DSEi 13: You Call That High Capacity?

The Dillon Aero DGP2300 Gun Pod combines a 7.62mm M134D-H gun with a 3,000 round magazine. How long does it take to shoot 3,000 rounds you ask? Just 1 minute.

The system is entirely self contained, so it can be mounted on any aircraft that can handle weight, rotational torque and recoil of the gun (190 lbs of recoil). It has its own battery which can be wired into the aircraft to trickle charge.


Steve Johnson

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  • Anton Gray Basson

    Nothing really new there, similar pods were fitted to aircraft in Vietnam

    • Lance

      Yeah have this pod on a A-1 Skyrader would be awesome.

  • JT

    This is still pretty neat. Probably will be favored on Kiawas. There’s also that “homeland security” aircraft they have been talking about for a while. What’s to say you couldn’t even affix this thing to a cessna and every state could have their own poor man’s air force?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Not sure a little cessna would fly nice with that my extra weight 😉 I am sure others here could tell you what the smallest aircraft which could handle this is.

      Small prop planes with machine guns are being used as cheap airforces. They make a lot of sense when slow speed is not an issue but less maintenance and lower costs are.

      The Blackwater airforce consisted of prop planes with machine guns. Not sure if or where they were ever deployed.

      • Big Daddy

        Until someone with a 50 cal or DShK shoots back, even a PKM. Without any armor protection it would be like driving around in an old M151 only in the air flying. Any COIN type plane or helicopter needs some armor protection.

      • J.T.

        A 172 or 182 probably wouldn’t work, but a 310 with a STOL kit probably would work nicely (until you got shot at).

        • A 182 might work but that would be pushing it. If only one was mounted under a wing you would certainly be flying a bit sideways:-) I imagine a 310 could handle it if it was mounted on the centerline under the fuselage. A lot of weight though.
          I’d like to see one mounted on a Lear 70 🙂

      • Mystick

        So… what’s the comparison in recoil energy compared to say… WWII-era 6 M2 .50’s?

        • Big Daddy

          From what I understand any eclectically operated gun has minimal recoil. Basic physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s just 7.62 NATO . That’s why people do not go flying backward when hit with a shotgun round like you see in the movies. Yes 6-8 recoil operated Browning 50 cal MGs would shake things up a bit. Notice those WWII planes had sturdy thick wings. The Germans preferred cannons mounted in the nose of the aircraft firing through the propeller hub.

          • Rooftop Voter

            Big Daddy,
            You ever see a cut away drawing of a centerline firing cannon thru the propeller hub? Really impressive for that time period. Can’t recall where I saw it online but they did a nice engineering job.

          • Big Daddy

            Yes years ago on a Me109. The German then and now are masters of engineering not race…..ha ha. At that time the US could not get the tolerances the Germans were on their engines, guns, everything. The best designers and steel workers. I still love the Me262 jet, what a beautiful aircraft.

          • As long as you change the engines out every few hours. The Jumo 004 engine wasn’t ready until late 44 so they used one that just couldn’t stand up to what it was being asked to do.
            The wing geometry was used in the F86 Saber in the beginning.

          • Big Daddy

            Not to mention the fuel was dangerous but not as bad as the Me163s. I always thought the P-80 and F-86 had a lot of similarities to the Me262. Like everything else someone copies someone else and they get copied and so on. All the modern Russian aircraft are based on US designs. Even the Su25 was based on the A-9 which lost to the A-10. The 1950s and 1960 was an amazing time for technology, it just exploded those decades. So much derived from Nazi Germany. As Maxwell Smart used to say if only they had used that for good and not evil. Or something like that.

      • Anonymoose

        I’m pretty sure Blackwater/Xe/Academi used their planes mostly for airlifts, not for CAS.

        • They actually used the Super Tucano but it was kept very much under wraps.
          The US was going to use these for COIN but canceled the contract.

          • Big Daddy

            That is a beautiful aircraft, great lines. I think it’s based on the old T-28 Trojan. In my opinion the best COIN aircraft ever made was the OV-10A Bronco. It has so much potential because of the design, it has so much growth potential. Especially armor and weapons load with the two engines and spacious fuselage. STOL ability, probably can be set up for aerial refueling, more powerful engines. I heard Boeing was working on an updated version with M3Ms instead of the M60s. They called it the OV-10X. I think the DOD soured on the aircraft after a total of 3 lost aircraft during the first Iraq war. They did not have the full compliment of SAM missile protection and were knocked out with simple MANPADS. No warning, no flares, nothing, the Marines did not have the money to outfit these aircraft and sent them in anyway. That is what I read. The Super Tucano has had some success in the COIN role but did not operate under high threat environments. Against any well equipped insurgents they would not be nearly as successful IMO. I thought another possibility was a redesigned Piper Enforcer based on the old P-51 Mustang. Maybe add a tricycle landing gear instead of the tail dragger. It would have been bigger faster and better equipped than the Super Tucano. I bet the DOD would have spent another billion dollars redesigning the P-51 and never got it off the ground. The issue with the COIN aircraft in Central and South America is the need to be able to intercept drug running aircraft, something the OV-10 cannot do and the Super Tucano can.

          • JT

            I had a friend from Brazil who would tell me that they use these in military raids by shutting off the engines, gliding in silently, attacking, then switching the engine back on and flying away

  • Eric S

    Forget aircraft, I want to mount that on a monster truck. Cause, America.

    • Big Daddy

      Ha ha that’s what I was going to write.

    • gunslinger

      you mean ‘MURIKA?

    • Andrey Martim

      With a Eagle on top and a white/red color scheme for the barrels. ‘MURIKA!!!!!!!

  • Sentinel762

    Last photo is upside-down…

    • phuzz

      That was really confusing me too. I thought it was mounted under a wing of some kind.

  • Rick

    that’ll work just fine in the back of my little Tacoma. A motorized turret controlled by the passenger in the cab, no problem.

    People think the staged photo op hack jobs by the “rebels” in Libya were impressive, they haven’t seen a tenth of what American shops would produce if such things were needed.

    • Mystick


  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Paint it glossy black and slap an Apple logo on it: iDeath, destroyer of worlds.

  • bsnighteye

    Not bad. But 23mm GSh-6-23 will always be in my heart in a first place just because it’s gas-operated…

    • Big Daddy

      I know some people who are gas operated.

      • Rooftop Voter

        You and I must work with the same people.

  • ThomasD

    Another fine product from Zorg industries. I’m still partial to the ZF-1 though, being man portable and shooting flame.

  • Sean

    So I can’t mount it on my Altima?