On Israeli Gun Accessories Exported To Hostile Nations

Hezbollah fighter in Lebanon with an M16 of unknown origin.

Last week I wrote about Palestinian militants ironically using Israeli gun accessories. Israeli gun blogger DoubleTapper wrote to me saying …

… the Lebanese who read my posts tell me that Israeli made weapons accessories are highly desirable by Hezbollah BUT that the words “Made in Israel” are scratched out before they are shipped from abroad so that they aren’t stopped by Lebanese Customs.

There is NO mail service between Israel and Lebanon so they aren’t getting the weapons accessories from here!

If any Lebanese, Syrians or Jordanians have photos of local militants using Israeli accessories, post them in the comments below or email us

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Most are ExUS Army M-16A1s we gave Israel and where stolen or sold to other groups in the area who then sold them to Hezbollah. There were a few A1s Iran was looking at when the Shah fell so Iran sold them to there Lebanese allies in the 80s and 90s. DOnt forget too the M-16A1 is the standard issue rifle of the weak Lebanese army and so some may be stolen by militants in the area as well. And dont forget Obama selling arms to all Anti Israel and Anti western forces in his pro Islamic radical views.

    • anon

      >There were a few A1s Iran was looking at when the Shah fell so Iran sold
      them to there Lebanese allies in the 80s and 90s.

      Actually a more likely source is that between 2006 and 2008, President Bush started sending large amounts of military aid to Lebanon, including howitzers and M60A3 Patton tanks. Theft or capture is a much more likely source than Iran, alongside Chinese CQ rifles.

  • 朝花夕拾

    I don’t think too many Syrians would be able to log on the internet right now, since they’re busy either fighting for or against a genocidal dictator.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Hezbollah uses a large amount of Israeli gear unfortunately. They use our Mitznefit helmet covers, they sometimes wear our uniforms (accurate down to the last detail, including vests, etc) to sow confusion between friend and foe, etc. You also almost always see them wearing Israeli flak jackets.

    Here is a picture of them using Mitznefits:

    Here’s an image of them using Israeli flack jackets, Israeli vests (older) and what looks like El-Op optics on their M-16’s.

    I have also seen pictures of them mounting Israeli Aquila’s (in
    the U.S. known as the AN/PVS-12) on their M-16’s.

    Here’s a picture of a (deceased) Hezbollah Commando with a tricked out M-16 (and what looks like a CAA foregrip):

    Another Hezbollah Commando with a tricked out M4:

    A large amount of such gear came to them by way of the SLA falling.

    Here is a more interesting picture of a Hezbollah Commando squad, note the eye-pro and the thermo-barbaric round in the RPG (as well as the NVG goggles).

    • 朝花夕拾

      Captured IDF stuff I assume?

      • Joe Schmoe

        A lot of that stuff on the tricked out M-4’s are not IDF issue.

        • Ivan Relppa

          Turkey(Safir Arms e.g.) and I believe Ukraine too.

    • Gol

      I remember a news article a while ago with a picture of the guy with the black hat over his face, and I think it said he is a member of AMAL and not Hezbollah (though currently an ally of Hezbollah)

    • mikewest007

      “Thermo-barbaric”? Loving that Freudian slip, I really am!

  • Marsh626

    Again with the “militant” BS? They call themselves Islamic jihadists. Heck, even the Arab media calls them jihadists and terrorists. Yet politically correct, Islamophilic libtards like you insist on calling them “militants” – as if they had no ideological or religious motivation…

    • Joe Schmoe

      I don’t mind him saying this, at least it’s neutral. If he says terrorist than that it making this post political.

      • Marsh626

        They’re Islamic jihadists who want to erect a Sharia based Shi’ite theocracy on the ashes of dead infidel Jews and are part of a larger Islamic agenda that seeks to literally conquer the entire world for Islam. I see no problem with labeling them accurately. Calling them “militants” hides the religious ideology that motivates their savage actions and ideology and is part of a clear effort carried out by “liberals” to coverup what they truly believe.

  • Mike

    To figure out how Palestinians got Israeli military equipment, you need to look no further than the Oslo Peace Accords brokered by the Clinton administration that has yet to provide peace. In the agreement, the Israelis were to arm the Palestinian Government, at the time led by chief terror user Yasser Arafat – Arafat’s group was the first and most common aircraft hijacker.

  • DoubleTapper

    Last week a car bomb in Beirut Lebanon killed 20 and injured over 100. The terrorists dubbing themselves the “Aisha the Mother of Believers Brigades for Foreign Missions” claimed responsibility. Yet another case of internecine violence.

    In their video you can see FAB Defense rifle accessories mounted on their weapons.
    I’m sure the “Made in Israel” is scratched out too.

    They’re saying to Nasrallah the pig, this is your second warning, get out of Syria and stop killing the faithful (Sunnis) Or your people (Shiites) will suffer.

    FAB Defense accessories and most IDF gear is sold online

    • ak1134

      Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or any nation with an airport can get what ever they want. For example; Gadaffi was buying private 747’s full of weapons that originated from Israel, Russia, French, China & even America from 3rd party dealers similar to the film ‘Lord of War.” One known dealer in the arab world is palestinian exiled and Israeli backed Mohammad Dahlan.

      Gaddaffi was buying anything and everything. Including Barrett 50 cal variants. There were reports of soldiers who were using chinese or russian 50 cal Barrett variants with out scopes!

  • idahoguy101

    In the age of the Internet AR15/M16 gun accessories can’t be difficult to order online. Israeli companies sell internationally to a company in whatever Country, then resold elsewhere. As for M16 availability. We’ve given/sold them to Israel, Jordan, the Lebanese Army. And don’t forget than when South Vietnam fell in 1975 that they had at least a million M16A1 rifles that Hanoi could sell to whomever.

    • ak1134

      If you live in palestine/west bank, this will not be shipped to you. Every border between the Westbank and Jordan has a double nation barrier. First Israeli soldiers; They check everything. They get all your info. If they don’t like the way you look, you aint geting in. Second; Palestinian Police and millitary… these dudes are soft dick. They bother you as much as a mexican at the tijuana checkpoint driving in to mexico.

  • Hitlr

    No suprise, the jews would sell their soul for a few shekels, just like judas

  • lcon

    Don’t forget that at the end of ops US forces have a bad habit of leaving virtually brand new weapons behind.

  • Cuban Pete

    I’m sure that Hezbollah got that M16 from Eric Holder.