DeSantis Bag-Packer: Holster for Purses, Messenger Bags

DeSantis Bag-Packer

DeSantis is selling a unique product called the Bag-Packer.  The system is a combination of backer board and holster that can be inserted into many different kinds of purses or messenger bags.

The board attaches to the bag, and then the holster attaches to the board.  The board has a C-clip and suspender-type clips to attach to the bag.  The holster affixes to the board using a Velcro-like material.

The system is only available in black.  Currently, the Bag-Packer system can hold a variety of handguns from the subcompact Ruger LCP to a full size Glock 17.  MSRP is $25.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • Fromthesidelines3

    As someone who often has to resort to off body carry this looks like an awesome option that’s worth a try. If it works it would really round out my options.

  • Bear @ C&L Armory

    This could be a good product since not everyone wants to have a firearm strapped to them at all times. You could have a decent sized firearm with the full mag count and be able to carry it all discreetly off your person.

  • George Winkler

    After looking and trying many types of concealed carry holsters the Versacarry holster is my top pick.

    • FLdeepdiver

      Did you notice on the packaging it states its not designed to carry a loaded firearm? Seems legit.