SI Battlecase Now Available For Samsung S4 Active

The Strike Industries Battlecase is now available for the Samsung S4 Active (the rugged waterproof version of the Samsung S4). Just last week I was complaining on TFB about the lack of rugged “tactical” (for lack of a better word) cases for Android phones. The case is selling for $17.95 and is available in Black, Grey or Flat Dark Earth.


I almost purchased an S4 Active earlier this year but at the last minute decided to go with the regular S4. I hope Strike Industries will consider expanding the line to other top-tier Android phones in the future.

Steve Johnson

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  • bbmg

    Strike Industries certainly have a fertile imagination, headphone jack glass breaker?

    Awesome stuff, but thinking about it would you really use an expensive and sophisticated piece of electronic equipment to smash glass?

    • Bad link

      • bbmg

        trying to link to the defense review article but for some reason discus is eating my comments.

        Google “Headphone Jack Glass Breaker for SHOX case” and it’s the first link which comes up.

  • Andrew

    And anyone with half a brain would choose this over an Otter box why? Because it has a big useless keychain loop thingy?

    • Jesse Mrozowski

      Because they don’t want to turn their nice slim phone into a giant brick sized thing with a condom over the screen that reduces all sensation of feeling when using the touch screen.

      • Andrew

        Otter Box Commuter. Ever heard of it?

        • Jesse Mrozowski

          I have and it’s still bigger than a lot of other options out there. It might even be bigger than this I don’t really care to check. Do you work for Otter Box? Why do you care what people put on their phones? Do you always behave like a 14 year old frat boy or only on when you are posting anonymously on the comments sections of online articles?

          • Andrew

            A 14 year-old in a fraternity? Go home you are drunk.

          • What caused that Jesse?

          • RocketScientist

            Jesse, I think its perfectly rational and mature to feel that if someone likes a different phone-case than I do, they must have less than half a brain.

        • Yep got one on my IPhone

      • I used my dremel and removed that factory clear window.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      It is so it can easily be pulled from pants or jacket pockets. I have not used it, but it looks useful.

  • Jes

    Suprised you haven’t heard about Juggernaut Defense’s Galaxy S4 cases? Very expensive, though they are without a doubt “tactical” to the core.

    • Looks pretty rugged but damn $300!

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I had not heard of that one. But $300!!!!! For a $150 more you could guy the waterproof S4 Active plus a hardened case!

      • Jes

        You think that’s insane? Check out the price on their cabled version of the same case! I believe the cases are a spin-off based on work that the company did helping the Army build a smartphone case with it’s Net Warrior project.

  • Kaj

    Not sure of the material they’re using but that loop looks like it either renders the charging port useless by blocking the cable from actually entering it, or it would end up putting too much pressure on the cable itself and bend the micro usb plug or damage the usb port.

  • Johnny

    I never thought I needed a loop until I got another company’s case with one. It really help with getting it in and out of my pockets more easily. I am of the opinion that if you put any case on your phone, it will ruin the aesthetic and size advantages of our modern phones regardless of which case you get, so why make a big deal out of nothing? This case looks cool, might have to pick one up for my phone.