Four Barreled Edge Arms Reliant Derringer

Edge Arms debuted their new Reliant Derringer handgun at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) expo. The four barreled/four shot derringer features a DAO trigger with a rotary firing pin. It has a hard coat anodized aluminum frame, a phosphated steel barrel and upper, a 1911-like profile and grip safety and is chambered in .22 Magnum, .17 HMR and .380 ACP. Pricing or an estimated release date hasn’t been announced yet, but Edge Arms is targeting early 2014. For more info check out


Caliber: .22MAG, .17HMR, .380
Finish: Black Hardcoat Anodized and Black Phosphate. Cerakote options will be available soon.
Trigger Pull: 8-10 lbs
Barrel Length: 2.89″
Capacity: 4 rounds with 4-round speedloader in the grip (.380 speedloader is external)
Overall Length: 5.25″
Height: 4.25″
Width: .815″ without grip, .94″ with grips
Weight (empty mag): to be determined

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  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    Gee, bigger than my LCP only has four shots and the biggest caliber is .380. Can you say another lead balloon? Unless of course they bribed some Pols to restrict real guns. Geoff Who is Skeptical.

  • Z. Malone

    Oh look! They re-made the COP .357 in smaller calibers. Let’s hope this one is better.

    • Leigh Rich

      COP Derringers are great. You know they are going for over $1200. now used.

      • Laserbait

        I know – I missed one a few years ago at my LGS for $495 a few years ago, and I’m still kicking myself…

        • jamezb

          I had a COP when they were still new and fairly inexpensive, We called it the “kick-brick”…But at least it was a smooth and rounded brick compared to this super-squared, sharp-cornered, sightless wonder. When is the next “ugliest gun” article due?

  • Michael Pham

    One of those “cool value” guns; with the wide variety of pocket 9mms available these really don’t need to exist. And the trigger pull is likely horrendous. But hey, its a product. Buy it if you like it.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Right. Like the “Double Tap” but without the bruising.

  • Andrew

    Phillips head grip screws? Really?

    • Fred Johnson

      Just like a CZ pistol. ;D

  • bbmg

    17 HMR from a 2.89″ barrel, hmmm… how fast is that going?

  • Esh325

    I really like its simplicity and easy of function, but it certainly gives up a lot to obtain that. It’s look quite chunky for a carry weapon.

  • noob

    would it be interesting if this was chambered in 5.7x28mm or 4.6×30 with the steel core AP bullets for LE backup use (LEOs can have the real deal AP rounds from FN and HK of course)?

    it would make it the smallest pistol to fire a pdw round, and the pdw round’s skinny case would work well in a pepperbox barrel cluster without making it too wide.

    • bbmg

      I would take a 9mm subcompact and chamber it in the 6.5mm CBJ: (if I were available!)

      High velocity (over 2500 fps from a 5 inch barrel) and correspondingly high penetration, with a 10 round magazine.

  • Just watched the video. A couple of thoughts…

    – He does make a good point about how an assailant grabbing the slide/cylinder of your weapon can cause problems, and this gets around it…but whether or not that’s worth the drawbacks is highly debatable.

    – His argument about defensive weapons having all those problems with “switches and safeties” made me laugh. Maybe I should introduce him to this revolutionary new weapon called the double-action revolver…

    – The space inside the trigger guard looks really limited. I doubt you could get a gloved finger in there, and with an 8-10 lb trigger pull, you’re going to need more than just a fingertip.

    – I can’t really imagine any scenario where this would be more advantageous to me than a J-frame S&W snub.

    • neeko_my_cousin

      Yeah, I particularly love how he is pitching this thing as though it were a solution to a major problem.

      • dan citizen

        It is the solution to a big problem… a lack of money for the company.

  • David

    Basically if they pitched the gun differently I would be more positive about it.

    If they had said “If you like the novelty of derringers and carry them from time to time because lets face it, they are really compact, then you’ll really like this one. 4 shots, .380” then I would be more interested as I wouldn’t feel like I’m being BSed.

