Degtyaryov DP28 – Semi-Auto Versions For Sale in US

Degtyaryov DP28

Semi-automatic versions of the Degtyaryov DP28 machine gun are being sold in the United States through AIM Surplus.  The DP28 MG was used by the Soviet Union during World War II and beyond.

It used record-like, 47-round magazines.  Due to the shap of the magazines, the gun was nicknamed the “proigryvatel” or “record player.”  These rifles, like the original machine guns, are chambered in 7.62x54r, which was the cartridge used in the Mosin-Nagant rifles.

The guns are assembled from parts by Wise Lite Arms and use a 1953-marked semi-automatic receiver.  Included with the rifle are four of the round magazines and a carrying pouch that holds three mags.  Total price is a hair under $4,500.  These do not appear to be C&R eligible.

Richard Johnson

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  • NorThor

    worth it for the magazine badass factor alone.

  • Doom

    if that were more like…1000-1500 Id go for it. 4500 dollars though? I can get a real machine gun for less than that.

    • Brandon

      Really? The only NFA guns I’ve ever seen for $4500 are MAC10 and Cobray. Everything else is like 10-20 grand

      • Alex C.

        Mac 10, Mac 11, Stens, Reisings, MK760s, S&W 76s, Spitfires, Chauchats (lol), Ingram M6, Voere 22s, and others.

      • Doom

        see Alex’s comment, also, the MAC10 is a machine gun is it not?

    • DW

      They used to cost around 2k…4 years ago

      • Doom

        that is too bad, not terrible for that price and being made by A smaller company, 4500 though? NOPE!

  • SDsa22c

    semi auto non belt fed machine gun…..whhhyyy

    • noob

      piece of history.

      and a fun toy to take apart, study and put back together.

  • DW

    Pin the mag to 10 rounds and it suddenly becomes CA legal.

    • Cymond

      Almost. That conical flash hider is a no-go in CA without a magazine lock.

  • Yellow Devil

    Wonder if they strengthened the bipod. Apparently the original ones were rather weak, and were prone to breaking when handled roughly.

  • Ian

    Super awesome, just not $4500 awesome.

    It’s probably my favorite MG but I’d never even consider it at that price.

  • Tim U

    I was excited when I saw this…

    Then I clicked the link and saw the price tag.

    *sigh* so much for that new toy….

  • Raven

    Didn’t Century have a bunch of these, too?

  • /k/ommando

    >Due to the shap of the magazines, the gun was nicknamed the “proigryvatel” or “record player.”

    Not only that but the magazine pan rotates, meaning you can use the D-ring on it to tell how much ammo you’ve got left. People who’ve played the Red Orchestra games know what I’m talking about.

    PMAGs with windows and clear H&K magazines? HAH! Superior Soviet Engineering solved that problem 60 years ago!

    • Mazryonh

      Red Orchestra 2 rocks. Too bad it’s unlikely we’ll see a Korean War expansion; the DP-28 saw plenty of use in that conflict too.

    • Alex C.

      Chauchat solved it in 1907. Vive La France.

  • ColWW

    I purchased one a couple years ago from SOG for about $2,000 and received 12 of the round style mags and 4 pouches. I thought that was a lot of money. Looks like I got a deal, compared to $4,500.

  • dan citizen

    For a fraction of that you could buy a parts kit and pay a licensed builder to put together a semi. Semi auto DP builds are not terribly uncommon.

  • Bryan McConnell

    We can buy this but we can’t buy Curio American manufacture Garands retired from duty stations abroad. I don’t understand BATF nor this administration.

  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    With same pan magazine feed system, I really want this( V.G.O. or Vickers Class K, No2Mk1 Land Service) . When it will come from Great Britain?

  • rjackparis

    soo close to a 30+ round semi auto nugget

    • Doom

      30 rounds? HA more like 47!

  • Nicks87

    …and after you burn off 500 rnds or so you can cook breakfast on top of the magazine!

  • Gearheadpatriot

    Actually came across a DP28 in Afghanistan (Paktika Province) last year. A talib commander surrendered to the government, one of his men was carrying the DP28. Couldn’t believe it.