Brazilian Police Recall 98,000 Taurus 24/7 DS Pistols

The São Paulo State Military Police (PMSP), a gendarmerie tasked with the state’s non-investigative police work, have recalled all of the 98,000 (no, not a typo) .40 S&W Taurus 24/7 DS pistols issued to their personnel after discovering that some of them could be discharged without the trigger being pulled. In the video below, from, demonstrates how easily the faulty pistols can be discharged …

Taurus (Brazil, not Taurus USA) technicians will be investigating the problem and have promised an official comment soon.

Thanks to Paulo for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew Tuohy

    It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

    • Bruce

      It’s an anti-jogging device… Walk with a purpose people!

  • Fernanda

    0:21… The “shot” is added in the clip? The slide doesn´t recoil…

    • Dave

      I think thats because he puts the safety on and it locks the slide in place

      • allah snackbar

        So… stick a suppressor on 😛 . Wonder how much dB difference there is versus allowing the slide to move.

    • schizuki

      If he’s using a blank, it wouldn’t.

  • Glenn B

    No smoke from barrel, no flash, no recoil, slide not operating except after one so called shot. Very perplexing to understand how that is a video in which the pistol was fired.

    • Aurek Besh

      Poor, low-framerate video doesn’t lend itself very well to capturing fast actions. The first demonstrated shot around the 5-second mark is the best and it does show a faint puff and an ejecting case after the handgun is shaken.

    • dp

      It does cycle as usual except in last clip which by itself looks – clipped.

    • Bloedman

      They’re firing cartridges withouth bullets in them. Just the case with a firing pin. You know, so the bullets don’t go into something soft while demonstrating an uncontrolled firing?

      • Excuse me, but it would be impossible with anything but blank-adapted movie guns. Actual self-loading pistols don’t cycle with blanks. Please see the full video, if you want to discuss further.

  • Pete Sheppard

    It looks more like he’s shaking the pistol with dubbed in sound. There’s no indication (can anyone translate to English?) of WHAT caused the pistol to fire–apparently FA, even. The shooter just holds it, and ‘BLAMBLAM!’
    Absent more details, color me skeptical.

  • dp

    That’s the way the automatic pistol should act – to have it’s own mind, when it gets in mood, let the owner (or rather carrier) know. Like horse or dog. Now I start to understand how CZUB managed to establish their plant in Brazil.

  • J.T.

    And people wonder why Taurus gets bashed.

    • R.D.

      I don’t currently own a Taurus but, do you mean because of the recall? Like the ~ 80% of the firearm manufacturers have had at some point in their history. Wow! Great point!

      • HSR47

        Taurus has a long history of turning out poorly built guns. They’ve apparently gotten much faster at dealing with repairs, but the fact of the matter is that no properly built firearm should really NEED to go back to the manufacturer for repairs as often as Taurus firearms appear to.

        • Donald Cottam

          how many have you sent back? or are you full of it like most of the haters ive heard the anti taurus stuff for years and have never seen or know of any first hand experiences. i personally believe most failures of any weapon are due to improper maintenance

          • Big Guns

            Hi, I am in the USA and I have sent back a Taurus. It was a rifle that was given to me. The problem, the firing pin would just fall out. They replaced the firing pin but it didn’t fix the problem. I just know to check that it is still there when I put it away. Crap, total crap. Now I know why I was given it, the person couldn’t sell it. Oh, and this is with a rifle, which should be much easier to make properly than a hand gun. I would never trust my life to a Taurus. Period.

          • Tab

            I have sent one back and I will never buy another. I have had to send it back 2 times since July and I still don’t have it back. They are a terrible company and their reputation is well earned. I have had owed the gun for 4 months 3 of which Taurus has had it for repairs.

        • BryanS

          They also have a history of making parts for other gun companies. This appears to be a case of shipping out good product overseas, and faulty (counterfeit?) product at home.

