Morphfire: Convert A Paintball Marker Into An Airsoft Gun

The folks at Morphfire have developed an airsoft conversion kit for paintball guns. The Morphfire can be fitted to Spyder Fenix, Electra, Pilot, Sonix, Xtra, Victor, and Aggressor paintball markers manufactured after 2008. It fires .20 gram BBs at 550 fps with a cyclic rate of 900 rpm.

At this muzzle energy, the BBs have enough to penetrate skin. Many airsoft clubs do not allow fully automatic guns with this much power. The Morphfire is better suited for punishing tin cans than it is for shooting your friends.

The Morph Fire 656 Spyder Pack, pictured at the top, costs $159.99.

Steve Johnson

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  • DW

    550FPS with 0.2g BB is not THAT powerful. Sure at close range (<10m) it is going to create nasty blisters…But after 20m or so it quickly loses hurt potential. Also, this kind of output from a HPA/CO2 powered paintball gun is ridiculously low…Easily matched/outmatched by well-moded AEG/GBB. Another funny thing: It uses airsoft MP5 High-cap magazine, which is far from being the best feeding solution on the airsoft market today(Marui-spec M4, AK mag& drums are more plentiful, have more capacity and feed very, very well)

    • mikewest007

      Are you nuts? It’s illegal in several countries, frowned upon in a couple more and accepted only in unregulated Middle-Eastern Europe countries like Poland, to say nothing of Russia as Russia is a madness all of its own.

      • DW

        Not illegal in the USA where this kit is made.
        Whether it/other high velocity guns can be used or not depends on site restrictions.

    • bbmg

      Plastic BBs combined with 850 psi are nothing to screw with 😉

    • Jelly

      I find it funny that how you’re trying to act like you know what you’re talking about. Magazines feed all the time, better quality magazines feed better than others, if you can use a high cap mag in this kit, then you can use an MP5 mid cap. BTW…almost all AEGs use marui spec magazines.

      • huehuehue

        I find it funny you think you know what you are talking about.

        It is all in the design of hi-caps; Mp5 hi-caps are thin and have less space for a big enough spring.

  • bbmg

    Nice idea but that video is a little over the top.

  • allannon

    Could the pressure behind the pellets be tuned down?

    • Garrett

      I am not a paintballer, I have been playing airsoft for close to 9 years now, and I believe some markers can have a variable velocity output by adjusting a knob or nut. Does that make it dangerous for airsoft? Absolutely. If you can easily adjust the FPS in the field, then you need to have an honorable player using it. Otherwise you have have the same problem some people are having with Polarstar rifles, they crank the FPS up in the field and you wonder why people get seriously hurt.

      As a cheap training tool for paintballers, sure I could see that. As a gameable airsoft conversion, I doubt it since you can get a decent G&G “Combat Machine” series M4 for another $20. It uses all the same upgrade parts so you can tune it to whatever you want. If you don’t like airsoft, you sell to someone else who will use it. The airsoft secondary market is almost the same size as used firearm market.

  • Michael

    There are no airsoft fields that allows 550 fps gun to be used. What is the point of all this?

  • Phil Hsueh

    I’m surprised no on else has asked this but what’s the purpose of this device? Why would you want to convert a paintball gun to fire airsoft pellets, why not just buy an airsoft gun instead?

    • 2wheels

      Because their R&D department got bored? Does seem a little silly if it’s meant for actual airsoft play… Part of the reason some people choose airsoft over paintball is because they like the realistic looking guns. I’m assuming the velocity mentioned is the max, and that it can be turned down to be field legal at most fields in the US.

      Only other potential reason for this I can think of is to give paintballers a cheaper and cleaner way to train than using actual paintballs, much like the rubber reusable paintballs that hit the market a while ago.

    • verymiddleeuropean

      Well its rather obvious. This is perfect SHTF WROL setup for countries like Great Britain, or Japan. When society collapses, you will always be able to trade bb`s with fellow preppers or cast them from iphone chassis with brass molds and live off the land by shooting ants or even some big game, like june bugs or younger snails . And its awesome automatic firepower will save your dear ones form fate worse than death, when those godless zombies or commies or other hipsters charge. And they will charge, rest assured, they will.

    • Fuck Airsoft

      Because Airsoft is gay and when Airsofters piss you off all you have to do is attach this to the front of your speedball gun and ramp the shit out of them at 800fps

  • DashVT

    Make one to fit an AR lower for cheap trigger time.

    • Hunter57dor

      hmmm… i suppose if someone built the upper “receiver” to mount up the those threads, with a gas delivery system, with the gas fed through the lowers mag well… could work.

  • T89

    No one wears protective eyewear in this video …

  • David Sharpe

    Shit….this is going to be considered a firearm in Canada….

  • martinairsoftmegastore

    I was curious to know more about the accuracy here…. how do I get to know about the same?

  • There was a study (outlined here) into paintball vs airsoft safety. The results were pretty conclusive!

  • Audrey Gibbson

    Hey! That’s cool!