Century Arms Stabilizing Brace For AK Pistols

The Century Arms SB-47 is a “Stabilizing Brace” for AK pistols. It looks and functions almost exactly like the SIG SB15 Stabilizing Brace Pistol we reviewed a few weeks ago. Like the SIG SB15, the SB-47 is BATFE approved and requires no tax stamp, despite the fact that it can easily be used as a uncomfortable stock.

The MSRP is only $139.95, so while this stock probably won’t replace a real Short Barreled Rifle, if you own a AK-style pistol it will probably be a lot of fine for a relatively small investment. The stock supports PAP M92 PV, PAP M85 PV, Draco and C39 pistols.

Steve Johnson

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  • JT

    Maybe this is how the BATFE makes people hate them a little bit less

  • will

    I see where this product is coming from, but it’s still fairly stupid.

  • John Sjöström
  • Jimmy!?

    Wouldn’t buy one on a bet. In the words of Adm. Akbar: It’s a trap!

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Anyone remember the confusion that reigned when ATF first approved the bumpfire stocks and then changed their minds after they had already been released into the wild? No? You will.

    • Cymond

      And you may remember that those bumpfire stocks that were approved were different from the ones that were actually sold. The example submitted to ATF was a nonfunctional design for the SKS, the version sold was a spring-loaded design for the 10/22.
      You may also remember that the AA-2 is on the market now, with no ATF interference.

  • Jeff Smith

    Here’s what I want to know: if this “brace” touches your shoulder, can you be charged with construction of an unregistered short barreled rifle? I’ve seen several videos of these being used as stocks, but all of the guns had been registered as SBRs to avoid any potential conflict.

    • I don’t see how since it’s been approved. How a shooter uses it shouldn’t come into play.

      • schizuki

        I’m sure the ATF will succumb to your logic with a hearty, “Well, no matter then. Good day to you, sir!” They’re pretty reasonable.

      • Jeff Smith

        Phil, thanks for the response! As I said, every video (as well as a post here) I’ve seen has taken the precaution of registering the weapon as an SBR, but none have dealt with the legal side of using the brace as a stock.

    • david

      Approval of a product is based on the intent of the product, not how it is used or misused. EX: It is illegal to place a forward vertical grip on a AR15 pistol, yet you are NOT breaking the law if you install a bipod on an AR15 pistol and hold it like a forward vertical grip. The bipod is legal because it was designed to perform a legal purpose. Using for another purpose does not make it illegal.

      • Cymond

        Likewise, it is illegal to install a vertical handgrip on a pistol, regardless of whether or not you actually use it.
        Likewise, it is illegal to put a stock on a pistol, regardless of whether or not you put the stock against your shoulder.
        And it is not illegal to put a buffer tube against your shoulder.

        It is about the DESIGN of the firearm, not how you hold it.

        The only legal mess I can see is if ATF somehow proves that you installed the arm brace with intent to use it as a stock.

  • schizuki

    I’d totally buy one of these, but I already spent the money on a giant carbon-fiber wing for my Civic.

    • RobGR

      Hahhaha, holy moly, that was ace. Unfortunately, I’m sure I’ll see some a-hole with one of these at my local range soon and he will probably have a knife strapped to his leg too….

  • david

    This product is by the same designer/manufacturer as the Sig version. This one is just licensed to a different company as distributor.

  • Jack

    If the ATF says this is legal but a stock isn’t, then the NFA needs to go away. Arbitrary configurations that make a rifle/shotgun less lethal with stricter controls make no sense. ATF is bonkers.

  • CavScout

    This is a great idea that the firearms/black rifle community has been hoping for.

    Not sure why all the confusion, questions, flaunting, and negativity. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. Don’t use this option while some of us do.

    What’s unexpected for me is it fits the “C93’s.” I’d research before buying one for an H&K or PTR pistol, but now those ‘pistols’ are better options than they were before.

  • BaconLovingInfidel

    Still can’t believe ATF okayed these.

    Just like the Sig brace, this is a very interesting item for those who don’t live in a free state.

    • Freedom?

      What state is free?

  • FortressMT

    …you mock ingenuity? Way to go.

  • James

    Don’t know why I’m seeing all the ridicule. Here’s a viable functional option that bypasses having to spend more money on a stock, adaptor, and tax stamp than you spent on the damn gun. I took the money I would have spent on the tax stamp and stock and put a side rail on it and bought a PK-01 dot.

  • Wolfsbane

    Is the ATF warrant of legality only if these are mounted on AR or AK pistols? What if through ones ingenuity they’re mounted on another type of pistol other than one of these two? Does it still apply?