    • Icchan

      I wouldn’t bash a Taurus, it might go off accidentally…

  • PCP

    The weird thing is that the 24/7 supposedly has a firing pin block, which should prevent any sort of ‘…firing without pulling the trigger…” issue unless it’s dropped from Jupiter; or something went very, very wrong in the production line and QC department. Considering that the trigger system of basically a Glock clone with DA feature added to it, I can think of a few scenarios that could explain what is happening. Hint: none of them are good…

    #1 firing pin block is horrendously out of spec.
    #2 The firing pin block is absent.
    #3 The firing pin block’s project is crap so doesn’t accomplish its function.
    #4 The trigger bar is somehow getting stuck all the way to the back disengaging the block.
    #5 All of the above.

    Not surprising at all considering only the “decent’ stuff goes to the USA; the trash remains in Brazilian soil for the bane of its subjects and hangman alike. Not a bad strategy at all considering the domestic market is all but nonexistent and the buyers are already accustomed with trash.

    Now fun fact about Brazil’s gun industry. CBC, the ammo company holding a de facto monopoly for LE and civilian market for ammo (the military has its own state owned dinosaur to supply its demands (if the budget allows for it(hint: It doesn’t))) also has a air rifle line of products. Sid air rifles are decent quality and have very good specs; most have reservoir that explode after some time. Yep the main ammo manufacturer of the country is unable to make a functional Gamo clone.

    Thank God I gave up of my dream of becoming a firearms engineer. Working for any of those clowns would not only have being a never ending nightmare of frustration but it would also have stuck me with them forever as my curriculum would be ruined forever, irradiated worse than Chernobyl’s molten radioactive lava.

    • Renato H. M. de Oliveira

      LOL, you’re a fellow Brazilian! Only a Brazilian would have this grasp of reality.

      Thank God that me too gave up on entering Brazilian firearms industry.

  • tim.m

    note to self: no pistol whipping with my taurus

  • Victor

    Taurus firearms in Brazil are complete garbage.

  • Igor

    At 00:17, he puts the safety on (Travada = locked) and it still shoots. The video is a little short, i will find the original where a Taurus tecnician shows the inside of the gun, and a cop comments that it’s a design failure, no amount of fixing will help, he changed his pistol 3 times and all of them had the problem.

    • Igor

      My bad, not a Taurus téc.., but a Federal Police armorer. It seems that the little metal thing que points at 2:02 is the safety, it’s supposed to block that spring he points afterward from moving, no idea how they though it would do that.

      • Igor

        Oh, i forgot to mention that, aside from almost killing themselfs (there are deaths because of this) without even touching the gun (both CC and on duty), lots of officers are going to JAIL because a misfire out of the blue like that looks like an execution on a video.

      • Suburban

        In this video, @3:04, the camera shows a few uniformed officers getting handsy with their holstered pistols. A little while later, @3:20, there is a computer generated reenactment of what looks to be a accidental discharge. So was that really an accidental discharge due to a faulty safety device, or was the victim fondling his piece, a bit like the uniformed officers, when the pistol discharged?

        Put the weapon in the holster, and don’t fiddle with it, unless you really need it.

        I wasn’t there to witness anything, but I am a little suspicious of the level of gun safety training administered.

  • Freqn Mods

    Don’t shake your gun at me, son!!

  • SmartBuyer

    Yet another reason not to buy a Taurus…

  • dp

    On average, Taurus does not have that bad resume, so as an owner I would not get super excited. Some tests are pretty positive:
    But, at the end, they will have to explain this to their customer.

  • J.d. Charles

    The original Glock 17 would go off when you tripped the slide to chamber a fresh round. Worse, some would go full auto.

    • Gen 1’s. The PD bought them and we had one go full auto.

    • HSR47

      Care to cite some evidence of this?

      • Gen 1 1988. We got a batch of new Glocks. Another range officer and myself took part of them to the range to check them out. The third Glock 17 we fired went full auto when the trigger was pulled for the very first round of this brand new pistol. Startled the hell out of both of us.
        Glock had a recall in 1988 or early 1989 for this problem. Part of our batch were replaced. The chief almost returned all of them over that foulup. There was another recall after that but nothing of consequence compared to the full auto problem.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Glad no-one was hurt. Must have been a true MPS ( Mucho Panic Sweat ) moment, though.

