Glock Teasing New SMALLER G42 Pistol

Glock are allegedly running the above advertisement teasing a new smaller pistol called the G42. This raises two questions. Firstly, what is this new pistol? Secondly, were are the G40 and G41 (Glock model numbers are sequential)?

If I had to make an educated guess, I would say the G42 will either be a slim-framed single stack 9mm pistol or a US-manufactured .380 ACP pistol. Glock’s line of .380 ACP pistols can only be sold to law enforcement in the USA because of the BATFE’s crazy import restrictions. The fact that there might be three new pistols (G40, G41, G42) may indicate a line of pistols, which makes me think a line of .380 ACP pistols may be on their way.

What do you think?

Thanks to Joel for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Shayn Striegel

    Speaking to a Glock rep earlier this week, there was buzz of a single stack 9mm to compete with with the xds and shield. it will be reveled at shot show this Jan. They will also be releasing a Tac. 45. similar to the g34.

    • RoundEye

      It’s a .380 not a 9mm. You’re right on the Competition level .45. I’ve been told to think of it as a G30S with a longer bbl.

      • Shayn Striegel

        Good to know, I carry an LCP to the gym but would love to replace it with a Glock. i didn’t think they would ever bring a 380 stateside.
        What about the carbine stuff going on in Austria?

        • glockoholic

          they already have .380’s glock 25 being one of them. just not sold in the US except to LE. these 2 small cap category guns are new models and made in the USA.

          • HSR47

            The reason why Glock .380 pistols haven’t been available in the U.S. is that they don’t pass the BATFE’s point system, and thus aren’t importable for non-government consumption.

            On top of that, they’re mostly targeted towards people living in countries where citizens are prohibited from owning guns in “military” calibers. As such, there really isn’t sufficient demand for Glock to make them stateside.

          • GlockComa

            one HUGE problem with the .380 theory though. it would be horrible business move to for the 42 to be a .380. Why? because they already make 2 .380s and if they wanted to sell .380s in the US they would just make them in the US! they wouldn’t produce an entirely different gun instead! its most likely a Single stack 9. Unless they are going to unveil both a lcp sized .380 and a SS9.

      • matt

        You mean a G21 Gen4 with a longer barrel?

    • JmBO

      ther are actually 3 item numbers. 2 of them indicat ss small caliber. perhaps both a .380 AND a 9mm based on the success of others like sig P238 and (38 models which are selling off the shelves like mad. the third is likely a long slide .45 to rival SW CORE 5.25

      • JmBO

        * 938

      • Shayn Striegel

        So next year i will replace my pocket carry and my competition .45 with a Glock. i like that.

  • David Sharpe

    I really want a Glock made 1911.

    • VELCRO

      here you go!

      • VELCRO

        sorry about the multi post

        • Shayn Striegel

          Who made that?

          • TCBA_Joe


          • Klingon00

            You can tell because the sights are way too good to be standard Glock sights.

          • HSR47

            Glock’s baseline plastic sights certainly are garbage, but their night sights are actually pretty nice.

      • David Sharpe

        WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME!?!?!?!?!?!

      • singos

        I want a single stack 22mag


    to hell wiht the .380, bring me a single stack 9mm FS, COMPACT & Sub Compact!

  • Karina

    Wild guess: They chose the number “42”, because the answer to life, the universe, and everything. More wild guess: I am willing to bet the stereotypical Glock fan equates his or her favorite carry piece to exactly that; the answer to everything.

    I’m ready to bet it’s a joke though.

    • Karina

      Clarification to the above: I am just talking about stereotypes here, I don’t mean to rain hell on Glock owners, being myself an adorator of the models 17 and 20 for various reasons; I just meant to think that Glock was perhaps chiming in on the stereotypes and using it as a joke for that apocryphal “sub-subcompact” handgun that seems to be teased.

      • iksnilol

        I dont drink the Glock-aid so I dont see the big fuss. I cant use their pistols anyway, due to the grip angle.

        • Zippo

          Herp derp

    • Shayn Striegel

      I am the “stereotypical Glock fan” you were referring to.
      Before I even finished reading your comment i got super excited about the correlation you made between my favorite movie and my future carry piece. and yes it is the answer to everything.

    • bbmg

      The MG42 certainly answered a lot of questions, and inspired a few too, like “What the hell is that buzzsaw noissssaAAAAAAUGHHHH!!!!”

  • Anonymous

    Glock can’t make a Model 40, because it’ll cause too many heads to explode when trying to describe a specific gun. “I gotta have me a Glock 40!” It’s like the 13th floor in a high-rise apartment building…

    • J.T.

      They need to make the 40 a dedicated .22LR gun for the maximum amount of heads exploding.

      • Razzzzzzzzz

        For the slow kids:
        The Glock 22 is .40S&W

        • neeko

          You mean “For the ‘not profeshinul enuf.'” 🙂

  • Brad

    Hell hath frozen over?

