New Kalashnikov Inc. AS-1 and AS-2 Bullpup Rifles

Two new bullpup rifles were debuted by the newly formed Kalashnikov Inc. Izhmash, one of Russia’s largest arms makers was recently renamed to Kalashnikov Inc. Along with Izhmash, Izhmech, Baikal and Molot also make up the new Kalashnikov Inc. Posted over at, the new AS-1 and AS-2 were revealed at the “Innovation Day” expo in Russia. Not much is known about these new rifles however, what we do know is the AS-1 will be chambered in 5.45x39mm and the AS-2 in 7.62x39mm.

Google Translate’s version of the article was a bit hard to follow, a member over on the gun section of Reddit provided a much better translation of the article as seen below:

“For the very first time, the new special purpose assault rifle AS-1, was publicly shown. The Kalashnikov Corp demonstrated these weapons, which were initially developed at the request of the FSB for special operations, to the professional community at the “Innovation Day” expo – AS-1 in 5.45×39 mm and AS-2 in 7.62×39 mm.

Later on, the AS assault rifle may be included as an armament competent of the indigenously developed Ratnik “future soldier” system.

The main characteristic of the new assault rifle is the so-called “bull-pup” configuration. According to an announcement by a representative of Kalashnikov Corp, in addition to the more traditional rifle configurations, the company will develop and mass-produce such “bull-pup” designs, where the hammer part of the fire control group and magazine are located behind the trigger.”

The article goes on to describe the history and benefits of the bull-pup weapons, focusing on the Steyr AUG.

It ends with: “Unfortunately, at the moment, we lack any details on the design and specific functionality of the AS-1 and AS-2 assault rifles, but hope that more information will be disclosed and available soon.”

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  • Lance

    Doubt Russia will buy them but its interesting since the 1980s Russia and China made alot of AK bullpup style rifles but never caught on. Prefer the standard AK variant. But interesting to see what they are desperate to sell.

    • MNOR

      “The Kalashnikov Corp demonstrated these weapons, which were initially developed at the REQUEST of the FSB for special operations…..”

      Well, If you actually read the article, it seems like they’ll have no problem selling them to Russian SOF, which is the intended end-user.
      There are loads of non-western/western SOF-units that have eastern-block calibered weapons in they’re arsenals. Should sell nicely as a niche weapon.

      Once again, the only problemYOU have with this, and any other weapon, Lance, is that it isn’t an AR-15.
      I wonder when you’re going to realize that investing you’re entire ego in a 50 year-old plattform on the internet doesen’t make you come across as anything but a biased and ignorant fanboy.

      Btw, I thought you were done with this blog? u’know, since we’re all “SF-posers” here….

      To TFB’s moderators: I’m sorry, but I’m getting tired of reading this guy’s derogatory comments on everything that isn’t an AR-15, both here, and on Kitup.


      • Joe Schmoe

        Dude, just ignore the kid. He’s one of those “have dumb opinions on everything” type of guys on the internet.

      • Lance

        MNOR your being the hypocrite here. I didn’t mention a AR platform at all. I said most AK bullpups made for use where passed on by militaries who didn’t like them. And your being the troll here I didn’t mention any thing but most Russian military units prefer conventional AKs not a bullpup and that the AK-12 will have a better chance for standard issue than this.

        Now I know you SCAR lovers or HK lovers are sour over your loss of ICC but get over it. Your being a a 12 year old trying to pick a fight in a subject nothing to do with ARs or any western firearm. So quit being a troll and hug your ego bilt on your fancy gun purchases at FNH-USA somewhere else.

        • Christopher

          Because a rigged competition being canceled means that the AR-15 isn’t a piece of shit. You trolled every gun website with your stupid “AR-15 is the bestest gun and HK/FN are the suck logic”.

          You seem to know shit about AK Bullpups as the Groza and

          Vektor CR-21 are still in production and used by their original countries.

          • Matrix_3692

            wait, did you just said “every gun website”? geez, it’s worse than i thought.

          • Christopher

            Yeah it’s like he’s a paid troll for Colt or something.

          • Daniel E. Watters

            Who adopted the CR21?

        • whodywei

          How do you know “most Russian military units prefer conventional AKs” ???

