Warning: Fake Magpul MBUS Pro Sights From China

Magpul’s new all-steel MBUS Pro sights were released fairly recently, yet it seems like knock offs are already making their way from China. Magpul copies are nothing new, fake Magpul PMAGs and polymer MBUS sights have been all over the internet for quite some time. When the Magpul 10 round PMAGS were released fakes were spotted on eBay pretty quickly. Well it didn’t take the copy cats in China long to knock off Magpul’s hot new product. These copies are listed on the Chinese marketplace websites for  $36.99 with free shipping from China. If they’re anything like the fake MBUS sights the quality is probably shoddy and they most likely lose zero after half a range day (or less)

[ Portions of the above screenshot are blacked out to avoid promoting these unethical businesses ]

Ray I.

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  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    “Portions of the above screenshot are blacked out to avoid promoting these unethical businesses”

    You gotta’ leave some sort of verifiable way to trace the screenshot. How do I know you didn’t Stephen Glass it. 😉

    • Zach Haag

      Agreed it probably says airsoft somewhere in the redacted photo

      • mikewest007

        Nah, looks like Alibaba or some other “we sell EVERYTHING” website. With “EVERYTHING” ranging from “tablets, flashlights, survival kits and USB gadgets” to indeed “EVERYTHING” (on AliExpress, Alibaba’s direct-order site, you can even buy an EOD robot, it goes for, IIRC, 30K USD shipped).

        • /k/ommando

          IIRC you can actually get armored vehicles through Alibaba.

          • mikewest007

            I would have to check it, but I’m far from doubting it! 😀

    • Because we don’t do that

      • Laserbait

        I tried, but my search of “piece of shit magpul chinese knockoff crap” yeilded no results.

  • Nishi Drew

    I’ve come across reps for these sights long BEFORE the actual MBUS Pro sights were officially available. They managed to copy, and totally (dunno how close) replicate the sights and make enough to sell them in mass. I didn’t know of the MBUS Pro sights when I saw the reps either, “what is this Magpul doesn’t make these?” and a few days after I saw a blogpost about the new sights becoming available soon…

  • Zach Haag

    If you are dumb enough to believe you are buying a genuine Magpul product for 150 under retail you deserve to be ripped off. Not to mention Magpul prides themselves on being made in the USA, so why would you buy it from China?

  • Kilmore1

    If your government didn’t cripple you with ITAR I would buy American Magpul…..

    • mikewest007

      Word. I wanted that Magpul shotgun stock, but no, it’s $109.95, so I’m supposed to get buried in the absurd amount of ITAR paperwork IF I EVER find a shop willing to send those abroad. All because some bullshit lobbyist thing tied to Magpul having their noses up the asses of some GOPlins at the Capitol.

  • mikee

    More Chinese junk !!!!

  • Tom – UK

    Why will the chinese copies be of poor quality? Its not a complex thing to manufacture and with no development or high wage costs they could make something of equal quality for less. I by no means support their theft of products or deny that many chinese goods are rubbish but I also believe they could make a good one with ease

    • Rudolf Jozsef- not large

      Why should they care about quality? The chinese cars are not allowed in any country that I know of. Also, a while back, quality took so far of a back seat with dog foods that came from China that thousands and thousands of dogs died. If you use your firearms to defend yourself, buy the product that has good quality from a country that cares about it and one of those is DEFINITELY not china.

      • whodywei

        Chinese made firearms are actually surprisingly well made.

        • NikonMikon

          Agreed. The Polytech AK’s are highly sought after and I love my Norinco SKS. Wouldn’t trade it for a Yugoslavian ever. Way better quality.

      • Eugene

        Like all your IPhones and IPads?

    • hami

      Ill play the devil’s advocate here a little bit:

      In Turkey i once bought a knock off name brand wallet for the hell of it. To my surprise the $10 wallet lasted almost a decade of everyday use. In the back pocket of a bicycle commuter, no less. This level of durability hasn’t been repeated with any of my equally priced domestically bought wallets over the years.

      My point is that the Turks may have copied the aesthetics of this particular French designer but refused to make a low quality product. That level of craftsmanship, especially in soft goods and fabrics, in notorious in the region.