    Basically instead of making claims about all of the “problems” this guns solves, they should have focused on the niche market. Because that’s what this product is. Nothing wrong with that either.

  • Eric S

    Needs some work on the aesthetics. Looks like a brick.

  • Tony Williams
  • ozzallos .

    It’s, um, kinda big? Can I have my Glock 26 back, now?

  • fasdf

    Looks interesting, if they shortened the grip a little (and removed the grip panels) it would be the same size as a Ruger lcp, now just make the trigger guard slightly larger and make sure the gun is light and you can have a gun with all the advantages of a revolver in the size of a pocket .380, and that probably would sell.

  • RickH

    At what point will the weight be determine?

  • Fred Johnson

    I haven’t seen the video, but the biggest advantage (IMO) this 4 barrel derringer offers is someone can limp wrist the pistol without fear of jamming. That might be something worth consideration for people that get out and shoot their mouseguns as often as they should.

    • Fred Johnson

      That should read “people that don’t”. Ooops.

  • BryanS

    Look, a modern Mossberg Brownie.

    (this page has some good info on them, and the guy has been very helpful in finding parts for my restro project brownie)

  • Vitor

    The .380 ACP is not very powerful, but still a considerable diameter and 4 of them at the same time will be extremly brutal.

    • Andrew

      LOL it doesn’t fire all 4 at the same time. There’s only 1 firing pin and it rotates to each barrel.

    • Leigh Rich

      I would be a Class 3 weapon if it did 4 at once too.

  • smartacus

    Never ever would i buy one in 380. Not while the market is outrageously saturated with other choices like P3AT which is shorter, lighter, half as thick, holds 6+1, reloads faster, aaand pocket holsters allow me to carry in my swimming trunks.

    No no; don’t get me wrong, I damn well want a modern COP Derringer.
    But 327 Federal Magnum would’ve been so much better.

  • j


  • letsgetitrightthefirsttime

    Nice a pistol the size of a brick in a worthless clambering that holds four rounds? Solves nothing.

  • Leigh Rich

    I carry a COP Deringer. 357- 4 shot. Neat to see a rebirth however wimpy calibers.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Oh goodie, the COP is back. :::yawn:::

  • MC Robust

    I am NOT impressed.

    Maybe if they did it like Arsenal Firearms… and welded TWO of these things together, side by side.

    THEN we could talk. =)

  • Paul White

    I’m left wondering why the heck I’d choose this over a DA .38 J-frame.

  • ClintTorres

    Rotating firing pin…but I want to fire all four rounds at the same time!

    • Leigh Rich


      • ClintTorres

        Do I really need to explain the concept of sarcasm to you?

        • Leigh Rich

          LOL I get it now….LOL Guess you are a little slow.

  • gunman12

    Too large and don’t want to be limited to just four shots at the same time that why I carry a CZ 75 compact giving me a small size and 16 rounds of fire power!

  • Leigh Rich

    My Cop derringer is smaller and is 357 Mag

  • Leigh Rich

    I’d have to buy it cause i collect derringers.

  • Mazryonh

    I had a soft spot for the COP .357 Derringer given its use in the cult classic film Blade Runner but this new Derringer doesn’t look like it reaches anywhere near that performance level. At least the newer “double-tap Derringer” uses .45 ACP, while modern snubnose revolvers offer at least 5 shots in a very compact package.

  • Leigh Rich

    Again I will buy it …hopefully around $400 unless it turns into a vapor gun.

  • Laserbait

    That is so cool! I’ll be getting one, and I want to see it in a 38 special, or 9mm too.

  • Sabre22

    I already have a .357/38 Spl C.O.P. so this looks Interesting

  • MOG

    It would make a good “movie” gun.

  • Tired of it All

    Calibers too small. If 357, 44 Special, or 9mm worth considering. 4 under powered rounds = go with 5 shot revolver or small semi.

  • George

    When and where can I buy this weapon for my wife.