        • BryanS

          Having fired a FA glock… that would be one pucker inducing moment if you did not expect it.

    • CrankyFool

      I suppose I can’t argue that it may have happened to someone — nobody’s perfect — but I’ll tell you, my Gen1 Glock 17 is now about 20 years old and has had thousands of rounds through it. This has never happened to it. My other Gen1 Glock 17 is only about 17 years old and nothing similar has ever happened to it.

    • Miguel A

      OK, problems happened with the Beretta 92 too. Before the Beretta 92F became the M9, US Navy special warfare had problems with the 92SB, a few had broken slides, and caused injuries to operators., Beretta first tried to blame hot ammo but accepted later it was a problem caused by poor metallurgy. They fixed the problems and made some changes in the design.
      The PROBLEM in this case with Taurus is that it has already cost the life of a dozen of officers in Brazil.

  • Miguel A

    Apparently not only the 24/7 DS, the PT-640s from the PMSP are being recalled too.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Have they considered executing the owner of Taurus for putting so many people at risk? That might get some general attention!

  • 17&32

    Buy a glock. If it’s a duty weapon – buy a glock. If it’s a SD weapon – buy a glock. If it’s a competition weapon, man up and deal with the 1.5 stage trigger – and buy a glock. If your carpenter’s hammer broke – buy a glock, just watch out for the sights. Or don’t, it will still point-shoot just fine.

    Jesus tapdancing Christ when will people stop buying antiquated Highpower-based s*** or glock-ripoffs, and just go to the source and buy a glock!

    I know full well this is often a matter of taste, personal preference, grip angle etc. But this is not about personal preference, this is about pratical use.

    • floppyscience

      Because Glock is the only “pratical” pistol out there?

      • 17&32

        No, because it is the AK of handguns. It just works, period. Nothing fancy, minimum of operating parts, as plain as a modern handgun can be. And that is the very reason why.

  • ShadowHatesYou

    I own a 24/7 DS Gen 1 in 9×19. It is a fine gun. I’ve fired 10k+ rounds from my 24/7, and the only problem I’ve had is
    the back plastic cap coming off, leading to the red striker indicator
    falling out.

    The firing pin block follows the same basic design you see in glocks and other pistols: In the slide there is a plunger with a hole in it, and a spring keeps it pushed down until the trigger pushes it up into it’s recession, clearing the firing pin channel for movement. There’s only three ways this could have happened:

    1) basic cleaning has not been performed and the firing pin block channel is dirty, or

    2) the firing pin block spring has somehow weakened(seems very unlikely)

    3) It’s also possible the spring responsible for returning the firing pin to the rear of the firing pin channel has been weakened, and the pin is remaining in the channel after recoil, but I find that highly unlikely since the forward motion of the slide should seat the pin to the rear again if it’s moving so freely as to be able to be fired by shaking it.

    Also the slide doesn’t reciprocate when the safety is on in this video because the safety prevents the slide from moving while engaged.

    I, for one, am not worried about the safety of my pistol. This screams operator error. Guns are machines – take care of them, and they will take care of you.

    I’ll post pics of the mechanism once I get home tonight

    • Pam Dunn

      or #4. It’s a BAD design !!

  • Donald Cottam

    funny how springfeild can recall numbers 900000 thru 938700 in 0ne cal. and 500000 thru 686300 in another and no one bashes them your all full of shot. BTW S&W also issued a “safety alert” on m&p sheilds not specifying a number but saying stop using your pistol immediately. maybe like them taurus is being thorough. DUH

    • Robert Paul Doran

      How many of those can fire two magazines at will just by shaking them?

