GSG Target 1911 .22LR

American Tactical recently introduced the new GSG Target 1911 chambered in .22LR. American Tactical is the exclusive importer of the new GSG Target which features a new target-style wood grip, adjustable rear sight and magazine extension. As with other models of the GSG 1911, it comes with a threaded 5″ barrel, beaver tail and grip safety, adjustable skeletonized triger and picatinny rail. The parts on the GSG Target is also compatible with other 1911s as well. The new GSG Target will retail at $429.95.

From the press release

“The GSG Target 1911 is the perfect addition to our 1911 line,” says Joe Calabro, Marketing Director for American Tactical. “The accuracy and performance of this pistol is top-notch and it will make the perfect addition
to any collector, firearms trainer, competition shooter or typical gun lover.”

The GSG Target 1911 has 5” Barrel and an MSRP of only $429.95.

American Tactical is one of the nation’s top importers of firearms and firearm related products. Having created a unique channel of distribution, American Tactical has quickly become a single-source distribution provider for many manufacturers across the world. From its signature German Sports Guns (GSG) family of products, accessory lines like Drago Gear® and manufacturing its own line of ATI AR-15 complete rifles and components, ATI continues to be a leader in the industry.

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  • floppyscience

    I’m trying to figure out a use for a pic rail on a target pistol. Do they make rail-mounted barrel weights?

    • Cymond

      Someone probably does, but I don’t think they mean “target pistol” in such a traditional way. I doubt anybody is going to win any bullseye matches with this thing. Rather, it is a more “target-ish” pistol, much like a factory stock bull-barreled Ruger pistol. Without upgrades to the barrel & trigger, it’s still basically a nice plinker.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        I think you’re right. Still, it does appear to be well-made and is pretty attractive-looking to boot.

    • Suburban

      They should have put a rail on the top of the slide, or better yet, on the top of a fixed barrel, not on the bottom of the frame.

      If they put aggressive textured grips on it, and called it a “Tactical” model, that would make a little more sense. Questionable utility, but at least it would make more sense.

  • 2wheels

    Lol it’s a nice little .22LR 1911 plinker, I own one, but throwing some grips and an adjustable sight does not make it a target gun.

  • 1911