        • Hey both have had your say drop it. No need in name calling to get your feelings across.

      • No need to apologize you weren’t terribly insulting or anything close really. That being said lets just drop it there.
        I like the AR a lot but I also like my Tavor, AK’s and a bunch more. They all have their spot to fill.

        • MNOR

          Lance, I’m not trolling or trying to pick a fight. I am merely voicing my opinion.
          And it’s true, the russians are going for the AK-12(not a bullpup) as the standard issue service-rifle, no one has claimed otherwise. The AS-1 and AS-2 aren’t meant for russian joe’s. It’s meant for the elite community within the FSB, as the article clearly says.
          So again, I’m not being a hypocrite or trolling. I came with a counterpoint to you’re statement that this was going to sell, and you took offense, and resorted to name-calling. As per usual.

          I’m not sad about ICC either. Im not in the US military, it’s not my problem. My country’s military has already adobted a 21st century platform. which is perfoming quite well.

          And with that, I’m done, per the moderators wishes.


  • Giolli Joker

    Looks pretty interesting!
    And less NERF-gun than many modern bull-pups…

  • Matrix_3692

    “……the company will develop and mass-produce such “bull-pup” designs……”
    so,does that mean we’ll be seeing more and more bull-pups from Kalashnikov Inc. in the future?
    that’s very cool, especially for a bull-pup lover like me.

    • Risky

      The problem with foreign produced bullpups is that they’re pretty much impossible to get imported… You can neuter an AKM into a Saiga, but its much harder (if not impossible) to neuter a bullpup into a ‘sporting’ setup. Its design pretty must necessitates a pistol grip. Really they’d need to come in as parts and be built onto US made receivers.

      • Max Glazer

        Which means bye-bye quality

  • Brody Kennen

    I’ll take one AS-2, please. In fact, make that one dozen.

  • FourString

    checked this site not expecting much on a sleepy Sunday and———————-HOLY SHET

  • Nicholas Mew

    This is interesting.

  • Joe Schmoe
    • Alf

      Is that a knock off Elcan specterDR?

      • Snusnumr

        “Narodovolets” by Dedal-NV. Don’t know how much of a knock off, though. Looks a bit different.

        • dannyboy

          Npz makes a elcan spectre type scope . Its on their website

          • Snusmumr

            PSU? Dedal’s one looks different (and more like SpecterDR) externally, though.

      • Fred Johnson

        Looks like the Russians made their own Elcan to use AA batteries. So yeah, I’m thinking another reverse engineered Russian product.

    • Ren

      Is it just me or does the forward grip looks like a skinny hand grenade?

    • Esh325

      Just pointing out a few changes from the last AK-12. It appears they redesigned the handguard rail and have made it connect with the receiver rail. The stock appears to be redesigned. There better be a cheek riser for it. The magazine release looks redesigned? Overall, it looks good. State tests are slated for autumn for the AK-12 I’ve read.

  • worowski

    Is it usable by left-handed? Russians seem to have at least one bull-pup ( that solved the case ejection in FN F2000 style

    • Joe Schmoe

      Depends by what you mean.

      Some bullpups, like the Tavor, have easily switchable left-right handed ejection systems. But you are also able to fully use the Tavor off-shoulder thanks to its not flinging of rounds rearwards and the fact that the ejection port is a bit more forward.

      • Lance

        Joe quit trolling everyone has a opinion and like him seems to try to pick a fight over your love of fancy guns you bought that you think beat everything else. Just leave your fights in your small head. This is for opions on the article not about your ego on your fake past.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Oh please, I used the M4A1 as my service carbine in the army and army reserves for years (still do), I know every part it has, and even every sound that carbine makes and I love it for what it is. I fully stand behind it being a great weapon and very reliable if properly taken care of.

          Doesn’t mean there aren’t superior designs. The M4 is a platform designed in 1988 and is based almost entirely on a platform that is 56 years old at this point.

        • Lance drop it really. You have no need to insult to get a point across. You should know by now I don’t kid around.

