The New Kalashnikov Logo

Last month Izhmash officially became known as Concern Kalashnikov (although in the West I am sure it will be simply branded as Kalashnikov). I just noticed that they have uploaded their new logo (pictured above). The colors of the logo are the same colors as the Russian flag. I quite like the logo, with the rifle pistol grip, magazine and receiver in white making a “K”, although the color scheme and cut-out style remind me of the NBA and MLB logos. The old Izhmash logo is pictured below …


Steve Johnson

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  • Snusmumr

    BTW (from a recent Putin’s visit): — AK-12 carbine — transparent magazine for AK and a lot of chrome on AK/SVD — looks like AS-1/-2 has a forward ejection, after all (also, a big-ass optical/thermal sight/ballistic computer/whatever)

  • noob

    we should have a “Concern Kalashnikov is Concerned about your choice of a less reliable firearm” meme

  • Big Daddy

    I wish the USA would have more honor for it’s great inventors and warriors of the past. Everything now is made to forget those people not embrace and honor them.

  • Schizuki

    Holy crispes, it looks like Obama’s logo! Now the Russkies are just twisting the knife.

  • BryanS

    As a person who works in the design field, I like their old logo better. The new one seems cartoonish, and the presentation above does not show a great amount of thought in text placement. Perhaps it does better on other media.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I really like the logo. It is both modern but at the same time a throwback to their heritage. Still, the company was bankrupt, so their old marketing efforts clearly were not working and I am not surprised they are throwing everything out and starting afresh.

  • Snusmumr

    Also, given that the Russian MoD decided to adopt AK-12, some might wonder what they are going to do with an enormous stockpile of older generations AKs. This article has an answer:
    I decided to translate it, partially:

    Vladimir Putin supported an offer, according to which “Rostekhnologii” corporation will provide the MoD with one AK-12 in exchange for three AKs of previous generation, vice-premier Dmitriy Rogozin told to journalists. AK-12 didn’t pass state trials yet, after them it will be decided how many will be bought. “Kalashnikovs” of older generations may be sent abroad.
    “Right now we receive quite a lot of requests for military-technical help”, – Rogozin explained. He didn’t specify the countries. Former generations of AK may be used as spare parts, civilian weapons may be created on their base. In this way, there is a possibility to profit, selling reworked assault rifles on external markets.

    • wetcorps

      There it is. They got so many AK they can use them as a form of currency 😀

  • Bob

    Awesome, The “K” is not forever linked to the Rifle. Soon the anti gunners will start crying and the public schools will ban the letter “K” because it resembles the receiver, magazine and grip of an AK. 🙂

  • nada

    I have a little side-hobby of art and design and all I’ve gotta say is Russia still is 20yrs behind us. Looks like a 1990’s logo to me.

    • nada

      P.s. The integration of “K” & rifle isn’t bad in theory, just seems ‘meh’ to me.

  • Rich Kerr

    Too bad Mikhail didn’t have a twin brother . . .
    “Wont stop that Coffin!”
    *Handy AK dispenser included!
    Now that’s marketing . . . 🙂

  • Sergo Varga

    What a terrible logo!!!
    Only causes a gag reflex 🙁

  • will

    That’s the ugliest logo since Animal Planet.