Revolving shotguns seized in Taiwan


Here is a very neat example of an improvised revolving shotgun displayed by police in Taiwan. This design makes use of a paintball marker as it’s receiver/fire control and is fitted with airsoft M4 rails & fore-grip. It appears several have been recovered from various drug related incidents suggesting illicit factory origin.

taiwanimprovisedshotgunstock improguns
A similar pistol variation also appears to have been recovered. The drum assembly closely resembles others recovered from a large illicit factory raid in 2005.


paintballrevolvingshotgun improguns
These simple designs are entirely manually operated. A spring loaded ball bearing seated in the frame friction locks into a dimple beside each chamber which can be overcome when rotating the drum by hand. All fire from an open bolt / striker, in some examples assisted via a spring loaded ‘pump’ arm.







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  • au

    i can already hear journalists yelling “paintball guns can be easily converted to shotguns!”

    • bbmg

      I remember seeing on the now apparently defunct Impro Guns blog a 40mm grenade launcher made from a paintball gun…

    • John L.

      Anything is EASY if you know what your doing…

    • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

      You shoulda seen them during all that panic about the Liberator…. =D

  • Giolli Joker

    Sorry, I’m not sure I get it…
    The “open bolt” is actually a firing pin with some mass to give it momentum being manually locked to compress its spring after every shot… there’s no real bolt as we’re talking about a revolver, right?

    • John Doe

      The ammunition source is a revolving cylinder, but the firing mechanism is a (manually) cocked bolt that fires from an open position. You can see on photos 4 and 5 the cocking lever that gets held in place by the trigger. After a shot, you manually index the cylinder and manually cock the bolt (I believe).

    • John Doe

      Small correction. It looks like in 4 and 5 that they have an actual spring loaded slide that pushes back what I thought of as the cocking lever.

  • Andrew

    Still a better shotgun than the KSG.

  • MZupcak

    Keep posting homemade firearm seizure stories, they’re some of the best custom firearms ive seen. The Australian jeweler who made those two MACs with the suppressors? Amazing!

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    And yet this is somehow LESS fugly than the last Taiwanese revolving shotgun I saw:

    Though that’s debatable. Feel free to debate that, even I may disagree with myself on this.

    • bbmg

      Ah, but do they have a Beretta logo and are they made in the USA?

  • Madeline Gault

    Looks like an ARWEN launcher.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Different. Still see safety issues that need to be addressed and I have not even held it yet!