Magpul Cases For Samsung Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 and Apple iPad Mini

Most of us at TFB, with a couple of exceptions, are Android fans, so we are pleased to see Magpul is now making Field Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4, as well as the iPad Mini (non Retina version).

The S4 and S3 cases will cost $16.95 and the iPad Mini case will cost $29.95. Both will go on sale later this year.

Galaxy S4 case.

Galaxy S4 case.

iPad Mini case.

iPad Mini case.

Steve Johnson

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  • K

    Finally! Been waiting forever for one of these!

  • Jesse Mrozowski

    I need one for my S4. I just need to figure out which stores are going to get them.

  • Jeremy Star

    C’mon, Note II!

  • yepyep

    need one for my galaxy note 10.1

    • Wayne

      I just got a 10.1 and would love a magpul for it. I have one for my iphone (work phone, only reason I have an iphone) but love it.

  • hooper

    yeah id love one for my note 2

  • SM

    I have always wondered about these cases. How much drop protection could they offer compared to an Otterbox commuter or a similarly sized case?

    It doesn’t help my Note 3, but this is a step in the right direction.

    • AK™

      I would say it’s on par with the Belkin I have on my 4s. They will take a fall out of a pocket onto a hard surface.
      If you want to spend the money on a Lifeproof or an Otterbox,then those will be more durable, and even water resistant to a degree. For everyday basic protection,I would buy one.

    • I had an Otterbox and it really was almost indestructible.

  • Colby

    It’s about time! These cases represent the best value in phone protection in the market. I had one on my iphone 3g for the longest time. I dumped that thing all over the place and never suffered any damage. Best thing about the Magpul case was that it was slim enough that it didn’t make the whole package inordinately large.

    Then I switched to a S3 when they first came out thinking surely Magpul would soon be offering a case to fit. I was wrong and carried that phone naked for a couple weeks before buying an Otter Box Commuter to protect it from drops and abrasion. The thing about the Otters is that their bulk is just silly and they actually offer more protection than someone really needs unless they are deliberately trying to abuse their device to test the case’s limitations. I’ll be glad to ditch the Otter to have a case that gives me reasonable protection, without access bulk, and at a reasonable price such as the Magpul.

    It’s a little too late in the game for me to jump on the S3 case since I will be upgrading before long, but knowing that there is a Magpul case available for the S4 might certainly influence my decision regarding whether to stick with Samsung and Apple, or whether I go with a Nexus, HTC, or LG.

    • Karl Pilkington’s Aunt

      The “best value”? I got a case from Amazon Basics for $3. I have also dumped my phone all over the place with no damage. There is nothing special about this case’s protective abilities. It is a fashion accessory for men. That’s good and fine, but be honest with yourself.

  • avconsumer2

    Day late and a dollar short. Been rockin’ my Urban Armor Gear “Scout” for 6+ months. 7+ drops – not a scratch. A bit pricey, but paid for itself already. Fits like a glove. Built like a tank.

  • Guest

    So, as soon as ipad mini with retina screen is released magpul releases a case for the previous gen ipad mini…. Derp!

  • Adion Nuyda

    Any chance of a Samsung Galaxy Express type? I’d dearly enjoy one, and might even buy one in tactical tan. To go along with the little black number, of course.

  • Aaron Tyler

    Having smuggled a couple of these cases wrapped in tinfoil and shrink wrap into the frigid north that is Canada I can assure you that they are some of the most brilliant cases around. I have used mine on my iphone 5 and it has got noticed by more than a few people who have fallen for the otter box routine.

  • 277Volt

    I won’t use a phone that isn’t android either. Any one due up for a new phone should check out the Casio G’zOne Commando 4GTLE. It’s a brilliant phone that meets MIL-STD 810G dust, shock, water immersion. No protective case needed. I love mine.

  • Poh Huai Bin

    Alas, I jumped on the Sony bandwagon instead of the Samsung bandwagon.

    It’ll be nice to have Magpul make one for the Z1 – it’s already dust and water resistant, now to make it (kinda) drop resistant!

  • John Doe

    Why not one for S4 Active? Damn.

  • jeff

    Note 3…..waiting.