• bbmg

    “Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.”

    What happened?

    • It appears the blog has been removed entirely. They may have moved it or just stopped publishing. I honestly don’t know.

      • bbmg

        Impro guns is (was?) one of the best resources for how human ingenuity trumps gun regulation, it would be a shame if it were removed because some arbitrary “terms of use” had been seen to be violated.

        • It would be sad. I always enjoyed the site.

          • EETPMC

            I remember that post. Unfortunately I didn’t save it. When I first got into firearms I remember the PA Luty website first being taken down. From then on I use something like Pagenest to save ALL the home gunsmithing sources I can find. Its valuable information they are trying to stifle. I have a huge collection now and I dump it on someone every so often who is interested.

          • PeaverBogart

            EETPMC, I’ve been trying to find free gunsmith sites for years. If you don’t mind, I would really like to see what you have.

  • M.M.D.C.

    $15,000 per pistol (suppressor included). Not bad for a day’s (week’s?, month’s?) work!
    Very nice looking work, BTW.

    • ThomasD

      Given the clientele it was just a matter of time before someone got caught and gave him up in exchange for a lighter sentence.

      So no $15k seems sorta lowball.

      • M.M.D.C.

        You have a point. Still, 100 guns at 15 grand per gun is $1,500,000. Some guys figure jail time as part of the cost of doing business. Even assuming he only put away 1/3 of that, he’s “being paid” @ $165,000 per year to sit in jail.

        To each their own, but I would much rather have the freedom.

        • big daddy

          To each their own, but I would much rather have the freedom.
          That’s the difference between a criminal and a citizen. Anti-gun people do not understand this simple fact. Criminals don’t care that much about going to jail.

          • José Pulido

            Living in subservience is not the same thing as freedom.

            More Americans actually died in British prison than in combat. They were not acknowledged as militias, armies, or any form of “legitimate” fighters until after the war was won.

            Most American Revolutionaries died in British prison labeled as “terrorists” and “sympathizers.”

            If being a “citizen” can have such huge, caveats, it isn’t necessarily that great.

      • PatrickPM

        Given the clientele he’s lucky hes getting off with jail time and they didn’t just kill him and take the guns!

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I agree. They do appear to be well-made, at least as far as I can tell from the photographs alone.

      BTW, Macmechanic has pointed that the guns appear to possibly be clones of the Shooter’s Arm Manufacturing X9 machine pistol made in the Philippines, rather than the MAC11. I took a look at his link and made some visual comparisons, and there is a very close physical resemblance between the X9 and the guns featured in this article.

      This might be worth investigating further. Any other input on this, anyone?

  • Jonathan

    I think I’ve also seen knock-off homemade Ingrams seized in places such as Croatia, Poland, and UK as well. Perhaps the MAC-10 is particularly easy to manufacture.

    • Bubba

      They’re popular with criminals because they’re relatively small and concealable, are full auto, and are fairly easy to make.
      And for biker gangs they’re ideal because they can be fired using one hand from a motorcycle. Just ride up alongside a victims car, and magdump into the driver’s window.

      • Gunhead

        Biker gangs terrorizing the highways of Australia with machine pistols? A white-line nightmare on the roads? Sounds like a job for the Main Force Patrol. Send out the V8 interceptors!

  • Gordon Ingram

    All open bolt firearms are extremely easy to manufacture, and the MAC series of firearms is no exception. Both lower and upper receivers can simply be made from square tubing or folded sheet metal. The wrap-around bolt was originally designed to be stamped from sheet metal with a separate removable breech piece to be pinned in place for ease of construction. The hollow bolt carrier would be filled with lead in places to increase weight. The trigger & sear is a simple leaver configuration under spring tension. Once the builder had standardized his measurements, he could have produced multiple in a day.

    • Anonymoose

      I think that was kind of the idea behind the MACs, along with some other SMGs like the STEN, and even assault rifles like AR-18 and AKM.

  • macmechanic

    Rather than being M11 clones, these appear to be based off of the Shooter’s Arms Manufacturing X9 machine pistol made in the Phillipines. The receiver proportions & magwell size look the same. The Australian ‘clones’ seem to lack a safety.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      You might have a point there — good observation! We’ll probably still need a more detailed comparison to confirm or deny once and for all.

  • avconsumer2

    Most impressive. Jeweler. Guy’s got some skills (compared to me, & everyone I know anyway). Though… I question his decision to snitch on members of a gang he himself sold full auto silenced guns to. Heh – sure, it shortened his sentence… but I imagine it did the same for his life expectancy – exponentially!

    Sad reading some of the comments over there (@ the Telegraph). Plenty of gun lovers there too trying to talk sense to the anti crowd, though, they lost the fight years ago. Keep fighting mates! Get those rights back!!

  • bbmg

    It irks me that the Daily Show made a series claiming that Australian gun control is working ( ) when this is just one of many examples of how it has clearly failed.

    I don’t know, try banning guns again?

    • Jeremy Star

      And the head-in-the-sand comments from people are priceless. It’s working! Um, guys, you have shootings in the news every week. That’s “working” to you? Jesus. No wonder people buy into government run programs. They have no idea what “Working” actually means.
      If our kids are poorly educated, the government interference in education is not working.

      If our healthcare system is doubling prices and only the insurance companies and big pharma are making out, it’s not working.

      If people still get shot after you institute gun control, it’s not working.

      • bbmg

        They ignore day-to-day murders and focus on the lack of “gun massacres”. The fact is that even in mass-shooting prone USA, the probability of being killed in a mass-shooting are roughly those of you getting killed by a lightning bolt.

        Such events are tragic and generate an emotional response completely disproportional to the threat, when the actual numbers are low enough to be statistically insignificant.