    • LCON

      Someone left the air conditioning on to long, the devil is very un happy about the whole thing.

  • Tomáš Frajman

    I want slim-framed single stack 9mm pistol !!! 🙂

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    I’m guessing it’s a Glock Brand Glock Lighter.

  • Gravelbelly

    glocks are made in GA now too! so import restrictions are a moot point for a .380 I think. Correct Me if I’m wrong

  • Chris T.

    If it does end up being a single stack competitor for the shield then they will have their hands full. I like Glock just as much as the next guy but SnW hit the nail on the head with the shield…

  • wetcorps

    “Firstly, what is this new pistol?”
    A small Glock 🙂

  • Risky

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but was of the understanding that the .380 Glocks sold in Europe and elsewhere are the same size as the sub-compact Glock 26/27’s. According to Glock it was just developed for “markets where civilian personnel are not allowed to possess handguns featuring military calibers,” not because it is easier to carry. So, getting those .380 Glocks made in the USA is simply stupid and nothing to get excited over… if that’s the case.

    However, the ad from Glock strikes me as promising something new… especially since a USA made Glock 25 would just be called a Glock 25, not a Glock 42. I’m leaning towards a single stack slim frame 9mm/.40 pistol. I don’t think a producing a micro-sized .380 is in Glock’s comfort zone. However, ‘squishing’ the Glock 26 frame to a single stack sounds just like a Glock move (ala reverse G30S).

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Im guessing there’s a .22 caliber Glock in there somewhere. Now that theyre made in the US, the import restriction headaches that kept them from bringing in .22 pistols is academic.

  • 18X

    I was at the AUSA conference this past year and talked to the Glock Representatives there for quite a while and the guy hinted that a new line of .380 acp’s would be shown at Shot this next year.

  • Tim U

    If it was just going to be the .380s, why not spin up their earlier .380 models in the American plant to get around import laws?

    I think there may be something else here. Hopefully a slim single stack or two. But I don’t expect this to be all .380 handguns in multiple sizes.

  • J. Grigg

    it better be a single stack 9mm that puts the shield and Xd-s to shame. I don’t want a dang 380.

    • rdb1950

      I own about 25 handguns, eight of them Glocks, and Glocks are my first love, and I am a Glock Armorer. I also own a Springfield XDs 9mm and XDs .45 ACP. There is no question in my mind that the XDs are better carry guns than the Glock which most closely matches them, in terms of concealment, accuracy, and recoil. For carrry, I have replaced my Glocks with the two XDs models.

      The thiness, < 0.8-0.9 inches, the bulk of the weight being in the slide for recoil reduction, the trigger, and numerous other aspects of the XDs make them the leader for their niche, and Glock must do some serious product development if they don't want Springfield, and perhaps other manufacturers to steal their lunch. I believe in accuracy over cartridge energy for most encounters, and my ideal new glock would be a Single stack 9mm with the same magazine setup as the XDs, same external dimensions, but a bit heavier, e.g., 30 ounces (XDs is 23 in 9mm), with most of the weight in the slide to minimize recoil. The new Glock should, in addition to being thin, should have all sections of the pistols thinned to a practical minimum before production. My XDs pistols have been as fail-safe as my Glocks.

    • rdb1950

      Let me say that my opinion of Glocks for holster carry applications has not changed, and they are one of the best for Law Enforcement and Military Operations. In Patrick Sweeney’s last book on Glocks, he has some interesting points on the Glock Corporate Culture and their unwillingness to change or be innovative when the current formula is working. It is obvious that this is going to have to change, given that many of Glocks patents have expired, at least in the US, and other manufacturers are catching up by leaps and bounds. The XDm and a lot of other manufacturers guns, e.g., Walther, S&W, etc., are becoming competitive with the Glock with polymer framed pistols.

  • MrApple

    I hope that Glock has learned for the success of the S&W Shield and is building a similarly sized pistol. I have written to Glock requesting that very same type of pistol.

  • jay

    wrong, Glock is not making a model 40 because the response from people asking about a Glock 40 would be really annoying when referring to the 40 caliber models. But Glock is making the 42 as a single stack slim framed .380, the model 41 will be a long slide 45ACP

  • Mac

    No market for three different sizes of .380, and we already have larger ones available in the model number lineup. They (Models 25 and 28) would just need to be made in the USA. It’s more likely a line-up of single-stacks, 9mm, .40, and .380 (the smallest, hence the ad).

  • whamprod

    .380? WHY?

  • james

    Screw .380s. What’s the point in the US? Same size and weight as a 9mm only weaker and harder to find, more expensive ammo… pass. The .380 Glocks (straight blowback 26s) are for poor peasants in countries that don’t allow “military” ammo for “civilians”. We’re lucky we get to have the 26.

    Now that Glock is making pistols in the US they can make whatever they want without import laws controlling them. So they COULD make .380s now, but why?

