PPU Serbia not Taiwan

    • Havok

      Nope, new Wolf Gold is made in Taiwan. Got a box of it right in front of me.

    • Ian Thorne

      As Havok said that is not correct. Are you perhaps thinking of Tula BarssMaxxx? That is re-branded PPU.

    • kalashnikev

      You are 100% wrong… but if you like AIM has some PPU in stock for $4 more /20.

  • RickH

    I have no issues with steel cases, I am not a fan of bi-metal bullets.

    • Jake Thomas

      in other words have mixed feelings of lead rounds, the most common bullet to be put on a casing ANYWHERE, plus, you hate the penetration capabilities of a hard coated bullet. interesting…

      your soft tips won’t go through old car doors.

  • Ritchie

    Just a quibble-the slide out data sheet says “non metallic bullet”.

  • Teh

    M193 5.56×45 Taiwanese ammo, AWESOME!