        There were 12,996 murders in the US in 2010. In the same year, 38,364 people committed suicide. You are almost 4 times more likely to kill yourself than be killed by someone else! Where should our resources be directed to?

        Many people still buy lottery tickets though, so expecting even a basic understanding of probability from the average citizen is a vain pursuit.

        • Eric S

          Point of contention, you are actually almost twice as likely to be struck and killed by lightning than a mass shooter. The USA has about 15 deaths annually that are attributed to mass shootings (according to the 2013 CDC study on violence), whereas there are about 27 people annually that are killed by lightning. However, never use this argument against the anti-gun crowd for the response will be variations of “that’s a stupid analogy, you can’t prevent lightning.”

          • bbmg

            You can’t prevent lightning, but what about lightning awareness courses, warning signs, protective structures that could be built… Mitchell and Webb do a very good analogy with drowning awareness in West Chester:

            “What I’m saying is that everyone has to die, and in a balanced fair and democratic society some of them should drown.”

            Tongue in cheek but the logic is there.

            OK, what about wasps? They kill an average of 40 Americans a year. Where are the anti-wasp organizations? Wasp free zones? Moms against wasp movements? Why isn’t a Wasp Control bill being pushed through congress?

            It’s all about creating the impression of safety in the face of a perceived threat ignoring the actual data, acting on emotion as opposed to reason. A reflection of a feminization of society.

          • big daddy

            It’s all about creating the impression of safety in the face of a perceived threat ignoring the actual data, acting on emotion as opposed to reason. A reflection of a feminization of society

            That’s what women do. I’m close to 60 years old and have enough experience with women to know that. You cannot let them control anything they will screw it up with emotional based decisions.

          • M-B

            What a load of crap….. I’m a 40 something old female and was in several positions of authority in my 8 years in the Army and I can guarantee you my “emotions” didn’t screw up anything and I was a good and fair leader.

            I’ve seen plenty of whiny, wimpy men let THEIR “emotions” get in the way, so it’s not a trait of some kind of gender essentialism, sorry.

          • EETPMC

            Logic failure, but you can correct it. The topic in question is women’s evaluation of situations (decision making), so your point is that you are a woman and think your decisions were right which refutes the suspension that women think their decisions are right when they may be wrong?
            A better response is showing a representative decision that you considered “good” and we can better evaluate your comment. (By the way, I am not saying you did screw up stuff, but it just doesn’t help anyone’s point)
            Of course, one data point doesn’t say the whole story. It is generally accepted by psychologists that women in general women are more emotional than men (not a bad thing!), maybe it is genetic but it is probably more affected by societal norms since women are more socially adept than men are.
            Both genders have their faults! To say that both genders have identical faults in general is absolutely false, and people’s experiences and research refutes that. Its not saying one gender is superior than the other, its the acknowledgement that they are different in some ways, and this is universally accepted by everyone. It’s a fault that we tend to think all stereotypical female traits are weak. They can be weak in certain situations and strong in others just as male traits are.

          • Blissified

            But you can’t prevent mass shootings either? COUGH NORTH HOLLOWEEN SHOOTING (ILLEGAL GUNS)

          • cpt. crunch

            Pretty sure you meant, “North Hollywood Shootout.”


    • You can spin anything!

  • Lance

    Shows how dumb gun banners are Criminals like with alcohol in the 20s can make there own when do gooders try to ban things. Shows us the left is brainless idiots, with no clue on reality.

    • Anonymoose

      The right wing tried to ban alcohol and drugs (among other things), and failed miserably. Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, partisans will always think outright bans on their social boogie-men with little or no enforcement are a “good cause,” even when they’ve tried and failed repeatedly.

      • anon


    • anon


  • Brandon

    Did they seize his 3D printer too? /sarcasm

  • Vhyrus

    Those look better than the ones Masterpiece Arms are peddling stateside.

    • Eric S

      Well, if you paid Masterpiece $15k I’m certain they could provide you with the best Mac you’ve ever seen.

      • Cymond

        Heck, here in the US you can get a real, legal full-auto MAC for about $4k online (assuming you live in a permissive state).

    • macmechanic

      MolyResin looks better tha black oxide dip.

  • WFA

    This is a simple case of supply and demand.

    This has nothing to do with current Australian firearms laws restricting licenced shooters access to semi automatic firearms.

    Members and associates of outlaw bike clubs are not permitted to hold a licence for any firearm or a suppressor which is classed as a prohibited weapon and requires a permit.

    Even if the semi auto laws were more relaxed in Australia selling unregistered firearms to unlicenced shooters would give you the same result.

    • Cymond

      Arguably, more relaxed laws on semi-automatics would give the bikers greater access to stolen & black market guns without resorting to home-made guns. This would lead a fair number of them to settle for convenient semi-automatics instead of expensive hand-made subguns.

      Arguably, restrictions on semi-automatics have reduced their number on the black market, driving criminals to manufacture simplistic full-automatics.

  • james

    Think how much worse it would have been had the jewler access to a 3d printer… Everyone knows how much more deadly single shot .380s are. *rolls eyes*

  • J

    This is not an achievement to be celebrated.
    The clients are outlaw motorcycle gangs, some of which are affiliated to Islamic groups which would commit acts of terrorism if the opportunity arose.
    There has been many murders and shootings lately in Sydney as one of most violent gangs has purged elements that weren’t sufficiently ‘Islamic’. This apparently doesn’t stop them for importing or dealing drugs.

    These same groups are the reason calibres like .45ACP and .40S&W were banned.

  • Hipster Gunsmith

    “I was cranking out garage guns way before the 3D printed gun scare.”

  • TJ

    Damn son! Shit looks like it was actually made by a fine craftsman. Shoulda lived in the U.S. and sold a couple of those. Hell I’d buy!