      I’m not condoning Chinese knock-offs and i wouldn’t personally buy these MBUSs, but it is food for thought. Case in point: the Primary Arms M3. It’s no secret that the owners of Primary Arms (Americans) develop and QC the Chinese made products but who is to say that an individual in China, who has equal pride in his products, isn’t behind some of these Chinese made accessories?

      Again, just an argument for the other side

      • Laserbait

        If they had any pride at all, they wouldn’t be making knock offs, they’d develop their own products. Counterfeiters are worthless piles trash, and a waste of oxygen.

    • TangledThorns

      I bought a Magpul sling through Amazon and after receiving it did I notice that it was a fake. The plastic felt soft and the QD was loose, overall a crappy product.

    • electrozity8

      I actually bought a pair of knockoff original MBUS sights a while back for the hell of it since they were only $10. The construction was very cheap and wonky. The mounts fit very tightly and had to be sanded down, plastic felt brittle and had visible seams, the rear sight apertures were the same diameter and the rear sight would shift and lose its zero just by folding it, and the Magpul logos looked more like cocks.

  • TangledThorns

    Chinese knock offs is nothing new, see my ARFCOM post from last year. The best thing to do is buy your gun related products from authentic sources. Sadly this doesn’t even apply to Amazon.


  • JT

    I’m not necesarrily ready to slam the chinese copies. Sure, I would support an American Company over a foreign copyjob, but then again I’m not a fan of magpul’s quality to begin with, having owned a genuine Magpul sling that sheared apart as soon as I started using it. As long as it’s solid and marked down in price it’s probably worth it. If I wanted something reliable, I’d skip magpul and go a lot more expensive

    • JT

      And I am sure it wasn’t a copy, because I verified all the markings, packaging, metal pieces, etc.

  • LRB

    Perfect for airsofters………..

    • Mr.E

      That was my first thought too.

      • Sean

        I did just that last year with the plastic ones.

  • Lance

    Not all Chinese copies are bad just watch what you buy.

  • BOB

    I bought the Magpul PTS AFG1 and its solid, the exact same as the ‘real steel’ ones. I mean, its an AFG… what’s going to go wrong? I also have some PTS mbus sights I bought cause they were dirt cheap, my pal has the real deal, aside from some untrimmed mould lines, you can’t tell the difference in fit, function or form. I’m not saying DO IT you can’t go wrong, but face it, we get 95% of our stuff from China anyways, and most of its not junk…
    I’m not runnning the pts sights, but they haven’t broke, whereas my Ruger Rapid Deploy sights did int he first 48 hrs just dorking around the house. Ruger promptly replaced them, free of charge and I have no complaints about Ruger customer service.

  • Paralus

    Counterfeit goods from China? golly, what a shocker

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    Lance, Tom-UK, Hami, Eugene, Whodywei, NikonMikon and many others do have a perfectly valid point — Chinese-made items can be of equal or better quality than others, in spite of the myriad of poorly-made goods that also emanate from China. As Lance said, you have to watch what you buy, which means that you have to at least have a working knowledge of the items in question and an eye for detail and material / mechanical quality. As for goods made in China, if the design, material specifications and craftsmanship plus QA / QC are rigidly adhered to — and the manufacturing is done under a proper binding contract or licence agreement — it really does not make a difference who manufactures it from a quality standpoint. Having said that, and all else being equal, I would prefer to buy something American-made ( or at least American-designed and distributed ) if it were available because this is where I live and I have always believed in supporting the local economy,

    Personally, my main objections to counterfeit goods such as these sights lie in the illegal aspects involved ( theft of patent, etc. ), and the resulting lack of enforceable quality controls, which put the consumer in a difficult position.

    Nishi Drew brought up something really intriguing in his comments — that somehow the counterfeiters were able to access and copy the MBUS Pro Sights before Magpul was able to distribute the actual sights. Unless Nishi Drew had a lapse in tracking their release, it would be interesting to find out how exactly the Chinese were able to carry this out ( industrial espionage at gun shows, an inside job, or something else, perhaps? ).