Detonics MTX Double Stack 1911 .45 Pistol

Detonics Defense have begun production of their new Detonics MTX pistol. The double stack 1911-style pistol design focuses on ergonomics. It has a contoured grip,  generous beavertail, serrated hammer and undercut trigger guard.

Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel Length: 4.25 Inch Match Grade
Overall Length: 7.95 Inches
Empty Weight: 36 oz.
Sights: Fixed Serrated Combat Sights
Finish: Black over Black or Black over Silver
Grip Width: 1.23 Inches
Slide Width: .92 Inches
Dust Cover Width: .83 Inches
Magazine Capacity: 12+1 (2011 style magazines)
MSRP: $1500.00

Diag Back Left Front Right RIGHT


The design, a combination of curves and hard angles, probably won’t appeal to everyone but I really like it. It has a Walther look to it in my opinion.

From the press release …

MILLSTADT, Ill. – August 15, 2013 – Detonics is pleased to announce production of the MTX pistol. The Detonics MTX is a double stack 1911 style pistol that incorporates 30 years of research in precision science. This research led to the development of a pistol that includes features previously reserved for elite operators and competition shooters.

All handgun owners strive to achieve maximum accuracy regardless of the situation or environment. For law enforcement officers, military operators, and CCW owners, accuracy and speed is a matter of survival or saving another life. For competition shooters, controlled precision and speed are the foundation to a winning match.

The heart of the MTX is instinctive precision and shooting ergonomics. In our quest to design a combat pistol we researched over 30 years of law enforcement training and officer shoot-outs to engineer a product that enhances a shooters abilities. Through consistent grip alignment, comfort, and recoil control we have designed a pistol that can make an officer or concerned citizen more precise under stress.

With the patented contours of the MTX grip and frame system, along with the one piece beavertail, mainspring housing, we allow the shooter to have a very high grip. This helps to reduce felt recoil, as well as offering a consistent position from the draw.

The MTX is also designed for modularity; giving consumers the ability to rapidly change to varying slide/barrel combinations to rotate between a duty or competition pistol to a concealable pistol. Detonics modularity virtually eliminates the need to acquire multiple firearms, as the upper system is easily interchangeable.

Other standard MTX features include extra wide controls, multi-angle serrations on the grip and slide for easier manipulation, and an oversized magazine well. All features of the MTX combine to create a pistol that suits both the combat shooter and the competition shooter perfectly.

Finally, all MTX pistols are 100% made in America. We take great pride in manufacturing over 30 MTX parts in our facility. All Detonics parts are CNC machined from bar stock to provide the most durable and consistent parts money can buy.

At Detonics we take great pride in a history of innovation. From the first compact 1911 style pistol to the bull barrel, Detonics has always been focused on next generation firearm design. The MTX is another advancement of the greatest pistol ever designed, and it is available now.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Raven

    Looks interesting, but why start with a Commander barrel first? I’m betting these will be popular with competition shooters once a 5″ model comes out.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    I suppose the real news here is “Hey..wait…Detonics is still in business???”

    • Well sorta. They’ve been announcing new guns for three years and as far as I know never released any. Something like 6 models. Not excited until I see one.

  • Lance

    A polymer 1911 and they already have a polymer M-9 interesting to see classic pistols go plastic.

  • FourString

    Whoa. At that MSRP, I’d rather go with a tried-and-true-to-hell-and-back H&K USP 45 (full size). That 1911 looks decent from above and mags are probably cheaper though.

    • Interesting price. The previous sorta kinda model like that was about $900 down from about the price of this one.
      I don’t really understand how they can continue like this. Last I heard they weren’t going to make the Combat Master. Now it’s on the website???

      They are in Illinois by the way.

  • abowden

    that is a rather crappy rendering.

    • That’s what they put out

      • abowden

        I assumed it was, I don’t know how anyone else would get the CAD files. I am just baffled that any moderately large company would do that, it can’t look good.

