Triple Witnessing?

The above photo, taken by Sgt Rupert Frere, was a runner up in the British Army’s annual photo compeititon. It show Cpl Carl Hines, Royal Artillery, providing covering fire in Afghanistan. The solider has a standard British Army ELCAN Lightweight Day Sight (LDS) 4x scope mounted at the rear of the rifle’s rail, an EOTech holographic sight mounted at the front of the rail and a Shield CQB red dot mounted on top of the ELCAN.

The only reason I can think of for this kind of setup is that he is using the LDS scope as a 4x magnifier for the EOTech. Can you think of any other reasons for this type of setup?

Thanks for Neil for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • banbenben

    I think the EOtech Holographic sight for the under barrel grenade launcher which the EOtech is actually mounted offset the to the right of the assault rifle. It just the angle that makes it looks like the Elcan and EOtech are co-witness.

    Reference photo:

    • Risky

      By George! I think he’s got it!

    • banbenben

      Well, I mean mounted offset to the left of the assault rifle. Oh silly me 🙁

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Thats it!

      • banbenben

        Keep up the good work Steve, glad that I can share what I knew here 🙂
        When I first looked at this set up, i though “This must be heavy!”. That’s why it caught my attention, haha.

    • banbenben

    Steve, this photo is a bit an optical illusion. The EOTech red dot is a basic sight of the underbarrel grenade launcher now. It is mounted on the left side, on the grenade launcher P-rail.

    • I thought this might be the case!

    • matthew_carberry

      So what you’re saying is the above whinging about how “obvious” the set-up should be to understand might be a bit overstated, given that the optical illusion makes the “obvious” guess (elcan magnifying the EoTec) “obviously” incorrect?


  • FormerSFMedic

    Seriously? This is an article? The optics setup used by the Soldier in the pic is a pretty standard setup for MOD personnel. Even if you didn’t know that it should only take one quick look to understand what the sighting system is for. What is going on over here at TFB?!

    • LJK

      Yeah. It doesn’t actually require a ridiculous amount of reporter-esque work to find out what the deal is either: –> “british soldier eotech” –> second image.

      • Rob in Katy

        If you weren’t so lazy, you could have posted the “let me google that for you”, link with the same about of distan:

      • Nobody is twisting your arm–if you don’t like it go somewhere else. Of course I could help you with that decision.

    • VBV

      Kind of a jerk comment here. A lot of us didn’t know about this and wouldn’t think to even do a simple search to find the answer without it first being proposed here. Sometimes the point of these articles is to highlight interesting things for the group to discuss not just ingest.

      • LJK

        That’s horse shit. This is a journalistic site. That entails factual articles. “Just trying to start discussion” is a cop out so that you have no responsibility for what you say.

        • VBV

          Some of the best things from this site come out in discussions between readers, so I certainly don’t think it’s a cop-out.

          • tincankilla

            word. in fact, i love the trouble-shooting of gun inventions (ie, the liberator). i learn a ton from people way more knowledgeable than me.

        • schizuki

          You should demand a refund.

          • LJK

            “It’s a blog”, “it’s just to start discussion”, “it’s free” are all really lowsy excuses for producing something sub par. Have some pride in your work.

          • allannon

            They’re eminently acceptable reasons. If you don’t like it, prove that it can be done better, and keep it up for an extended period.

          • LJK

            Oh yeah, forgot my favourite one. “Why don’t you do it!”

            Can’t right now, mate. Too busy directing all the movies and rewriting all the music I didn’t like and have made the mistake of criticizing.

          • allannon

            Hey, you’re the one making claims with no support.

            If you don’t like “Why don’t you do it!”, let’s try on “Put up, or shut up.”

          • anony

            Only after he’s eaten the entire steak first.

    • M.M.D.C.

      “Seriously? This is an article?”

      Good grief! It’s a post. On a blog. Chill out, dude.

      A lot of people come to this site for posts like this one and banbenben’s.

    • FormerSFMedis, not to sound like a jerk or anything but this is a blog, not your typical monthly firearm publication. Steve works really hard to find info to post every day rather than once a month, and to post a new set of articles everyday would be very difficult, time consuming, and expensive. For example, I have been a writer here for a year and have only written 26 articles. They require coordination between a manufacturer and Phil, FFL on our end, ammo acquisition, range time, target measuring, and of course writing about it all. To do this everyday would require a network TV budget!

    • lurker

      Someone didn’t get their morning coffee! 😛

      Aside from that if you’re the same person I’ve seen before, I’ve always enjoyed your commentary and input. Perhaps contribute to TFB with some articles of your own? I’d love to read them!

    • 18Doc

      As a prior SF Medic as well, I must say that your attitude is not becoming of a prior Special Forces soldier, let alone an 18D. Change your name or change your shit attitude. Your are tainting our 18D name with your verbal diarrhea…

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Buddy, I do my best, but in that photo in particular it look like it has in line with the ELCAN. I frequently post photos for discussion on TFB. Its a blog and its interactive.

      • big daddy

        Let’s face it some people are dicks and some people are cool, I think you can figure out who the dicks are.

    • Z

      I’ve noted here before the site tends to publish total crap. I don’t know if the writers are stupid and lack the ability to undertake even a superficial amount of research, are lazy or plain incompetent.
      Furthermore, the spelling, grammar and editing require a great deal of work.

  • Justin

    That setup looks heavy.

    • MattInTheCouv

      my first thought, too.

    • banbenben

      A loaded SA80 with optic is almost 5kg, I guess it is not a popular set up. When I google image for “SA80 grenade launcher” I see a lot soldier use the iron sight on the grenade launcher too.

  • Michael

    When I first saw this photograph several months ago I wondered why he had the Eotech, Elcan and Shield.
    Good for TFB for posting it for discussion.
    Maybe he was trying different sights to see which one works best for him.
    Being support troops for artillery he is not going to be carrying this set up long distances, so weight is not critical.
    The pictures posted in the comments section show the Eotech at an angle, at first I thought it was about to fall off, but maybe its set up for the UGL.

  • Nielsen

    Solid solider.

    I feel like I’m being trolled here.

  • guest

    Would it not be more practical to mount another shield on the gl, as the eotech is so large/heavy?

  • Well that’s much better—the disruptive comments have been taken care of.

  • Robert Thorne

    My brain cannot fathom this, we never needed the sights for our M320s, just took them off and guessed it, it’s not hard to get pretty damn accurate even at ranges at an excess of 300m, why do militaries spend so much money on things that aren’t broke?