  • USA #1 America! YEAH

    Serials 640…

  • CJS3

    I just found out that this happened in 2009, and covers a pistol not made anymore. The only reason it was in the news recently was due to an election.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      That’s a very interesting observation that could be a complete game-changer in this discussion. Could you please substantiate that? I would hate to see all the contributors on this web site getting into a debate over something that may have long since been fixed. Thanks in advance.

    • Miguel A

      WRONG INFORMATION! Should inform yourself better before spreading false info. There have been MANY different complaints made by brazilian cops(from all states in Brazil) about Taurus guns. Most were ignored or ‘buried’ by superiors.

      In 2009 there was indeed a small recall for pistols(dont remember the model) but what we are talking about is a huge recall, for the 24/7 DS and PT 940. that is happening NOW in 2013(i.e. the final date for that recall was 27 Sep).

      And talking about the present time, just 2 months ago, another brazilian cop, corporal Sergio Haruo tanaka(Sao Paulo Police), was killed in a bizzarre accident involving another cop’s 24/7 pistol….

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        If what you are saying is correct, then this would substantiate the contention that Taurus does manufacture guns of excellent quality, except that these are reserved for export to paying markets, while the same models used for domestic consumption are the production line rejects and second-string production versions. Interesting observation considering CJS3’s opposite viewpoint.

        • Miguel A

          That’s my opinion. No doubt there is a huge quality gap between exported and locally sold guns. I believe the Taurus guns sold in the US market are probably of decent quality(or at least OK) but at home is a completely different story

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Ah, then you have the advantage of being able to see this from the local perspective of a Brazilian citizen ( as it was judging from the comments posted by Renato H.M. de Oliveira and PCP ). Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge on the subject!

  • Stand Your Ground

    I believe Taurus intended this as a feature if your wife was shaking, she could be able to shoot the intruder when you had the feeling in the back of your head that she could never shoot the pistol when necessary

  • MP

    Give me a Jennings over that puppy any day.


    ***FUNNY*** how this supposedly firearm site is posting a picture of the NEW and Current Taurus 24/7 G2, yet the 24/7 that is in the video is the OLDER model, look at the front trigger guard, that I believe is NO longer being made or being imported in the United States. ALL Manufactures can have problems. Look at Glock, heck look at the current ones by Springfield Armory with their XDS and Smith&Wesson and their M&P Shield.

    • Robert Paul Doran

      How many of those can fire two magazines at will just by shaking them?

  • dr. wolf

    I am a brazilian shooter. I hate taurus and its monopoly. Here only taurus can sell firearms to the police. Because the army says so. Imbel has a very small share of the the market too and belongs to the army. You, americans, please pay a hundred dollars more and buy a decent weapon. Taurus sucks! Taurus is not made to last. And you can not trust your life on Taurus. As a civilian, I only had bad reviews to make about taurus pistols and revolvers. And that police recall is being made because the situation became unbearable, even with all money taurus can give to convince the contrary. Taurus makes profit wwith policemen blood and reputations.

  • JGault

    you have a picture of a completely different gun. your showing a Gen 2 version.

  • mark

    Degun Possession….

  • Robert Paul Doran

    Shake shake shake. Shake shake shake. Shake your shooter. Shake your shooter.

  • slongmanAZ

    I usually don’t carry with one in the pipe unless I am going out at late at night or in a high crime area. The odds that I will need to use my weapon are extremely small. Guns fail. People make mistakes – ALL of us do. To me it’s just comes down to the odds. The odds that I will end up getting hit in an exchange because of a 0.7 sec slower reaction time vs. an AD/ND are not on par from what I have read. That’s just how I feel. My brother just responded to a guy who literally blew his dick off through ND – seriously. They see ND’s all the time. And we just watched a video of a Taurus 24/7 that goes off when shaken. I’ll risk the 0.7 sec and have piece of mind that my shirt doesn’t someday tack up and end up costing me my leg. Am I wrong about the odds? Help me out with an opinion – maybe I’m wrong.

  • Hyok Kim

    We’ve got a new champ now. ‘Made in Brazil’

  • the DS stands for Dog Sh*t..