  • Tony

    Stupid ski-ramp rear sight. I wish gun manufacturers would get the message already and stop putting those into guns, especially guns marketed as defensive firearms.
    That beavertail looks pointy. I wonder how comfortable the gun would be in an IWB holster?
    Will the shape of the trigger guard prevent the gun from fitting into Kydex holsters designed for standard 1911 pattern guns?

    On the other hand the grip does look ergonomic. Not sure how well having flat sides would work though – with a single stack 1911 I do like having a grip panel to brace my support hand against. On the other hand being a double stack, the grip has to be wider. Would have to actually shoot the gun to know for sure. But at least it looks like folks with smaller hands could at least reach the trigger comfortably. Short trigger is a nice feature too.

  • Ian

    Friends don’t let friends buy Detonics.

  • 2wheels

    It better be an amazing shooter cause that’s one ugly 1911…

    It wouldn’t be half as bad if they took off that funky triangle hammer.

  • Mike Knox

    I used to think Detonics was a manufacturer for car parts..

    • Michael Nacey

      Wrong poster sorry

      • Mike Knox


  • Tenacious221

    There’s not much left about that that says “1911” to me.

  • Josh

    If its a good gun and they play there cards right it could be a breath of fresh air for the 1911 platform. It really needs an overhaul if you ask me.

  • Sid

    Is it compatible/interchangeable with standard 1911 parts? It may be a great handgun, but one of the advantages of 1911s is the line of aftermarket parts and accessories. A person can tinker with it knowing that there are so many options.

  • Aaron E

    This 1911 has put together a lot of the latest design concepts in handguns. You have a polymer frame to help reduce overall weight, a small Picatinny rail to add lights/lasers, a large beavertail for consistent grip, and a nicely contoured ergonomic grip. It also looks to be designed to have standard night sights.

    However, the hammer is a bit odd coming to a point like it does, and they’ve removed one of the most iconic safeties out there by taking away the grip safety.

    For $1500 I’m not sure the double-stack (which only increases capacity by 4 or 5) is worth it. Seems like if you’re going to pay that much you would look to a Les Baer or Kimber.

    • david

      Why anyone would carry a 7-8 shot .45 when the XD carries 14 is beyond me.

      • Michael Nacey

        This one carries 12 + 1 and will (or can) sport a crisp single action trigger. I don’t know for sure, but my guess is that the grip will be shorter than that of the XD as well, which would aid in concealment.

    • Michael Nacey

      The frame is actually aluminum.

  • Graham 1

    Do Detonics pistols have a bad reputation? Having no experience with them I wouldn’t know, but the general vibe I’m getting here is fairly negative.

  • Mike F Di

    $1500.00 for pretty much the same pistol as a sub $1000.00 para??
    I truly dont get it..sad to see Detonics continuing to go full stupid, all steam….straight ahead

  • Jeremiah Wright Sr.

    Steve (anyone) what ever happened to the Kimber Pro Carry Ten II ?

  • Andrew Moursund

    I would have preferred that they keep the grip safety and dump the thumb safety.

  • fortunehunter

    maybe their waiting till business gets slow in some areas, like their hasn’t been any real upgrades in the 1911 pistols for awhile other than quality of material and “cuts”. maybe they want something like a glock 1911 mix

  • wisonJ

    This MTX was designed by an engineer in NC. Siddle didn’t pay the man. A series of lawsuits ensued, with Siddle losing the suit and all appeals. “Detonics” the old gun company is owned by some people in Seattle Washington, not Siddle or Double Nickel.

    Siddle also “borrowed” 700K+ from a company in Charlotte NC and has never paid the cash back.

  • Reginald

    Siddle’s two ex Partners, Marc Beercoon and Will Goldsmith were indicted by the SEC. Allegedly, Siddle turned them in when they demanded cash he owes them and they Took away a new Volvo he had leased for his wife without their knowledge or consent in the HSC company, siddle was thrown out of as president.

  • kevinh1

    At that price I’ll stick with my 1911, I can always buy another magazine for it if I need more firepower.