“Many Sons And Lots Of Guns”

This is a promotional video advertising the capabilities and products of the gun makers of Darra Adam Khel, Pakistan. It is fascinating so see such a wide range of guns being made and finished by hand.

Arms and Ammunition, a Pakistani Facebook page, has a Darra made MP5-style gun for sale for $250 USD (see title photo above). For an old Russian-made AK is listed on the page for $500 USD.

Steve Johnson

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  • Marsh626

    Yep, I’d fully expect you to promote an illegal gun manufacturer that supplies Islamic jihadists.

    • Avgas

      This is a site about firearms, not politics. Furthermore, I don’t think it would matter if they had a superbowl commercial since the Khyber Pass is kind of a niche market.

      • Marsh626

        Then he shouldn’t have posted a blog entry denouncing a small right-wing anti-jihadist bullet company that made bullets coated in pork products…


        This latest blog entry promoting an illegal gun manufacturer that’s known to be friendly with the Islamic jihadists that ISAF forces are fighting is part of an Islamophilic trend that I’ve noticed on this blog.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          “If you want to defend yourself, buy the most effective ammunition possible. Don’t buy crap covered in pork.” – Steve Johnson.

          So denouncing some morons for selling a crap products means I am now pro-terrorism?

          And for the record, I think law abiding Pakistanis should be able to buy guns, just like I think law-abiding Britons, Australians and Indians should as well. The right to self-defense is universal. Race, religion, ethnicity etc. should not factor into it. That is what TFB is all about.

          • Marsh

            By calling those anti-jihadist ammo makers morons and their products crap, you’ve once again made a political statement. And I never accused you of being pro-terrorism over the “jihawg” ammo blog entry that you posted. I accused you of violating your supposed no politics policy. And I accused you of promoting an illegal weapon manufacturer that supplies jihadists in the region with weapons. I also accused you and other writers on this website of censoring anti-jihadist comments while allowing pro-jihadist material.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          Also I will add you are lying. You were never banned, and we would always delete pro-terrorism comments. You are making stuff up and because of that you are now banned.

          • John Sjöström

            What is a pro-terrosist comment? What is a terrorist?
            Some people here call rebels, milita, civil guard terrororist just cause the fight on the other side. Just look at Syria right now. The same people that we call rebels there, we call terrorist and insurgans in Afghanistan and Iraq.

          • mikewest007

            Not all of them, Afghanistan had their fair share of rebels, insurgents, warlords and terrorists. Sometimes they fight for the same cause, sometimes against each other. Syria is no different in this regard.

          • Marsh

            Nope. You’re lying. Here’s the blog entry where my comment was deleted and my account was banned:


            And that pro-jihadist comment from “rmyc” is still there. Which is fine by me. I don’t support censorship. I’m merely pointing out the double standards on this blog where pro-jihadist material is apparently perfectly acceptable to post on this website but anti-jihadist comments are not.

            Care to explain why that is, you liar?

    • Wing0Black

      Just because they may be manufacturing weapons for our enemies doesn’t mean we can’t be impressed by their skill at making them.

      • FourString

        Yup, After all, a lot of firearms owners hold awe and respect for MG42’s, STG-44’s, Kar 98’s, Lugers, Walther p38’s, etc; but you don’t ever hear any hate against those people / suggestions that they’re unpatriotic or Nazi-philes

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          Good point. That is exactly true.

        • dannyboy

          many are nazi-philes as you put it.

        • Marsh

          If the Nazis were still active and selling weapons, would you have a problem with this blog listing their prices and the website to purchase them? And would you support this website allowing pro-Nazi comments and censoring anti-Nazi comments?

      • Marsh

        There’s a big difference between reporting on how they make weapons and actively promoting where and how to buy them as this blog entry has done.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      We have frequently covered guns captured by US forces in Afghanistan that can be traced back to this region. Nobody is disputing that. We also have covered US-made guns supplied to Israel, then captured and used by Hezbollah. We also covered DIY guns captured by police forces around the world.

      We don’t promote illegal use of firearms, but we can appreciate the ingenuity of their creators.

      Also, we have a strict policy regarding propaganda. We only ever publish obvious propaganda (not that I think this is propaganda, rather it is a industrial promotional video) when there is a very unique firearm-related aspect to it. This is in stark contrast to mainstream media who absolutely love obvious propaganda and are very happy to spread it around, regardless of its merits.

      • Marsh626

        Right. Which is why you included the prices that they’re selling their firearms for and where to buy them…

        Clear promotion.

    • Well where to start. First it’s not illegal in that country. Second we don’t address politics them or ours. You should know that by our motto.
      This place has been making weapons for well over 150 years. This is nothing more than an illustration of the ability to make guns with little tooling.
      Finally I wouldn’t say National Geographic is prone to showing evil gun makers but they ran a one hour show on these same people solely to marvel at their skills and the long history behind it..

      • Marsh626

        “Man I don’t know if this is a novelty or not. We have enough loons running around that it may very well be a serious effort.”

        That sounds like a political statement to me. You called the manufacturers of anti-jihadist ammo “loons”.

