So Long Izhmash, Long Live Kalashnikov!

It deeply saddens me to write that Izhmash, which was founded over 200 years ago by Tsar Alexander I, has officially been renamed to Kalashnikov. The (Google Translated) press release is below …

Based on the decision of GC “Rostekhnadzor” JSC “NPO” Izhmash “renamed concern” Kalashnikov “. The corresponding entry on the state registration of changes included in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

All rights and obligations of the NGO “Izhmash” retain their power to JSC “Concern” Kalashnikov “, payment details, and postal address, TIN, BIN businesses remain unchanged.

Renaming a Izhmash Concern “Kalashnikov” is another step towards building on the basis of Izhevsk arms vertically integrated holding companies of small arms. In the future, the concern “Kalashnikov” will include OAO “IMZ” Vyatsko-Polyansky Machine Works “The Hammer” THREADS “Progress” KBAL them. L.N.Koshkina and other businesses rifle and ammunition industry. Presentation of the group is scheduled for 18-19 September 2013.

“Izhmash” – Russia’s largest producer of military automatic and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, as well as a wide range of civilian products: shotguns, sporting rifles, machine tools and tool. The company was founded in 1807. Production of “Izhmash” is delivered in 27 countries, including the U.S., UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

State Corporation “Russian Technologies” (Rostekhnadzor) – Russian corporation, established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products for civil and military purposes. It includes 663 organizations, of which at present is formed 8 holding companies in the military-industrial complex, a 5 – to civilian industries. Rostekhnadzor organization are located in 60 regions of the Russian Federation and deliver products to market more than 70 countries worldwide. Net income in 2011 amounted to 45.6 billion rubles, the tax payments to the budgets of all levels reach 100 billion rubles.

We knew it was going to happen, but that does not mean it hurts any less. Still, renaming it after thier most famous gun designer is a good move. The Kalashnikov name must be one of the most well known names throughout the world.

I would argue that Izhmash along with the original Springfield Armory were the two most influential, with regards to the shaping of world history, firearm manufactures ever. Springfield Armory opened in 1777, 31 years before Izhmash, and closed in 1968.

Thanks to Albi for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • kirill

    As a native of Russia, I am somewhat sad to see Izhmash to go, especially after seeing its mark on so many weapons. Though I do look forward to the future of the company.

    I just hope this doesn’t mean Kalashnikov can die peacefully.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      It will be a sad day around the world when the General is no longer with us.

    • mikewest007

      Am I understanding this correctly that they also acquired the Molot factory that makes civilian Vepr rifles?

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Yes, they took ownership because Molot

      • Anonymoose

        And RPKs.

        TOZ and KBP are still separate, though, right?

  • Clint Notestine

    perhaps they will focus on small arms from here on out?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      They are actually diversifying into munitions.

      • bsnighteye

        Izhmash received big funding (appox. 400 000 000 USD) after passing goverment trials with developed “Vikhr-1” missile for helicopters. After emerging you can expect everything. Those integrated facilities produced tools, machines, tires, special chemicals and chemical equipment, welding machines, oil pumping machines, etc..
        So Concern “Kalashnikov” will get many unique machinery and special tools. I don’t think that weapons, munitions and military equipment will be as big as tools and machine production.

  • Lance

    Well Springfield name lives on in a privet company Springfield Inc. I think the name change serves well. the AK is now a symbol of Russia as much as Vodka and Mikoyan (MiG aircraft Company). So naming Russia BIGGEST gun maker after its biggest selling gun works well as well. Hope they export more gun to the USA.

    • Ian

      Actually this is the exact opposite situation. Springfield Armory, the private company, has absolutely nothing to do with the original Springfield Armory. They chose that name purely as marketing gimmick. Much like the current company that is called Armalite.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        Correct, Springfield is now a brand.

  • Varga

    Мфкпф“Russian Technologies” – NOT Rostekhnadzor!!!
    Rostehnadzor – Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision. He is responsible for tracking the standards in the industry, and no relation to the production of weapons has not.

    • mikewest007

      Don’t expect much from Google Translate.

  • Cuban Pete


  • Bill

    A name change to honor a Russian given credit for the work of a German. Cool.

    • mike

      yeh its not like the germans probably stole many of the ideas they used to make the stg 44 from earlyer soviet semi and automatic rifles, look up the svt 40 and avt 40

    • Doom

      really wish idiots would stop saying the AK is in any way related to the STG44 / MP44. gas system is different, safety is different, round is different, trigger group is different, bolt is different, it is not similar in any way except for slight similarities in outward appearance.

  • Mike Knox

    I wonder if Kalashnikov does what Izhmash did in earlier decades and start making Cars as well. Imagine, James Bond style gadgets that shoots down insurance frauds when they jump on your car..

    • Karina

      Mr. Kalashnikov said he would have developed farm equipment if it wasn’t for the AK. So… maybe? That would be funny to see Izh– I mean, Kalashnikov agriculture machinery, like tractors and whatnot. The circle would close at last.

      • Mike Knox

        You know what? That would be cool. Imagine a tractor that shoots seed capsules into the ground instead of just plowing it or air-burst grenades that disperses fertilizers and whatnot..