ZiP Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade (For Ruger BX-25)

Word on the street  Youtube is that the Ruger BX-25 is not as reliable as the standard 10 round rotary magazine. No surprises there, the original Ruger magazine is the gold standard of rimfire reliability to which all others are measured. ZiP Factory has developed an upgrade kit for Ruger’s 25-rounder. The ZiP Mag ZX-30 Reliability Upgrade corrects the follower angle, adds an additional independent follower (not sure what that means) and add duel constant force springs and rollers.

The magazine kit will be available later this year. No word on pricing yet.

Steve Johnson

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  • patrickiv

    That’s a solution looking for a problem. I’ve never had a stock BX-25 fail even once, though I still prefer factory 10-round magazines for compactness. Seems like ZiP is putting out another product that nobody needs or wants.

    • bbmg

      A bit like google + 🙂

      • 032125

        We’ve just forced integration! Now your Ruger 22/45 is a ZipGun! Yay!

      • Spencer

        Boom boom tish!

        Personally I’ve found G+ to be EXTREMELY useful. My FB wall is nothing but an unending series of political rants, memes, and “inspirational” quotes from people I (mostly) used to hang out with. But my G+ feed is organized by interests, and filled with interesting posts from interesting people, Sure I have not met most of them, but I have good reason to network with these people. Especially since I’ve made sure to focus on adding people within my field (software development). I bet I could get 3+ job interviews lined up within 6 hours If announced I was job hunting on G+.

    • sianmink

      Yeah I’ve never heard of reliability problems with the BX-25 either. Maybe something specific to the ZIP, I dunno.

  • Julio

    Are the “constant force springs” “duel” or “dual”? ; )

    • bbmg

      Maybe they’re fighting eachother 😉

  • JT

    If only full autos were still legal, this would be a hoot

  • Tyler M.

    Own three BX-25’s. No failures whatsoever. I’d be lying if I told you there were. Those BX-25’s have made shooting my 10/22 so much more enjoyable. The only “real” complaint I’ve seen is the price.

  • ME

    This is supposedly for use in thier Zip22. I have one, mostly as a curiousity, and it doesn’t work with the BX-25 mags (or any large mags, really), works ok with the old 10 round rotary mag. I have had BX-25s give failures to feed in a couple of 10/22s.

  • Greg

    I have 10 Ruger BX-25 magazines and not a one of them has caused any issues.

  • Nolan

    You know, a “reliability upgrade” from zip is something I want about as much as an update for youtube. Thanks, for google plus, NOT!

  • I think the feature to put rounds on the back of the mag is pretty neat.

    • Cymond

      Yeah, and if they just offered a silicone sleeve for a few dollars (preferably in OD Green), I would probably buy it. However, I have my doubts about anything from Zip, and one of the advantages of the BX-25 is that it’s feed angle is more like the BX-10 than aftermarket magazines. For some reason, my 10/22 refuses to run reliably with anything but Ruger mags, not even the vaunted Butler Creek or Tactical Innovations mags.

  • Markus

    I won’t lie, I have had a few failure to feeds with my BX-25’s, but that being said they were because they bullets were malformed (dented, dinged, etc). With ammo that is the right shape, I’ve never had a problem.

    I would totally buy the shell carrier shroud though.

  • Frank Cummings

    I had a little trouble with one of my BX-25s. It helps to disassemble them, and lube them up a little. I tried mine straight out of the package.

  • Adam

    I own 4 bx-25 and 1 factory 10-rounder. Obviously I shoot way more from the 25. I can’t recall any malfunctions, but maybe I just don’t recall. Worst-case scenario that means I could count them all on one hand among 4 mags. With a few-thousand rounds over the last year that puts the failure percentage way lower than any other firearm I own, centerfire included. Hell I’ve had more than that from my Glock 19 with way fewer rounds fired.
    I concur with the earlier assesment: a solution looking for a problem. Make them compatible with Butler Creek mags and there’s a product.

  • Bill

    Add me to the chorus of those singing the praises of the standard BX-25. I own six and have had absolutely no problems with any of them using at least four different loads.

    This “upgrade” is an answer to a question nobody asks.

  • Drapetomanius

    Hey you know what would make more sense than keeping extra rounds in slots on the back of your magazine with an aftermarket attachment?

    Keeping rounds in a second magazine. Just thinkin’ out loud here.

  • noob

    are they claiming that it it more reliable in the Zip, which had problems with stock BX-25s, or in all guns because the modification is *The best thing ever*(tm)?

  • dan citizen

    next what? is Zip going to produce a recoil spring to fix the AK’s reliability? A new round to improve the 1911’s knockdown? A kit to make AR’s easier to personalize? A new crust to make pizza appealing?

    If they’re going to attack a product’s reliability, they shouldn’t have started with Ruger.

    BTW, great article and blogpost 🙂

  • HSR47

    “and add duel constant force springs and rollers.”

    I think you meant:

    “and adds dual…”

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I’m with most of the guys regarding the BX-25. I’ve only had trouble with FTF in one BX-25 magazine, and I traced that to a tiny bit of excess flashing on one edge of the plastic follower. It took about ten seconds ( after disassembly ) and careful use of a razor knife to permanently resolve the issue. Since then, that particular magazine has fed and functioned as well as the others.

  • Aaron Tyler

    Where I live in Canuk land due to a slight foo-pah on the part of Ruger I cannot get BX-25mags and after having numerous issues with Butler Creek (also there non existent Canadian service department) I moved over to the dark side of HC3R mags and will never look back. an HC3R can hold 20 extra rounds on the spine in excess of the 25 rnd capacity. The speed loader system they sell can be replicated on the cheep with federal plastic box inserts and despite the slightly finicky operation the reliability is greatly improved compared to other Hi-Cap options.

    • David Sharpe

      Ruger has repackaged the mags, we can get them here in Canuckistan.

  • pikid89

    i think that this so called reliability upgrade is in reference to using the bx25 in the zip pistol. if i recall, the zip guns were known to be unreliable with the extended mags, and i think they went as far as putting it in the manual to only use the 10 rounders

  • Rick

    Ive got a ZK-22 bullpup kit on my 10/22. I live in CA so the BX25 isn’t legal in its stock form. Zip builds a kit that factory pins the BX25 into a 10 round legal mag that’s long enough to grab onto but I can’t find where to actually order one.