New Innovative Tactional Elcan Specter TR Tri FOV Scope

At AUSA ’13 Canadian firm Elcan unveiled their new Specter TR Tri FOV. This scope features three power settings, 1x, 3x and 9x, which are selected using a dial on the side of the scope. Because the scope has three distinct power settings, rather than a range of zoom like traditional scopes, the operator can quickly select the desired power rather than twisting the scope’s power ring through its entire range of motion. Another unique feature of this scope is that is has both a traditional reticle and a red dot (reflex) sight. Not having used this scope myself I cannot say how well such a hybrid-reticle works in practice, but it is an intriguing concept.


The scope measures 10.3″ in length and weights 1.8 lbs.

Read our review of the Elcan Specter OS 4x scope here.

Many thanks to Lionel for the photos and information.

Steve Johnson

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  • LCON

    Wasn’t there a US army request not to long ago looking for a single optical gun sight that could be used for close range, intermediate and marksman engagement? I mean this sounds like its a attempt to replace the three different gun sights now in common infantry squads, red dot and hws, acog types and DMR scopes in a single package.

    • Lance

      Cancelled they gt the ACOG and didn’t need more.

      • Joshua

        The SCO trials will be starting next year if nothing puts it on hold. It will replace the M68 CCO and ACOG. It will be the general issue optic for practicaly everyone.

        • LCON

          Thanks the squad combat optic. That’s the one. I wonder if elcan is trying this as a offering.

  • Alex

    Basically a SpecterDR on steroids? Yhe “hybrid-reticle” sounds just like the reticle setup in the DR.

  • Joe Public

    that training rifle has no barrel how are they supposed to know if that sight is zero’d?

    • CrankyFool

      Don’t be silly. Obviously they’ll fire a few rounds through the rifle and zero the sight first.

      • matthew_carberry

        -Training- rounds. 😉

    • Patrick Mingle

      Not to mention the safety is off..

  • M.M.D.C.

    Very interesting indeed. If their fixed power scope is $1,200 I’m guessing this would run @ $1,500.

    • Tierlieb

      Well, better compare it to their 1x/4x model. That’s about $2000.
      One could hope that that one drops in price and the 1x/3x/9x takes its place, but I guess not.

    • avconsumer2

      Agreed. Let’s hope it’s not 9x the price. *rimshot
      But with Elcan’s pricing (pride) & demand… I wouldn’t discount a >$3k retail.

      • M.M.D.C.


        • avconsumer2

          I know right? I wanted a Specter DR soooo bad too, just never pulled the proverbial trigger due to the insane price. Eh – hopefully I’m wrong.

  • Tierlieb

    Looks similar in size to a typical 1-8x scope.
    Weight is a bit higher than a Leupold Mark 8 but with added mount it is probably similar.
    Judging from the price of the 1x/4x, this will probably cost about the same amount, too.

    Previous models had an impressive FOV, but it is not mentioned here which does not bode well.

    Hmmm. Not as genius as the Specter DR 1x/4x, which was a class of its own.
    Will need to impress with secondary criteria like sturdiness, usability, and clarity.

  • Patrick Mingle

    I feel like we’ll be seeing these on MK17s in the future. I am of course assuming it works perfectly because its an Elcan

    • mark

      Exactly what I thought when I saw it. MK17 optic all the way.

  • mort

    1.8 lbs? Holy weight gain batman. That is like taping 2 fully loaded m16 mags to the top of your rifle.

  • Lance

    Rather stay with a 4x ACOG a lot compact than this.

  • John L.

    MSRP: $9,000….LOL

    • Booya Heckaya

      Where did you see that? They’re supposed to hit the market around the $3000 USD mark.

  • sianmink

    That’s more compact and lighter than a lot of RDS+magnifier combos, with the bonus of 9x available. Mind I’d personally be fine with just a 3x trijicon. they’re so light. o.o

  • Joshua

    Everyone is getting ready for the upcomping SCO(Squad Common Optic) trials, should be interesting to see what gets chosen to replace the ACOG/M68 CCO.

    I have see Trijicons offering and boy is it nice, but this will be a real contender. I also know Leupold and a few others will be there for the competition.

  • gggplaya

    Sounds like exactly what i want, i just hope the price isn’t too outrageous.