    With the popularity of the xds and shield and even pf9s, pint sized 9mm pistols are the newest big thing. Now that all the other gun companies have proven the market for them, made some, and proven they can work, it’s Glock’s turn.

    Being stateside they can finally make some guns that would have been barred from importation. If they do make a .380 you can be sure the 9mm will follow along with a .40 too.

  • Lance

    Might be too small there sub compact cant even fit in my hands comfortably. This might be good for ladies though.

  • Madcap_Magician

    It’ll probably be something to compete with that awesome new gun, the LCP, that everyone is so excited about!

    We’ll get a gun comparable to the XDs or the Shield in another five to ten years.

    • Jon

      I love Rugers but the LCP is a piece of crap!!!

  • Roo

    😐 I JUST bought a G26. It better not be 9MM or I’m gonna have a fit. lol

  • Michael

    AR 15 and 1911, because everyone else is making them.
    Small 9mm similar to Ruger would be my bet.
    Would love a .22lr if there was any ammo to shoot.
    Maybe they will surprise us all with their own PDW and own cartridge.

  • Austin

    For those wondering why it’s the model 42, it’s most likely their 42nd patent. Glock model numbers have always indicated the the number of patents submitted by Gaston Glock. The first 16 patents were for cooking utensils, then he submitted number 17 for the Glock 17.

    • David

      Not because it held 17 rounds… that would be just stupid, right?

      • David Sharpe


        @disqus_LZyCHHjLnI:disqus : That may be true, he may have designed something as the 40 that is not a gun. I never thought of that.

  • FiftycalTX

    it’s either a light saber or a 22 mag with 40 round mags.

  • ozzallos .

    5.7x28mm Glock. Begin.
    Or .22TCM a go-go.

    • bbmg

      Take the 9mm and switch out the barrel, why isn’t this cartridge in production?

      • Name

        Seriously. That shit is so awesome.

    • Karina

      Would be a nightmare even in a large frame Glock. Cartridge is too long, and the Glocks are fat enough…

      • ozzallos .

        22tcm is dimensionally 223/9mm in diameter and no longer than 45acp. both of which glocks do just fine 🙂

  • kingghidorah

    If they finally put a frikin safety on it, maybe I’ll buy it.

  • Stephen

    The two pistols i want Glock to produce. The first: A slim, single stack 9mm sub-compact size or smaller (aka Kahr cm9/pm9 size). The second: A .22 version of each family (full frame, compact, subcompact, etc)

  • JT

    I would love them to make a DB-380 sized Glock. I’m already set in that arena, but if I ever have money to blow, it would be worth it to get Glock reliability in a micro gun.

  • -J
  • Chase

    You8r correct that its either a 26 slim or an American made .380 as according to our glock rep they are working on both and are both due out this coming year.

  • Mike Knox

    Yaay, another glock to get lost somewhere in the garage..

  • Michael

    410 revolver.LOL
    Whatever it is I will not buy it……..Ran out of money last year

  • Jesse Welling

    Single stacks carry pieces in .380, 9mm, and .40

  • Dennis L.

    In a two paragraph article you’d think the editor could pick out the difference between were and where. Anyways, yay to any new Glock.

  • MontanaBighorn

    I would hope that Glock wouldn’t waste a new release on a mouse-gun caliber.

  • Smaller than a Kahr P380, that fires every time?
    I think I’ll stick with the American Made pistols by Kahr, for my single stack, deep cover needs.

  • mattan84

    It’s a single stack 9, inbetween the size of a kahr pm9 and an xds.

  • Matthew Doucette

    Speaking with an unnamed source but reliable as far as I am concerned because he has yet to be wrong yet.. He States to me in conversation “It will be a Single Stack 9mm to compete with S&W Shield and XDs” … also a Tactical/Practical .45acp will be unveiled at the same time.. and there is sufficient talk of developing the Optic Ready Glock (like the C.O.R.E.) with optional suppressor sights in 9mm “

  • skippyxxx

    i was hoping for a 22lr.

  • Ben

    Glock won’t make a Glock 40 because that’s what most people call the G22. So, It’ll probably start at 41. The model 22 is a 40. Can you imagine if the model 40 were a 22? Too much confusion.

  • Calvin L Sanders

    I see people complaining about the .380 and wanting a 9mm single stack. You really think a .380 wouldn’t drop someone with a double tap? It would drop someone just as fast as a 9mm. If you’re going to cry for a bigger caliber, cry for a man size gun, at least a .40. Half the time, I carry my sr22, the rest of the time I carry my G36. My .22 keeps me just as safe as my .45.

  • Louie T

    i already have a single stack glock 9mm. 11 ozs, 6 plus 1,nickel boron slide,5lb trigger,super accurate,but hold on tight,this rattlesnake has a big bite. It aint for the faint of heart….! DIAMONDBACK DB9 24/7

  • TOO many taxes

    It is a single stack 6 shot 380. Jusst bought mine in Conroe, Texas, have not shot it yet

  • Pochos

    UGLY and cheap reliable guns….