“Blow Back” Rubber Band Desert Eagle

This wooden rubber band replica of the Desert Eagle is very impressive. The slide “blows” back when the trigger is pulled and an empty “cartridge” is ejected.

Many thanks to Seb for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Finnally found a Desert Eagle you can find affordable ammo for LOL!

  • Mike F Di

    dude…is a craftsman..

  • A work of art.

  • Mystick

    Beautiful work of art.

  • gunslinger

    i’m wondering how only one rubber band is fired. maybe i’m not seeing the full action of the catch. i had a RBG that had like a star wheel, and each trigger “advanced” the wheel by 1, releasing all bands on that spoke.

    any help?

    • BryanS

      I dont think it shoots a rubber band, instead, it uses one as energy storage to work the gun.

      • gunslinger

        start at 45 seconds. you can see rubber bands flying around/landing. at 53 seconds, if you look at the line that goes from the front sight to the chamber, you can see it disappear.

        • BryanS

          I was so busy looking at the rest of it working that I did not notice. Huh… cool 🙂

          • John B

            I think that it’s still only using the rubber band as energy storage. It’s just that the rubber band is released after expending its energy.

            You see at least 3 rubber bands appear during the duration of the test at 40-60 seconds in or so. I would conclude that the rest either maintained their connection on one side of the connector or the other (later on, you see a dangling rubber band in the ‘guide rod’ area of the gun)

  • Aaron E

    Very nice work.!

  • Cytoxan

    Great, now the Democrats will want to make assault style rubber bands illegal !!!

  • Zak

    Hey please make a tutorial on how the blow back works! Thx, love the work!

  • Hnamdng

    pls send me tutorial and pdf graph at nambdd@yahoo.com. Thanks

  • zerocalculation

    Can you send me the tamplate of this rubber band firearm?