        Here’s another political Islamophilic comment from you:

        “Telling people not be a**-holes to other people because of their religious beliefs is not politics”

        • FourString

          You conveniently left out “If you want to defend yourself, buy the most effective ammunition possible. Don’t buy crap covered in pork.”

          Hate-filled cognitive bias much?

  • Lance

    Thought that MP-5 looks a but mushed in its length yeah they make a copy of any weapon in Pakistan. Any one want a Sten clone???

    • They could do that pretty easily. They started out with modern weapons by copying British designs from a master template (real British gun).

  • LRB

    Two thoughts:

    1. All that machining and I never saw them use a gauge once.

    2. I dont think this area is safe for westerners to travel too.

  • hami

    That MP5 clone is interesting when you really take a look at it. Other than it’s “reverse stretch” sizing it appears to have a magwell integrated into the lower receiver much like an AR15 and a strange rear section with some kind of plate overlapping from the upper receiver to the stock. It makes me wonder if it is even a roller gun.

    For $250 i’d like to get my hands on one, though!

  • claymore

    We used to pass through there on our way south back in the late 80’s. It is the wild west and in the tribal territories and you need permission from the government to go there.

    In addition to being a center for firearms manufacture it is also the center for opium, morphine base, or anything from poppies. I think I spotted one in the beginning of the video but if there is a goat skin hanging from the front of the building that is advertizing that they sell those things.

    You hear gun fire all the time and it is a place you don’t hang around after your business is completed.

    Hope these work some of the stores from my personal collection photo credit to me LOL

    first one is just a shop the other shows the walkway to the back of the shop where you try out your merchandise.

    Did somebody mention a sten gun copy?


    • Good comment– It does look like the wild west for sure. I wonder how many little gun shops are in that area?

      • claymore

        There has to be about 50 just on the main road. But down the back alleys there is a lot more.

        And to answer one commentators question yes it is a very dangerous place to visit we always were carrying and had a bunch of our afghans security detail with us. You must be very careful of muslim practices as they take offense very quickly and everyone is armed. The use of firearms is commonplace. It doesn’t help that there is virtually no police presence.

  • MrSatyre

    Man, all of those guys must be deaf. Seriously. Unless they have earplugs I can’t see.

  • MrSatyre

    I’m not a gunsmith or armorer, but I’m guessing that interchangeable parts between same model firearms is completely unknown over there since everything is being pretty much finished by hand/eye, and that tolerances are all over the place.

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      Correct. Lack of interchangeable parts is cited by those in their industry as one reason why they can’t progress. That and the illegality in Pakistan of what they’re doing (the government doesn’t stop them, but it does mean they can’t go ‘legit’ and look at tooling up properly/exporting their work).

  • Bubba

    Wow, they’ve even got Biden approved shotguns, they look pretty decent too.

    Look at the gun at 16:59
    How are you supposed the sights?
    That and the fact that you never get to see them do any heat treatment on these parts make me think that even though the craftsmanship is OK, the quality may be very poor in the long run.

  • Robert Martin

    I’m too old now, but in principle could an American Arrange an Apprenticeship; take Beaucoup Pictures; and more or less Write a Book or Books actually detailing the Manufacture of Guns with very little or no Electrical Machinery?

    {I mean to the point that dedicated readers could emulate the Pathans…}

    {And I’d rather be able to make good Webley and H&R Breaktop Recreations than AK-47s and MP5 Clones…}

  • Well folks I have to apologize for submitting you to the hate filled comments and lies of that Marsh character. We banned him last evening and I knew he would come back under another name. Unfortunately he was here for s short while before I noticed he had returned. I’ve been watching and will continue to do so. Hopefully this bigot will stay with his own kind.

  • Mr Silly

    Fascinating. Shows that a true craftsman does not need a huge arsenal of expensive tools.
    Quite often- as I’m sure the blog has stated- the gun makers obtain by various means actual weapons they then trace copies of internal parts and memorize shapes.

    In my time I have seen in SE Asia- mainly Thailand and Philippines- workshop copies ranging from poor to excellent- nearly everything from 1911 and Colt snub-nose 38’s to battle-rifle and mortars.
    If you visit a war museum in Vietnam or Indonesia- you can see many copies, derivatives and modifications of anything ranging from IJN Nambu Type 14’s, Type 92 (Hotchkiss) machine guns, Type 89 grenade launchers chambered to suit readily available ammunition, to US M-14’s and Ar-15’s, even RPG’s.
    And of course the famous 4-winds shotgun- a crude blunderbuss made of plumbing pipe.

    These gunsmiths are really quite brilliant- imagine if they had access to education and engineering facilities.

  • Forrest

    Any link to download this interesting video ?

    • Forrest

      Available on Youtube, sorry.

  • bobo

    Who do you think does a better job,the Pakistanis or the gunsmiths from the Phillipines?

    • mikewest007

      Filipinos, I think. If even the local cops buy guns from them sometimes… 😉

  • RobGR

    Damn, they really hate that oven. I bet the women sleep on the other side of that wall….


    nice video.. i m from Pakistan, still i cant believe how could these men’s makes such a beautiful copy of gun with their hands, strange enough for me…but still i salute to their efficiency!!