    • Snusmumr

      “that solved the case ejection in FN F2000 style”

      You mean “in TKB-022 style”, right? Since F2000 wasn’t around when A-91 appeared.
      I think, it depends on whether AS-1/AS-2 is an ”A-91, Futuristic Edition” or “ASh-12.7, Conventional Caliber Edition” (although, not much is known about this beast). External design is quite similar to the latter, but we’ll see (hopefully). Either way, CSN FSB guys probably know what they want.

      • Snusmumr

        Hmm… On a second glance it’s neither A-91 nor ASh-12.7. Looks like it doesn’t have A-91’s ejection system. And it has a prominent AK-style high-placed gas tube. “AK-12 Bullpup” then? But Zlobin’s KBP past clearly shows in AS-1/-2’s external design.

    • whodywei

      The charging handle of F2000 is not very left hand friendly.

      • Anton Gray Basson

        The charging handle on the the FS2000 is the same as the FAL and I find both rather friendly as a lefty. Just reach forward to charge while pointing the rifle on target. I cant wait for my dedicated status to come through so that I can pick up the FS2000.

    • billybobjoe

      I think that it ejects similar to the a91/f2000/RFB etc., as you can’t see an ejection port on either side. I bet it’s based off the a91 internally, maybe with BARS (wishful thinking probably)

  • bbmg

    Bring back the ОЦ-14 Гроза ;-/

    • Snusmumr

      Why? It was designed in 1989. And last time I checked it was in limited use with the MVD. But its production was stopped for a reason.
      And if the FSB thought OTs-14 satisfies theirs requirements, they would buy OTs-14. So, it doesn’t really make sense to bring back something no one needs.

      • wetcorps

        Because it’s cool 😀
        But yeah, it sure looks as unwieldy as a bullpup design can get.

        • bbmg

          Took the words right out of my mouth 🙂

          Also, it’s modular!

          … and can take the 9mm subsonic rounds… though one could argue that the AK platform can take them too.

          • wetcorps

            Though I read somewhere the silencer or grenade launcher are almost mandatory as a way to give the weapon a better balance. Without these it will constantly tip up unless you grab the foregrip, if any.
            I once shot a short barreled, 9mm Steyr AUG in a similar layout and it was quite awkward ^^

      • bsnighteye

        By report of spetsnaz veteran of MVD in his blog –

        OTs-14-4A has several problems:
        – impossible to shoot from left shoulder
        – face of the shooter is above the extraction window and that means above gas
        – incovenient change of magazines
        – safety-mode change switch can’t be used fast and operatively
        – incovenience in handling and aiming in situations with helmet and body armor
        – after shooting you can expect a hard cleaning – after several magazines cleaning of OTs-14-4A is harder than AS “Val” because of the many hard to reach places in the receiver + cleaning of silencer

    • Max Glazer

      OTs-14 was found to be underdeveloped. It was really an AK with stock removed and relocated pistol grip. It had poor balance, poor grouping and being based off AKS-74U could have propensity to overheat. Removable barrel didn’t help the accuracy either and was way too light if a 40mm launcher was used. There is better replacement available. A-91M

  • Wosiu

    These seems to be models, not even prototypes, but AS-2 have visible number (something like serial number).

    Lenght of both rifles -74 cm, weight with empty magazine – 3,5 kg. There are strange safety and fire selectors.

  • Mike Knox

    I’m wondering how awkward it would be changing the magazines would be for the 7.62x39mmR version. The mag looks like it would hit the pistol grip..

  • jrt 82


    Hey Arsenal, this is what we call a “GAME CHANGER”

    • Asdf

      Man you got that right. A game changer my arse.

  • wetcorps

    I don’t find much interest in mordern bullpup designs that do not adress the ejection problem so you can use it from either shoulder without modification.

  • Nicholas Mew

    I would like to see them with the BARS system.

  • echo

    Design a rifle that bypasses the liberal commie cuomo unsafe act law in ny.

    • Cymond

      They’d call it a “loophole” and say you’re “skirting the law”. Then they’d ban it. It’s in progress right now in CA.

  • Masoo2

    That 5.45 in green would be so sexy

    • Esh325

      It is in green I think, it’s just the light isn’t on it.

  • Esh325

    I wonder is the AS-1 and AS-2 based on the AK at all?

  • Matt J

    What have they done to my beloved ak?