Heizer Defense PS1 “Pocket Shotgun”.

Guns & Ammo magazine have produced this video featuring the Heizer Defense PS1 “Pocket Shotgun” and its creator Tom Heizer …

It looks like a gun little gun, but for $499 it is going to be a niche product. I do think it would make a nifty survival gun for campers and hikers who are unwilling or unable to carry a heavier pistol, rifle or shotgun. What I really want to see if a Heizer Defense PS1 with a .22 LR barrel and a .410/.45 barrel, either in a double barrel configuration or as individual barrels that can easily be swapped in and out. That would be an awesome survival pistol to compete with similarly chambered rifles.

Steve Johnson

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  • Alex

    Why do survival pistols always need a gimmicky one-shot capacity?

    Is a (Sub)compact 9mm really that heavy to some people? Really?

  • Eric S

    I know the firearm industry saw a short boom and severe price inflation, but $500 for a single shot break action is obscene. But I too would like to see another .22 / .410 over under. Like that Springfield M6 pistol they made a short run of.

  • wetcorps

    Steve, you can have a Heizer with a 22 swappable barrel. Just get a (rifled) .410 to 22 shotgun adapter 🙂

  • bbmg

    Wait… wasn’t Heizer supposed to be the manufacturer of this design originally made by these folks: http://doubletapdefense.com/ – but then their relationship fell through?

    Looks like they still want to make it themselves: http://heizerdefense.com/announcement.html

  • R

    Or you could get a Bond Arms Snake Slayer double barrel 45 Colt/.410 for the exact same money…

  • Mr Gray

    http://bondarms.com/ has been doing derringers for years now. You pay a
    bit more up front (~600 for a full gun) but it nets you a system with
    interchangable barrels (~100 a piece) so you can shoot anything from
    .22LR to .410 shotshell.

    • BryanS

      Either way you get a crummy gun that sucks to shoot, with too heavy of a hammer pull in the bond arms case.

      Horrible guns, I think only good for nostalgia

  • Bryan McConnell

    AMAZINGLY over priced. Too many solutions in that price range that are better performers.

    • dan citizen

      agreed, I would love this gun at $100, maybe even $150. But $500? That’s market suicide, why not just ask $1,000,000 so they only have to sell one?

      • Tim Pearce

        Doesn’t matter. They’ll still only sell one at $500.

  • BryanS

    Big, heavy expensive, uses a crummy round… 1 shot.

    I’ll pass. 10 rds of 9mm beats 1 round of .410 any day. Do it right, or dont bother. Its not like semi-auto pistols are newfangled or something.

  • the bob

    good luck with that, LOL


    one shot, NON STARTER

  • Hrachya H.

    Nice … what about making an over and under version ! ? !

  • Jeremy Star

    These things are so big for a single shot. It’s like the double-tap. Ridiculously big for 2 shots. A Sig P238 is not any bigger and is magazine fed. Ditto the LCP and many other semi-auto pistols. These just seem like a goofy “look what I got” type of product.

    • Cymond

      Too big? How about the old WSP Downsizer?

    • Tim Pearce

      If one of my friends pulled one of these things out and said, “look what I got,” it’d take me a half hour to stop laughing in their face.

  • Asdf

    Sorry for this, but that is simply retarded. Maybe, just maybe, if you were noguns and built it in your garage for the resistance, just maybe, it would be cool. You could also build a 9mm tube subgun for the same effort.

  • Alex Nicolin

    That could be made under $50 and sold for $100 tops, with a bit less refinement. For $500 one can buy much better subcompact pistols, that fire more powerful cartridges. The .410 shotshell is weak even from a long barrel.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    Just throwing $499 to robber(s) will be more effective than shoot this crappy thing.

  • who cares?

    Total frickin tripe. For that kind of money you can get a Bulldog and a couple of baseball bats as back up.

  • George H Hill

    Pants On The Head Retarded.

  • Xavier C.

    Weren’t these the guys who split up from Double Tap after a falling out? Thereby delaying the market release of the Double Tap and moving on to create a equally priced but inferior gun when compared to that of their former partner’s? I am not a derringer guy but if someone handed me $500 and asked me to pick between the HD PS1 and the Double Tap in 45 ACP, I’d be the proud new owner of a Double Tap.

  • lg1722

    I don’t know if my Glock 36, and spare magazine are in trouble against this National Firearms Act gun, but hey, new sells.

  • Justin M.

    completely useless in my opinion. I would love to see the terminal ballistics of a 410 shot shell out of a barrel that short. I doubt they would be impressive.Very lame and overpriced.