Glock settles lawsuit with Maxsell Corp

Zoraki M917

Last year Glock sued Maxsell Corp, claiming that the Zoraki M917 blank firing replica they were importing violated Glock’s trade dress protection. The case has now been settled. The lawyers will not reveal the details of the settlement but I think it is safe to conclude that Maxsell Corp will not be selling or importing these replicas in the future.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    I think Hollywood and ABC who make alot of NYPD shows and movies will regret this.

  • ducky

    All references, photos and video claiming that any item in this Review/Video looks like a Glock or is a Replica of a Glock in any way shape or form have been removed from this post as requested by Glock”Renzulli Law Firm”

    My new Zoraki Mod. 917 as you can see, is styled very closely after the NAME REMOVED and so much so that all new version sold in North America must have “This is not a Glock” engraved on the right side frame of the receiver in order to be sold. Mine however was purchased before this requirement 🙂 UPDATE: NO LONGER BEING SOLD IN NORTH AMERICA….

  • Edgar Castelo

    Now, I know, why Glock did not like my Glock Silhouette Rubber Band gun! LOL

  • Alex

    There is a “Glock-clone” made by the turkish wich shoots rubber bullets, in my country it can be purchased as “non-lethal self-defense gun”.
    It’s pretty crappy, it’s called Stalker 917 ant it’s basically the same “weapon”.
    Glock is right to sue them, it’s not even a good-looking clone, the only good part is the price. 🙂